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Shell shocked (updated)

27 Sep

Right after uploading my post yesterday, we lost electricity.  At first I thought yesterday was just one of those days marred by typhoons, the Philippines being a typhoon-prone country.  But the heavy rains didn’t stop for hours.  And getting cut off from the rest of the world when the electricity went down didn’t help.


Then my cousin, who was in a panic, told me that my uncle, who’s still recuperating from cancer, was stranded in their Araneta village home in Malabon since floodwaters had almost reached their second floor.  Seriously?  I thought she was just exaggerating.  About an hour later, we were told that they hoisted him up an inflatable bed which they used as a floater to bring him out of the house.  OMG!  That’s crazy!  All of their things on the first floor — the lovely couch, their old piano, photos, everything — were destroyed.  But that doesn’t matter now, they can always replace all the material things they’ve lost.  I’m just thankful that my Tito and his fam have survived this typhoon.

Now that electricity’s back and I’m connected again to the world, I was just shocked to see the extent of the damages brought by Typhoon Ondoy (International name Ketsana).  This has NEVER happened before in the metro, as in!

Enhanced image of the Typhoon Ketsana

Enhanced image of the Typhoon Ketsana

Ketsana/Ondoy hovering over the Philippines

Ketsana/Ondoy hovering over the Philippines

This is the BBC report on Typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy.  It is so heartwrenching to see all those people getting swept by the ravaging river.

Sunday morning, two dead bodies were found under San Mateo bridge, the bridge shown in this footage taken by ABS-CBN.

Meanwhile, this is the ABS-CBN report.

And this, an amateur video taken by students stranded inside a hospital/campus.

Now, I’m just thankful that all of my loved ones are safe here with me.  I don’t mind that we temporarily lost the comforts of electricity and water.  I cannot complain, we were the least affected by Ondoy/Ketsana.  But many are still needing our help.

If you know of people who are still stranded on top of their roofs or wherever, CLICK HERE FOR THE COMPLETE LIST OF EMERGENCY NUMBERS, drop off points for donations, and organizations that badly need our help.

And if you’d like to send money, you may send your donations to the Philippine Red Cross.  For those in the Philippines, we may actually donate without leaving our seats by typing RED<space>AMOUNT (ex. RED 100) on our cellphones and send to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart).  Any amount, even P25 will go a long way.  On second thought, if you can afford to buy, say an LV or a Balenciaga bag, then maybe you could donate more. 🙂


Because it’s not just noodles or canned sardines Ondoy’s victims need.  They’ll be needing all the help they can get to rebuild their lives.


FOR INFO:  ‘GMA used P800-million emergency fund for foreign trips’

I know this story is beyond disappointing, but please don’t get discouraged to donate or help out in any way.  Because really, this disaster has shown how in the saddest, darkest hours, we Filipinos have the capacity to unite and help one another.  Besides, there are still many who believe that the Filipinos are worth dying or risking their lives for.