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Distressed, de-stress

23 Oct

Gawd, the past few weeks have been godawful! Swamped with too much work (which, I know, ako rin ang may kagagawan) and now I have to finish a major, major project due Monday. Sobrang nai-stress ako, work has literally been breaking my back.

I was initially thinking of getting a massage and buying a memory pillow at SM to help my back.  But look what I ended up buying.

It’s a Parisian Junior size 40. I bought it just because it fits kahit hindi pa tinutupad ng SM ang kahilingan ko.

I also bought Maru a plastic dinosaur toy.  Maru’s fixated on dinosaurs, I don’t know where he saw them aside from Barnie and the Toy Story.  I wanted to buy him Rex, but it’s P3,500!

So I got him this instead.

A plastic triceratops, which he carries with him all around the house.

Okay, I know. Our house is a mess. And creepy. And it’s being claimed by the Laperals, I heard. Hahaha!

Dear Santa

24 Dec

All I want for Christmas is…

…for SM to have the shoes pictured above in SIZE 11.

Because right now, shoe lovers with feet like mine are stuck with these.

Ang chaka chaka!

If SM will have better designs for Parisian Plus, I swear I’ll tell Francine Prieto.  She’s a size 10.

Go BPA-free

29 Aug

There’s an ongoing debate on whether BPA or Bisphenol-A, a chemical used to make hard, clear plastics, is dangerous to human health.  Since baby bottles are usually made of hard clear plastics, I decided that I don’t want to risk Maru’s health and invested on BPA-free bottles when he was just a few months old.

But a year ago, BPA-free bottles were hard to come by in the Philippines.  Buti na lang there are many enterprising Pinoys selling imported stuff on Ebay.ph and Multiply.  I went gaga over bottle-shopping online and bought Avent, Sassy Mam, and Gerber Gentle Flows. (At that time, BPA-free Avents were not yet available here; I haven’t seen any store selling those Sassy Mams and Gerbers though.)

BPA-free Avents are now available at department stores.  But it’s still cheaper to buy online since a single 9-0z bottle sells at about P1,000 at the mall. OA di ba?  Parang hindi 3rd world country ang Pinas.  Ang advantage lang, mas matibay siya from all the other BPA-free bottles.  Inaapakan kasi siya ni Maru lagi at inihahagis and so far, his Avents show no signs of breaking.


The Gerber Gentle Flow bottles, on the other hand, are clear copycats of Avent, except that they come in cute colors and are way cheaper.  I replaced the Gerber teats with Avent teats since the Gerber teats leak.  If you’re buying Avent teats in bulk, go to Ebay.ph. Way cheaper (only P260) as compared to the P375 per pack of two at the mall.


I like the Sassy Mam bottle because it’s so cute, except that it’s harder to clean.  Its bottom can be unscrewed and has an anti-colic valve for less bubbles.  Honestly, I don’t know if all the anti-colic features of these bottles work.


Then there’s really good news.  Maru and I dropped by SM San Lazaro earlier and saw these.


Sesame Street BPA-free bottles for only P130!  At cute pa.

I checked the entire baby bottle section of SM San Lazaro and noticed that Apruva and Barney have also come out with BPA-free bottles. Hurrah!  Apruva sells a pack of three for only about P130. Now nobody has to starve to buy BPA-free.  Apruva also came out with BPA-free training cups.


I’ll probably get my 6-month old niece some Apruva to start her with BPA-free bottles.  I think everyone should go BPA-free.  Our children’s health is way too important to take risks.

Now on to Maru, we saw this humongous Mickey Mouse stuffed toy at the toy section.  I thought he’d get scared but when he saw Mickey, his eyes lit up and hugged Mickey.


He really likes Mickey Mouse, as in he always recognizes him on wall posters, clothes, etc.  He has a small Mickey Mouse puppet at home which he loves very much.  So when I took the stuffed toy away (because it costs P1,999!), he cried.  Sorry Maru.

They don’t have it all

13 Aug

I have huge feet and it’s always been a problem to find nice shoes for me.  That’s why whenever I find one I really like, most of the time I buy it na before size 10.5 runs out.

Last Saturday, before going to Embassy to cover an event, my rather new SM Parisians disintegrated.  With only an hour left to find new shoes, I decided to make a quick stop at SM and went straight to the Big Sizes section.


Are they referring to big people or big shoes?  Because honestly, I couldn’t find the “chic” in these shoes.


Because my idea of chic shoes are something like those in HER shoe cabinet.

sea of shoes

Unfortunately, they’re shoes I can never afford.  Because at my current state, buying one would be like Gloria spending P1M for a simple dinner.  Pero teka, baka Rep. Romualdez would give me a shoe treat?  Or baka puwedeng ipagaya?

In fairness to SM, I think they’re trying their very best to improve the shoe designs.  Because there’s this small corner that carries these.


Not exactly my type. But finally I found one that suits my liking.


Kaso they don’t have a 10.5.  So I got the one with the white nguso instead.


At may paltos pa raw talaga ang paa ko no!

Now a plea to SM: Please make nicer shoes for people like me.  I really love shoes and finding nice shoes that fit can get really frustrating.  Hot tip: I love heels.  Make them sturdy, please.