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Jenny on the block

19 Jul

I came across Jennylyn Mercado’s Twitter account (if this is indeed her personal Twitter account) and finally saw a clearer pic of her baby via Twitpic.  Kamukha naman ni Patrick G. ha, at hindi ni *toot*.  But I’m not posting Baby AJ’s pic here. Takot ko lang mademanda no.  Ito na lang at bahala na lang kayong mag-search and compare.


Anyway, dati mas gusto ko si Yasmien Kurdi to win over Jen in Starstruck pero later on, mas gusto ko na si Jen.  Between the two, I think that Jen’s a much better actress.  Kaso minsan nagmamala-Geneve Cruz siya at parang laging nakasimangot during interviews.  Then there were the reports na hindi sumisipot sa presscons, shootings/tapings, etc.  What is that? The effect of being a once battered child?

In fairness, though, I love it when Jen shows off her fun side, as against her brooding side. Like her guesting in Bubble Gang‘s Moymoy Palaboy video.

Dito lang bagay na laging nakakunot ang noo niya.