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Go natural

25 May

A friend once told me about a cousin who worked as a chemist in one of the multinational companies manufacturing hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners.  She said that her cousin refrains from using her company’s own shampoo line because they contain chemicals that can be harmful to our bodies.  It got me so praning, I wanted to go organic right away.   Unfortunately, the organic products available at that time were way too expensive.

But more than a year ago, my friend Sonia introduced me to Human Nature, a super affordable line of hair, face, body, and even baby care products that are made of natural ingredients and none of the harmful chemicals found in commercial ones.

Made by Gandang Kalikasan Inc., headed by Ana Meloto-Wilk, daughter of Gawad Kalinga’s Tony Meloto, Human Nature products are 100% made in the Philippines, with the ingredients mostly produced by Filipino farmers and Gawad Kalinga communities.

What’s good about Human Nature is that they do not just add a few natural ingredients on top of chemical ones and proclaim that their product’s natural.  They took pains to make sure that all ingredients are as organic as possible and not harmful to human health.

GOOD (Natural, Organic) BAD (Harmful, Synthentic)
SURFACTANT: Used to bring dirt to the surface, foaming agent
Cocoamidopropyl betaine (coconut cleanser)
Decyl glucoside (from corn oil)
SLS/SLES (Sodium lauryl sulphate /
Sodium laureth sulphate) – irritant
ALS/ALES (ammonium lauryl sulphate /
ammonium laureth sulphate) – skin & eye irritant
PRESERVATIVE: Prolongs shelf life of products
Rosemary essential oil
Potassium sorbate (food grade preservative)
Gluconolactone (from milk)
Parabens – allergenic / premature aging
BHA/BHT – may cause cancer & tumors
DMDM Hydantoin – weakens immune system
Phenoxyethanol – causes allergy; irritant
TEA (triethanolamine) – may cause cancer
EMULSIFIER: Helps combine 2 liquids especially water-based liquid and oil
Vegetable glycerine DEA (Diethanolamine) – affects the hormones
MOISTURIZER / EMOLLIENT: Softens, relaxes and soothes skin
Cocoa Butter
Virgin Coconut Oil
Sunflower Oil
Mineral oil – clogs pores; speeds up aging
Dimethicone – clogs pores; irritant
Isopropyl palmitate – clogs pores; worsens acne
Petrolatum / paraffin – clogs pores; worsens acne
Urea – may cause cancer; toxic by inhalation
FRAGRANCE: Substance that improves scent/odor
Essential oils
Natural fragrance oils
Parfum – causes allergy; irritant
Phthalates – damages the liver & reproductive organs
SOLVENT: Substance that dissolves another to form a solution
Vegetable glycerine Propylene glycol – damages liver & kidney
ANTI-BACTERIAL: Prevents the growth of bacteria
Acapulco extract
Sugarcane alcohol
Triclosan – Endocrinal & reproductive malfunctions

John Hopkins University (top medical university in the USA) has named mineral oil in cosmetics and moisturizers as the number two cause of aging (#1 is the sun).

“Petroleum-based ingredients [e.g. propylene glycol, PEGs, isopropyl alcohol] pose risks of cancer, genetic damage and reproductive toxicity including infertility, to unsuspecting consumers and their infants and children” – Professor Emeritus Samuel Epstein, University of Illinois School of Public Health

This is why as a mother, I am more confident to let Maru use their Aloe Vera and Chamomile Baby Shampoo and Baby Wash.

And finally, a feminine wash without SLS/ALS.  Will be available starting June 10.

To order, visit www.humanheartnature.com.