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16 Jan

So many things went wrong yesterday. Had only an hour of sleep, lost my eyeglasses, stepped on dog poop, had an allergy attack, the taxi I was riding on’s aircon stopped working at the peak of the afternoon heat and its windows just won’t open, arrived late for a meeting…

But as soon as I got home, everything magically fell into its rightful place.  My nephew found my eyeglasses, I got a warm hug from Mike and Maru, and for the first time in 2011, slept peacefully for six hours straight.

I still didn’t get my 8-hour sleep wish, but still…


Goodbye 2009

31 Dec

Oh, time flies so fast.  In a few hours, we’re saying goodbye to 2009.  Can’t help but look back at the stash of digital evidence I’ve amassed from the whole year.  Looking back, knowing that my family is well and healthy, I realized that my 2009 wasn’t so bad after all.

Click to enlarge (dahil baka extra ka sa pictures ko).

My photo collage was done using Shape Collage, a free software that instantly creates a collage of your photos.  If you want one, download it here.

Have fun, stay safe for the rest of 2009.  And remember: