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Happy reunions

21 Jan

Pang-tsismosa lang ‘tong post na ‘to na nasagap namin sa kakabasa sa Twitter. Happy news ito, though. Apparently, Gabby Concepcion’s daughters have finally met.

KC Concepcion tweets: “I can’t believe how much we cried seeing each other! Hugging you after SO long was the best feeling in the world. @CloieSyquiaS”

KC with sister Cloie Syquia, Gabby’s daughter with ex-wife Jenny Syquia.

Naguluhan ako for a few seconds while looking at them.

Cloie’s vacationing here in the Philippines with her mom, younger sister and stepdad. And I think this is the first time they’ve met based on their tweets about the reunion.

Here’s another pic from Garie Concepcion (Gabby’s daughter with Grace Ibuna):

Happy no?

Their facial features are mixtures of their mothers’ and Gabby’s. Like when I look at KC, I see a bit of Sharon and (a lot of) Gabby. Cloie also looks a lot like her mother but at the same time takes after Gabby. Garie’s cheekbones are obviously Gabong-Gabo.

By the way, Jenny still looks so beautiful. Hindi tumatanda!

Nice to see that she’s exchanging niceties with The Sharon Cuneta on Twitter.

Yon lang.