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Darna says hello!

4 Aug

Attended the Darna presscon at GMA 7’s Studio 5 last night and became very sure that on August 10, all tricycle and jeepney drivers will be at your neighborhood carinderias with TV to watch its pilot episode.


darna front

Dingdong – not Ding – is one lucky guy.

As Darna, Marian sure moves well.

At sexy lumipad.

But of course, Darna wouldn’t be complete without Valentina (Iwa Moto)

and other monstrous creatures.

Ehra Madrigal as Babaeng Lawin

Maggie Wilson as Babaeng Linta

Nadine Samonte at Babaeng Impakta

Francine Prieto as Babaeng Tuod

But most of all, Darna will never be Darna without this woman.

No, that’s not Anna Wintour.  Not Jessica Alfaro, either.

Amazing din ang transformation ni Marian.  At the presscon, she first appeared onstage as the sweet and tame Narda.

Then a few minutes later…

Ferosh to the max!  And she’s ready to kick GMA’s (Arroyo, not her network) butt for not making her master Mars Ravelo a National Artist.

So, are you watching the nth remake of Darna on August 10?

Who wore it best

7 Jul

Marian Rivera’s new Darna?

darna marian r

Angel Locsin’s Darna?

darna angel

Ate Vi’s Darna?

darna ate vi

Or Tito Dolph’s Darna Kuno?

darna kuno

I say it’s hands down Tito Dolphs!

On why Totoy Bato “sucked”

7 Jul

Finally, Totoy Bato headwriter Suzette Doctolero has spoken against Robin Padilla’s rumored pakikialam on said GMA 7 primetime soap which ended last Friday.

Pep.ph reports about a thread in the forum site Pinoy Exchange where a forum participant nicknamed Lipstick City dared Ms. Suzi to spill the beans on Robin Padilla . Apparently, to many of the loyal Totoy Bato viewers, the show sucked big time.

Totoy Bato

Yellowsuzi, a.k.a. Suzette, replied:

“Lipstick City hehehe mukhang me alam ka?  
You’re putting me on the spot.
But we, the creative team, need to air our side di ba?
Kasi kami ang tinitira ng iba.

Matagal na akong di tumitingin dito, ngayon lang uli.  Alam ko reaction ng tao.  Ayoko sanang magsalita pero ayoko ring akalain ng lahat na pakana ng creative ito.  Truth be told, TB is a a very frustrating show for me.  Sa scripts namin, only weeks 1, 2, 3, 4 and week 6 ang nagawa nang buong-buo na di pinakialaman.  

The rest were all Robin’s.  Siya din ang nagsusulat, nagdidirek, nag-e-edit, nasusunod sa lahat.  We have scripts pero 10 percent lang ang sinusunod niya.  90 percent were his.  So most of the time, pag nanonood ako, di ko alam ang nangyayari sa kwento, pati scenes, di ko kilala (maski production, walang magawa dahil alam nilang magwawala si RP pag di siya sinunod).  Kaya di ko alam ang ending tonight.   Hindi namin alam lahat!  Si RP lang ang nakaka-alam and his own crew (yes, may sarili siyang crew: may sarili siyang director na di ko alam kung saan niya napulot, cameraman etc. — no, hindi sila part o empleyado ng gma)  Kaya pag grainy ang napapanood nyo, at pabago-bago ang volume, at madilim: in short, parang high school production, sila gumawa nun.  Oo, TB ang first indie soap hahahaha.  (Indie ganda!) 

Management cannot do anything also dahil palaging nagbabanta itong magwa-walk out sa show pag di siya sinunod.  I can understand them, nakontrol ni Robin ang kwento in such a way, na pag mawala siya, di na tatayo ang show.   In fairness, mautak siya.

This, i am promising to myself: I will not work with him anymore.  I hope my station will not get his services anymore.  Isa siyang megalomaniac actor.  Gusto niya siya lang ang bida.  Gusto niya siya lang ang magaling.   Hence, ang isang soap, na sa tingin ko, ay maganda nung simula, pagdating sa gitna hanggang dulo, ang pangit-pangit-pangit na!      

Farewell party tonight, but the whole creative team is not attending (di ko pinilit na wag umattend ang team ko ha, ayaw din nila). Ayoko lang makipagplastikan.   I’m sure makakarating ito sa kanya. I don’t care.  He already knows my discontentment (yun ay kung sinabi na sa kanya ng manager niya ang mga masasakit na sinabi ko).   He ruined a once promising good show.  Sayang.”

Hmm…Remember the editing bay incident during the finale of one of Robin’s previous shows with GMA?  I hope actors, no matter how big they are, would learn to respect the creative/production team, especially the writers since, as I’ve said before, story is king.

Ai amore!

6 Jul

The Pinoy version of Rosalinda starring newcomer Carla Abellana starts tonight over at GMA 7.  I’ll surely be watching.


I wanna know if Carla has the makings of the next big star.  I was a super fan of Marian Rivera’s Marimar and though it’s unfair to compare the two, I wanna see how Carla’s portraying another Thalia role.

Kaso, I don’t think she’d dare to go a bit sexy (a “must” when portraying Thalia roles, IMO) since Lola Delia Razon might not approve.  She might get trapped in the pa-wholesome image most starlets are in — parang hindi na tuloy sila real people.

Another reason I’m watching Rosalinda is Geoff Eigenmann.  He’s one of those artistas who can make your heart melt just by staring at you.