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Divi I love

13 Aug

Mike and I went to Tutuban Center in Divisoria the other day to pay Meralco and buy stuff he’ll bring on his trip to Lake Sebu.  Hay naku, Divisoria never fails to amaze me.

As seen inside Tutuban Centermall.  I think they’re looking for YOU.


At 168 Shopping Mall.  Do you know what those are?


They’re tissue holders!  Each has a hole at the back where you insert a roll of tissue.  Then you pull the tissue out the hole on the ear.  O di ba, how creative?  Mahal lang ha by Divisoria standards. P750 each.  I wonder what Pacquaio or Obama or Erap will think of it.  Mike thought of buying one but then again, would you like to see Pacquiao watching you as you poop?

And finally…



faux pearls CU

That ‘s a t-back with faux pearls for you. Ginutom tuloy kami.


Freshly made sushi for only P110 at the 168 food court.  With that price, puwede na rin. Besides, we had fun snorting its Wasabi.

wasabi effect wasabi effect2

Not the most flattering pics of us, I know.  But that should give you an idea how we like our Wasabi.