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Fun with pancakes

16 Jan

Because Maru’s such a picky eater, we try to get creative with food. Last night, he wanted to eat “crocodile bread”, something he saw on Facebook. But since we don’t have that here in Manila (wala nga ba?), I thought, “Why not make crocodile pancakes instead.”

So here’s the result.

Kaso pagkakita ni Maru, he said, “Hmmm…something’s still missing.” Wala daw kasing eyes yung crocodile pancake. Ang arte!

Meanwhile, Mike requested for a “mermaid pancake.” At si Mike din, humirit ng “something’s missing.” Don’t ask.

When making pancakes, we usually buy the Maya Think Heart whole wheat pancake mix.

It tastes good and the texture is perfect. Plus, it’s healthier too.