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21 May

No, I wasn’t the one who uploaded the Katrina-Hayden video or any other video scandal for that matter.  I do, however, feel guilty for watching it and sharing it with, ehem, my other half.  

Pep.ph and Yes! Magazine’s Jo-Ann Maglipon made a very valid point when she said that Katrina, and the other girls shown in the other videos, were violated thrice: First, by Hayden who, without their consent, filmed their private rendezvous; Second, by the person/s who uploaded the videos on the Net; and Third, by the general public who have become accessories to the crime committed by Hayden and the uploader/s. 


It is true that the women do not deserve to be looked down upon just because they were seen in a sex video.  I do think, however, that any sane person who have seen these videos would see Hayden Kho as a really sick pig who needs jailtime and therapy.  Really.


Thanks Ces for the link.