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Ganti ng Api

4 Dec

I know it’s probably impossible for ordinary folks like us to get past our beloved president’s numerous PSGs.  But there’s a site — Yay! Internet! — that allows us to vent our feelings of hatred towards her and finally release all the pent-up emotions we’ve been lugging around since 2001.

It is called TangInaMoGMA.co.tv, a fun and interactive site that allows us to hit GMA in the face.

The site promises to be a great stress reliever.  It even gives us the option to hit her either with our bare hands or with a stick.

CLICK HERE now to try it.  We promise you’ll feel a lot better afterwards.

Magtatampo si Mars Ravelo

30 Jul

As y’all know, Carlo J. Caparas was conferred the National Artist Award for Visual Arts and Film.

carlo caparas

Though I believe that art is subjective and have nothing against Carlo J. – except that I really, really hate his cap, hair, shades, and jacket – I think lang may isang grupo na susugod sa Malacanang para pagpaliwanagin si Gloria, lalo na’t may mga balitang apat na awardee ang isiningit niya.

mars ravelo characters

These guys are powerful, you know.   Gloria better get ready.

Mars Ravelo

Mars Ravelo

And as for Francisco Coching, the long-forgotten master of Pinoy komiks, gusto niyang ipatanong kung kelan daw siya maku-consider.  Unfair na kasi, eh.

coching francisco


Kami naman, agree kami sa alternative list ni Lourd de Veyra.


15 Jun

“Thank God that after more than 23 years of relentless persecution and deprivation initiated by the Cory Aquino administration in 1986, President Gloria Arroyo’s government has now started efforts for… truth and justice to prevail. Mabuhay ang Pilipino.”

–  Former First Lady Imelda Marcos on the possible “return” of her P15-billion jewelry collection which she left in Malacañang when the Marcoses fled in 1986.

Naghihirap na raw ang lola, claim niya.  Kaya ba siya nakikita dito?


28 May

I don’t know why Lolit Solis  got involved in this issue, but anyway, in a TV interview with GMA 7, she revealed that Hayden spoke to her and said that Erik Johnston Chua is going to identify Dra. Vicky Belo as the one behind the spread of the videos.  Lolit added that Hayden seemed unconcerned that Dra. Vicky will be pinned down in this controversy.

Likewise, Sen. Jamby Madrigal, another politician who feels like she’s got to have a say on this issue being the chair of the Senate committee about to conduct a hearing on it, is dangling a not-so-blind item: a famous person, known in showbiz and business circles and definitely bigger than that Erik Chua, is the mastermind.

Ano buzz?

Eh how about this guy?

Googled image

Googled image

When is he going to speak up?


Still on the Hayden brouhaha, funny that Bohol and Palawan politicians took time to pass a resolution declaring Hayden as persona non grata.  When kaya are they going to take the time to delare this person as persona non grata din?

I. Am. Sorry.

I. Am. Sorry.

Hey, Hayden has said sorry as well.  Unfair!  And to think she committed a graver “indiscretion.”