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Oks lang ba siya?

26 May

Though I love her hair, I think Hayden Kho’s mom is super far out.  To blame Katrina Halili on her son’s drug usage?  Ano ba si Hayden, 4 years old?

I think she better join Hayden in his counselling sessions.  And she needs to open her eyes — figuratively and literally.


As it turned out, Erik Johnston Chua wasn’t the scorned lover who wanted to get back at Hayden for stealing his girlfriend.  As Showbiz News Ngayon reported, it was another friend, a fellow UST grad doctor named Bistek Rosario, whose girlfriend Hayden helped get into the Belo Medical Clinic and allegedly had an affair with.

Bistek and Hayden were frat brothers in UST.  When the latter found out about his GF’s affair with the embattled doc, Hayden was subsequently kicked out of their fraternity (Walang agawan ng babae, tsong!).

On the other hand, Erik Johnston Chua finally appeared on TV Patrol, denied that he was the one who uploaded the videos, but said OFF THE RECORD that he knows who’s behind all this SOMETHING.  Then spill na!


21 May

No, I wasn’t the one who uploaded the Katrina-Hayden video or any other video scandal for that matter.  I do, however, feel guilty for watching it and sharing it with, ehem, my other half.  

Pep.ph and Yes! Magazine’s Jo-Ann Maglipon made a very valid point when she said that Katrina, and the other girls shown in the other videos, were violated thrice: First, by Hayden who, without their consent, filmed their private rendezvous; Second, by the person/s who uploaded the videos on the Net; and Third, by the general public who have become accessories to the crime committed by Hayden and the uploader/s. 


It is true that the women do not deserve to be looked down upon just because they were seen in a sex video.  I do think, however, that any sane person who have seen these videos would see Hayden Kho as a really sick pig who needs jailtime and therapy.  Really.


Thanks Ces for the link.