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Vicky-Hayden video surfaces?

15 Aug

Stir.ph claims that a “secretary of a Manila parish priest and a nurse working in the same Catholic university” have informed them that they had already seen the alleged sex video of Dra. Vicky Belo with former (?) lover Dr. Hayden Kho. Jr.

Says the Stir report:

Dr. Vicki was described as “more aggressive” and “more versatile in bed” than “Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes.”

Ano ba?  Bakit lumalabas ang mga sex video kapag may matitinding national issue tayong kinakaharap?

Isa pa, why are those supposedly conservative folks watching sex videos, telling people they’d seen it, and offering graphic descriptions of the act?

In case you missed it

3 Jul

Here’s the full episode of Probe Profiles‘s feature on Hayden Kho, Jr.

Now, what do you think?

Did you watch?

2 Jul

Probe Profiles featured Hayden Kho last night and he revealed to Miz Che Che Lazaro that he was molested when he was seven years old.

By a man?  A relative?  Hayden didn’t elaborate, though he said he didn’t know who the person was.  If it were true, I have a feeling it was a guy who molested him because I’ve heard too many stories like that.  It seemed to me, though, that he’s trying to sell his past too hard so that he, as well as other people, would have something to blame for his naughty, naughty acts.

While watching, a friend texted me: “Magkano kaya binayad ni Belo kay Che Che Lazaro para i-feature nang ganyan si Hayden? Hindi ba si Belo rin nung nakaraan?”

Hmm…I don’t know.  But I don’t think Che Che would do Belo and Hayden for money.  They’re hot at the moment and their lives make interesting subjects.  I think their stories drew a lot of viewers for Profiles.

Meanwhile, the Hayden brouhaha isn’t over yet, not with the filing of cases and everything.  Because up to this moment, screencaps of Hayden having sex with other women are still leaking.

Good move

25 Jun

It’s great to know that Maricar Reyes is now trying to move on from the Hayden-the-pervert-Kho scandal.  And I must say, joining May Bukas Pa as the api-apihang taong-grasa is such a crafty move.

Kuha niya agad ang sympathy ng viewers, di ba?

Besides, this is Maricar’s biggest break, so far!  I have a feeling this will rake in the ratings.

Teleserye ba ito?

28 May


Definitely a case of “dapa na nga, inaapak-apakan pa.”  Dr. Hayden Kho was doused with water by an ex-policeman named Abner Afuang during the Senate inquiry on the sex video scandal.

Savoring the moment

Savoring the moment

Senate Committee on Women Chair Jamby Madrigal immediately ordered the Sergeant of Arms to arrest Afuang. According to the GMA Flash Report, he couldn’t stomach Hayden’s “kababuyan” that’s why he doused him with water.

Naku, baka makatanggap siya ng “You’re nothing but a second rate, trying hard copycat” niyan ha!  At lumelebel siya sa pukpukan-mic incident ni Divina Valencia at Rey de la Cruz.

Watch the GMA Flash Report on the incident here and notice Katrina Halili’s reaction.

Ay! Teka! Anong nangyayari!

Ay! Teka! Anong nangyayari!

I have to admit, though, na medyo naawa ako sa Mommy ni Hayden who immediately wiped his son’s face dry.  Nanay din ako no, I think I’d do the same in case my son turns out to be a pervert someday.

At the same time, it’s good that Katrina’s mom is finally by her side and is supporting her daughter.  It’s been reported kasi that her mom refused to talk to her when the sex video scandal came out and when she finally talked to Katrina, she gave her a good berating.

Earlier, Katrina told the Senate, “Madami po ang nawala.  Wala po akong trabaho mula noong February 2009.  Nawalan ako ng endorsement.  Hindi po ako makalabas ng bahay. Kapag may mga tao, iniisip ko kung napanood nila ‘yung sex video.”  She then turned to Hayden, “Ang kapal ng mukha mo. Nakakatingin ka pa…”

Jamby Madrigal immediately cut Katrina and ordered that profanities be struck off the record.  Katrina Halili broke down and her mom came to her side and hugged her.


28 May

I don’t know why Lolit Solis  got involved in this issue, but anyway, in a TV interview with GMA 7, she revealed that Hayden spoke to her and said that Erik Johnston Chua is going to identify Dra. Vicky Belo as the one behind the spread of the videos.  Lolit added that Hayden seemed unconcerned that Dra. Vicky will be pinned down in this controversy.

Likewise, Sen. Jamby Madrigal, another politician who feels like she’s got to have a say on this issue being the chair of the Senate committee about to conduct a hearing on it, is dangling a not-so-blind item: a famous person, known in showbiz and business circles and definitely bigger than that Erik Chua, is the mastermind.

Ano buzz?

Eh how about this guy?

Googled image

Googled image

When is he going to speak up?


Still on the Hayden brouhaha, funny that Bohol and Palawan politicians took time to pass a resolution declaring Hayden as persona non grata.  When kaya are they going to take the time to delare this person as persona non grata din?

I. Am. Sorry.

I. Am. Sorry.

Hey, Hayden has said sorry as well.  Unfair!  And to think she committed a graver “indiscretion.”