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Madonna and Janet on Michael Jackson

14 Sep

“When he died, all I can think about is that I abandoned him. We all abandoned him.”

Mandamay ba?

Anyway, check out the VMA’s Michael Jackson tribute.  The highlight? Janet Jackson!

Paris Jackson breaks my heart

8 Jul

Oh this is heartwrenching, especially when she broke down after saying how much she loves her dad.

It’s tragic to lose a parent at such a young age.  I was 17 when I lost my dad and since I didn’t get to know who my mom was until a few days before my Papa’s death, I remained with my uncle and his family who loved and treated me very well.

I hope whoever gets to permanently take charge of the kids would treat them as their own.  Maybe they should really be raised by MJ’s mom, Katherine.

Janet on bro Michael

29 Jun

Janet Jackson is said to be one of the family members who tried to help Michael get off his addiction to prescription drugs.

On Sunday night’s BET Awards, she made a quick appearance to deliver a word from her family about the passing of her dearly beloved brother.