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In case you missed it…

17 Jan

…because you were probably watching Showbiz Central.

Quotable Quotes:

“I’ve tried. God knows I’ve tried. And in all fairness to James he has also tried.  But maybe, in my opinion, not hard enough.”

“Ako, I never gave him any reason to doubt my fidelity. I just want the same thing in return.”

“Ako po ang biktima.”

“Kumbaga sa basketball, the ball is now in his hands.”

Demanding lang ba ako?

7 Aug

My friend Rhods and I were texting yest about how the media (except for bloggers, FB folks, and PEXters) may not find the courage to write about James Yap’s facial expression/lack of reaction to wife Kris Aquino’s unstoppable cryfest during Tita Cory’s funeral.  Not because they didn’t notice because my gad, it was so hard to miss, but probably out of…umm, courtesy to a grieving daughter. Kumbaga, wag na munang lagyan ng asin ang sugat.

Kris aquino crying

I was expecting kasi that he’d hold her hand, pat her on the back, or massage her arm while she was bawling.  Because even if you hated Kris, I bet you wanted to hug her during those moments.  I certainly did.  And I was expecting James would do that since he’s the hubby!

Gusto ko na tuloy i-nominate si James sa pagiging Tunay Na Lalake.  Dahil ang TNL, walang emosyon!

Spot.ph oh-so bravely asked the top 10 questions that boggled our minds during Tita Cory’s funeral coverage.  And one of them was: As she bawled her eyes out in heart-wrenching sobs, how come you didn’t hug your wife or even hold her hand?

In fairness, I saw SNN last night and in an interview with a crying Kris while inside the family van during the funeral march, I saw James patting her.  I just couldn’t see whether he was patting her on the leg, hand or what.  Basta he was patting her.  Iniisip ko na lang, maybe he’s not showy at all and that maybe, in their private moments, he has a way of comforting her.  And besides, as long as Kris is okay with that, then walang issue.

On the other hand, na-touch talaga ako kay Baby James. I so love that kid na, next to my Maru of course.  Watch this very tender moment between Kris and Baby James.  Naiyak ako.

On a lighter note, the four honor guards who endured more than eight hours of rain, wind, and horrendous traffic are now the new “Apat na Sikat.” They are literally what you call outstanding!