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Madonna and Janet on Michael Jackson

14 Sep

“When he died, all I can think about is that I abandoned him. We all abandoned him.”

Mandamay ba?

Anyway, check out the VMA’s Michael Jackson tribute.  The highlight? Janet Jackson!

Deja Vu?

2 Sep

OMG! Lourdes looks just like her Mum!

Happy Birthday!

17 Aug

The original Lady Gaga turns 51 on August 16.


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5 Jul

I apologize for the Michael Jackson diarrhea but I can’t help it, he was my childhood.  If it were Madonna or Cindy Lauper who died, I would have done the same (pramis!).

Anyway, found this kewl tribute on Esquire.com, about the “43 Things We’ll Miss About Michael Jackson.”  And here are some of the best parts:

MJ crotch grab

– Parasols. He was sun sensible — you have to give him that. — Chris Jones

– That white glove. A fool would underestimate the iconic power of that white glove. In the villages of Africa, in the endless frozen horizon of the Arctic, everyone knows that white glove? Why? For reasons we can never understand, but also because there’s only one. The other white glove is missing. But the absence has turned the bereft and heartbroken glove that remains into a glittering piece of defiant joy. It’s the national flag of Michael Jackson. — John H. Richardson

– I never liked the glove, although when I saw his monstrous hand, I got it. And I admired what he’d done to cover it up. It was never clear to me if that hurt or not, but I imagine it did. Think about the beauty of that. Putting sequins on your open wounds. Think about the entire world staring at the one thing that makes you feel most ugly. — Tom Chiarella

– The messianic weirdness that is Captain EO at Epcot Center. And the existence of a star who could pull it off.

– Snapping. As if this guy hadn’t already made dancing — really dancing — cool for guys for the first time since Travolta, have you seen the “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” video? Never has a green screen been so overtaken by a man’s hands. Lightsabers, Jets, and Sharks included.

– Michael Jackson mattered. On every continent. His music played in some room, on some station, in some shit box discotheque, in a taxi, or from a window, in every city on every continent. If you hated him, and maybe I did by the end, your hate was buried in a wave of love. And if you were indifferent, then you made no difference. That’s not an argument that you should have cared, or that I wish I had cared more. What matters is what is much bigger than what each of us thinks there in our little room, from our little window, in our city on our continent. — Tom Chiarella

– When he debuted the moonwalk on the Motown Special. It’s hard to imagine in today’s YouTube world, but it was a sensation. I remember going to work the next day and everyone was talking about it. My coworker had a new invention called a VCR and actually had it on tape. We watched it over and over again. It seemed superhuman. It defined entertainment. — Helene Rubinstein

– The bass groove from “Billy Jean.” Unparalleled funk strut. Someone sample it.

– Despite his crippling debt and alien appearance, Michael Jackson had at least one more “holy shit” moment left in those sparkling socks.

– The crotch grab.

– Not a big MJ guy — never was — but after listening to the nostalgia orgies of the past twenty-four hours, I’m reminded that art can matter. That the stuff of great artists — their songs, their paintings, their books — becomes a part of our lives, and that whether you’re talking about the first time you saw the “Thriller” video or the first time you tried to moonwalk, you’re not really talking about Michael Jackson. You’re talking about yourself. The art is just a marker, allowing each of us to find our way back to some earlier, happier, more carefree version of ourselves. — Richard Dorment

– Every time someone tries to dance the Thriller routine I love them with my whole heart. It is the purest expression of faith in childhood, a testament to joy, that is art of the people, outsized, thrilling. — Tom Chiarella

– Star? Hell, he was a supernova.