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In case you missed it

3 Jul

Here’s the full episode of Probe Profiles‘s feature on Hayden Kho, Jr.

Now, what do you think?

Did you watch?

2 Jul

Probe Profiles featured Hayden Kho last night and he revealed to Miz Che Che Lazaro that he was molested when he was seven years old.

By a man?  A relative?  Hayden didn’t elaborate, though he said he didn’t know who the person was.  If it were true, I have a feeling it was a guy who molested him because I’ve heard too many stories like that.  It seemed to me, though, that he’s trying to sell his past too hard so that he, as well as other people, would have something to blame for his naughty, naughty acts.

While watching, a friend texted me: “Magkano kaya binayad ni Belo kay Che Che Lazaro para i-feature nang ganyan si Hayden? Hindi ba si Belo rin nung nakaraan?”

Hmm…I don’t know.  But I don’t think Che Che would do Belo and Hayden for money.  They’re hot at the moment and their lives make interesting subjects.  I think their stories drew a lot of viewers for Profiles.

Meanwhile, the Hayden brouhaha isn’t over yet, not with the filing of cases and everything.  Because up to this moment, screencaps of Hayden having sex with other women are still leaking.

The Culprit?

22 May

A friend forwarded me the link to the Facebook account of Erik Johnston Chua, the alleged “uploader” of the Hayden video files.  As I was browsing through his photos, which were either tagged by him or his friends, I noticed that the tags on his name were disappearing.  And then all of a sudden, his account has been either deleted or set as private.  Maybe he got tired from all the people trying to scare/harrass him.  Or he got scared of being found out by the Super Twins Bong and Edu. 

Anyway, what have I learned about Erik? 

1. That he is either married to/in a relationship with a certain Danielle Fonseca, who by the way seems Brazilian. (His FB account says he’s “married”).

2. He’s got lots of Chinese barkadas (probably went to Chinese school).

3. He hung out with lots of Brazilian models/friends.

Now I’m wondering whether it was true that he uploaded the videos in retaliation to Hayden who “screwed” his girlfriend/ex-girlfriend.