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Gay rights = Human rights

21 Aug

After several days of werq, werq, werq and very little sleep, I find myself lying in bed beside Maru and still unable to sleep. Because, my gad, more werq needs to be done by tomorrow, erm, I mean later and my mind is racing to find great ideas for werq.  At wala, wala akong holiday.  Ihi lang talaga ang pahinga.

Anyway, came across Bryan Shane’s post on the new Glutamax billboard featuring DJ Mojo Jojo.

glutamax ad

For reals? I thought this ad was fake or something since it was the first openly gay ad I’ve seen.

Apparently, it’s real.  And according to a petition, it has been taken down after influential church groups pressured the site owner to remove the billboard.

But huway? It’s cute and it’s brave! Where was this put up, by the way?

So now the online petition is asking those who respect gay rights and do not think that the ad is immoral to sign their names on the petition so that the billboard could be restored to its rightful place.

The petition says:

The advocacies of gay and lesbian communities in the Philippines have always been about freedom from any form bigotry and discrimination. The fight has been taken to several arenas – media, legal, political, medical, and even religious.

Last week, a billboard that featured Mojo Jojo endorsing the GlutaMAX product lines, became a cause of celebration not only among the gay communities but to all those who value freedom and equality in this country. The tagline, “I Wake Up Whiter and Gay Each Day” is a proud declaration of DJ Mojo Jojo, the first openly gay DJ in the airwaves, not only about his skincare but about his lifestyle choices as well.

Last night, August 18, 2009, the billboard was taken down. We heard rumors that the site owner gave in to the pressure from influential church groups who said that the billboard promotes a sinful life and is against the cultural and moral sensibilities of the general public.

We beg to disagree. We take offense in the insinuation that a simple declaration of one’s chosen skincare and lifestyle destroys the moral fabric of our society. We strongly demand that the billboard be re-installed, if bigger and in a better location ASAP.

CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Sign na if you believe that you’re not a bigot!

Buti na lang si Bro. Mike Velarde hindi bigot.  Look oh, he even built a gay-friendly church.

el shaddai church


Oh wait, so that’s not exactly a gay-friendly church? Because my co-worker Jon D. said that elsewhere, gay-friendly establishments are always shooting rainbows.

Like in Istanbul…

rainbow establ



gayborhood philadelphia


Inside the Massachusettes Institute of Technology

MIT rainbow lounge


The Beaudry Metro Station in Montreal, Quebec

gay montreal


And many, many more!

So would you like to see Mojo Jojo’s billboard up again and fight for gay rights? Sign na!

BB Gandanghari barred from entering Aruba Bar

25 Apr

I just read from BB Gandanghari’s blog that she’s been barred from entering Aruba Bar & Restaurant early this evening (April 24) last April 23 for “crossdressing.”  She wrote:

I was all set to watch Rannie Raymundo’s show in Metrowalk. Dee and my assistant Sass were with me. I didn’t know where exactly in Metrowalk the show would be. So while I was on my way, I texted Maegan, who would also be watching with us. She told me that it was going to be in Aruba Bar & Restaurant. Upon hearing that it was going to be there, Sass brought up the unfortunate incident Inday Garutay experienced there. I heard it before but I didn’t know that it happened there. Feeling worried, I requested Sass to ask Aruba Bar & Restaurant whether they have any problem with me watching the show.

Sass talked to the bouncer of Aruba Bar & Restaurant but she was then referred to the manager. She asked Sass: “What she is wearing?” Sass told her that I was wearing what every woman wears. The manager then iterated the blatant “No Crossdressing” policy hanging on their door. Sass refused to accept her reasoning. The manager then offered to consult the owner of the bar. The manager returned and gave a compromise: We can stay outside of Aruba Bar & Restaurant. Sass left and narrated what she was told. We left Metrowalk and transferred into a bar that understands that bigotry is not a sound business strategy.

Que horror! The height of bigotry and discrimation!  BB was right when she wrote that she was not there to demand special treatment from the bar.  She was, like everybody else, a customer and a spectator of Rannie Raymundo’s show.  It is not right for a bar, or for any establishment or institution for that matter, to impose conformity on anyone.  That’s just so archaic and so, well, third world!