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Bye, please come back

19 Mar

I’m so bad with goodbyes.

This morning, Maru’s yaya, Lucy, left a day earlier for her scheduled two week vacation in Samar.  There was a family emergency, she said.  Her mom got sick so she needs to be there asap.

A single mom with four kids, Lucy was supposed to leave tomorrow for her eldest son’s graduation.  Though she told me she’d be back by April 5, I still have my doubts.  We had several yayas before Lucy, and everyone left after a month or two.  Plus you know how some people are, they’d sometimes tell you they’d come back just to appease you even when they’re not planning to.

Somehow, I’m hoping that it would be different with Lucy.  She had been with us for more than six months and I saw how much she cared for my son.

Before she left, she asked me to check her bags.  I told her, no, I won’t do that.  For one, that’s demeaning.  And two, everytime I go to work I leave with her the most precious thing I could ever entrust anyone.  Magduda pa ba ako kung magnanakaw siya?

I gave Lucy her salary and some money for her return trip.  Then, weird, I wanted to hug her and beg her to please come back for Maru.  But of course I didn’t.  Naiiyak ako eh.  So I just said, “Ate, balik ka ha,” and curled up in bed.

Then the whole day whizzed by, though in chaos.  The six-month old aircon conked out, my DVD player refused to play DVDs (VCD player na lang siya), Maru cried non-stop due to stomach ache, napanis ang sinaing, I failed to attend a meeting and didn’t get to finish work that needed some time and attention.

And the next two weeks will probably be as chaotic (though Mike’s sis-in-law promised to help us out with Maru while we work).

Waaa, miss ko na si Yaya Lucy.

P.S. By the way, have I told you that Yaya Lucy looks a tad like Julia Ormond?

Julia Ormond in "Legends of the Fall"