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Despite the rain

4 Aug

So my friends Marlon, Rhods and I actually braved the rains last night and went to Manila Cathedral in Intramuros.

We arrived there at past 11 since they had to wait for me to finish with the Darna presscon.  We were thinking that last night was the best time to go since people would hopefully consider that they had to work early so they wouldn’t dare stay late in Intramuros.  Plus, since tonight’s the last lamay, more people would probably come tonight.

But no.  When we arrived by the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila area, we couldn’t find the end of the line.

Guess where we found the end of the line?

Almost at the foot of Jones Bridge!  We clocked in at 12:00 midnight.

And had a painfully slow walking tour of Intramuros, minus Carlos Celdran.

It felt heaven when our line finally reached Manila Cathedral

even when we were pissed that these three old ladies made singit! Inis!


But from there, the line moved on smoothly.

Until we reached the door and the bouncers told us that we couldn’t take any more photos.

We reached Tita Cory by 3:30 a.m.  I was able to say “Bless you” – the moment lasted for only three seconds – and then I had to leave.

Even though I’m not a “Corista” and Hacienda Luisita kept on popping in my head, I already forgave her.  I understood that she was merely a product of her class.  But I couldn’t say that she didn’t give it her all and didn’t mean well.  After all, I somewhat owe her my freedom to write as I wish, whether on this blog or wherever.

Ms. Lala of GMA's old Cory doll

Ms. Lala of GMA's old Cory doll

I went home dead tired but fulfilled.  Thank you Tita Cory.

In case you missed it

3 Aug

Here’s the full The Buzz interview with host Kris Aquino at the wake of President Cory Aquino.

PDI turns yellow

2 Aug

The Philippine Daily Inquirer turns yellow for the day in  honor of President Cory Aquino.


Pasok na pasok sa banga!