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Uy, sila rin parallel lives

4 Dec

Well, it seems like it’s not only Manny P. and Tiger W. who are living parallel lives.  Their wives are, too!

Like Jinkee Pacquiao who has a twin sister named Janet, Elin also has her very own “carbon copy” named Josefin.

If you get confused, Jinkee and Elin are both on the right of their respective photos.  I think the two (or the four) of them should meet up and compare notes.


This blind item has nothing to do with the people pictured above.

Source tells us that Sexy Actress is pregnant with Married Man’s child.  But because it’ll be too scandalous for Sexy Actress to consult doc in his/her own clinic, doc is flown abroad to check Sexy Actress.

I say, dang, why not just get a new doc in that country?  More convenient. Less chismis.