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5 Sep

When I said I liked Teddy Casino’s ad, I said it in comparison to Mar Roxas’s trapo ads.  But honestly, even without seeing Mar’s ads, I would have felt the same for Teddy’s because it’s simple and non-pretentious.

But when I saw this, I got really scared.

Not because it’s dark and has good vs. evil elements.  I got scared because it means politics is already entering the illusory world of commercial advertising.

It’s one thing to make really bad political ads.  It’s another when one uses a highly-stylized approach to selling a candidate because the real message could get lost in all the swirling graphics.  Because for all we know, maybe the hooded guy is actually Marian Rivera promoting Talk and Text.  Or the big, bad wolf.

I liked the “Tutulungan ko kayong tulungan ang inyong mga sarili” line though.

Kayo, what do you think?