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Laugh trip

24 Nov

So my friends and I watched the comedy that is New Moon this weekend.  Over, over, over sa cheese ang movie na ito, no wonder sinabihan ako ni Stephen King na ‘wag nang basahin ang libro.

At saka ganun ba talaga ang movie na ito, puro ganito ang makikita?

And this…

…though I was used to seeing this — minus the sparkles — since we used to be an item, you know.

What I don’t get is why these guys are so into this woman. Huway? She’s got no personality, mumbles when she speaks, always nakatungo, and a pathological flirt.  Who talks to best friends like that?


While watching, it dawned on me why Mike (my Mike) sometimes gets rabid like Jacob.

They both share the same tattoo. Look oh!

Soon, I’ll be uttering phrases like, “Ooh, you’re buff!” Right, Ga?  But trust that I won’t be mumbling when I say that.

So I leave you now with a beautiful, beautiful photo of my favorite, Jane.

Must. Get. Contacts. Like. That.

I love the rain

18 Jul

Yesterday’s weather was the perfect excuse to pig out,



and watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at SM San Lazaro (Yes, we live a hop, skip, and a beat away from the hippest mall in Metro Manila! Anong sey nyo?).  Perfect, too, since all my nephews and nieces are at home.  So I asked my niece Jana to take care of Maru for a while.  She agreed, basta ba kapag pumupu si Maru eh Regine, their househelp, will do the cleaning and that I will bring home a tumbler of cheese popcorn for her.  O diba?

Besides, Maru watched the Transformers last week with Ninang Aya, Ninong AD, Tita Roja and their cousins.  It was his first time to be inside the cinema and hello, he’s just a year old no so I never thought SM Cinemas would let him in.  But they did.  Too bad they didn’t allow my camera inside the theater so I just took this really dark photo of Maru enjoying the Transformers using my cellphone.

maru watch sine

Take note, he was super behaved the entire film.  He fell asleep during the talkies, though, but was just watching and enjoying the violent part.  Kaya when we got home Mike was freaking out.

Going back to Harry Potter, as usual bitin.  I’m a big, big fan of the Harry Potter book series.  Reading them made me temporarily forget about my problems by transporting me to a different world (Hogwarts!).  I watch the movie version just to verify whether my imagination understood the books correctly or whether others – the directors – envisioned the story the same way I did.  The only time the movie versions exceeded my expectations is when they cast Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory in The Goblet of Fire.


Sabi na nga ba, he’d make it big.

Anyway, about the HP6, wala akong masabi kundi oks lang siya.  Not outstanding, not mediocre either.  And despite knowing that this would happen since I’ve read the book, Dumbledore’s death still pierced my heart.  Kaso parang kulang sa tribute.  Mas maganda pa ang tributes kay Michael Jackson.

What I find most irritating about the film, though, is Bonnie Wright’s (Ginny Weasley) acting.

ginny weasley

A little show of emotions won’t hurt, no!  She reminds me of Kim Chiu tuloy.  But hey, Kim Chiu can do better!