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Help us build our humble abode

29 Dec

Dear friends, relatives, lovers (?), and strangers,

As you may have known, we’re in the middle of turning an old house into our new home.  Exciting and fun, I know.  We were initially targeting the first week of January for our move in.  Unfortunately, we’ve already run out of funds, but the house is only halfway done.  We don’t even have a stairway yet, proper ventilation for the ground floor and bathroom/CR, and so many other things.

Now, I don’t know how this will go but I’m asking you guys for a little help.  I’m listing here some of the things we need ASAP and their corresponding value in Philippine Peso/US dollar.  I’m saying we need these items ASAP because we’re trying not to stall on the construction/repair (because if it gets stalled, we won’t be able to move in or the cost of repairing would be much higher if done at a later time).  I’m also listing some of the services/deeds Mike and I are willing to do in exchange for your sponsorship of the items listed below. Here goes:

1. Ceramic sink/farm sink  – P1,800/$37.50

2. 10 pcs of 2″x10″x3ft wooden planks for the stairs – P3,500/$73

3. HCG or American Standard toilet bowl – P4,500/$93

4. Yale keyed lock + deadbolt for our front door – P1,500/$31.25

5. Apo Vinyl tiles for the second floor (P17 x 200) – P3,400/$71

6. La Germania Range Hood (the cheapest) – P4,092/$85.25

7. Labor (carpenters/tubero/electrician) – P15,000

8. Miscellaneous expenses – P10,000

Meanwhile, these are the deeds/work/services we’re offering in exchange for your sponsorship:

– Lend our Panasonic DVX100b + shotgun mic for 1 day (within Metro Manila)

– Write a story/PR for you

– Help you with your research (kung anuman ‘yon)

– Design your print ad/brochure

– Write your print/TV ad’s copy/script

– Edit your print/TV ad’s copy/script

– Edit your stories/articles

– Edit up to 3-minutes of video

– print layout

– Promote your company/work/business

– Others (as long as its legal)

You may also help us by referring us to people/companies that may be in need of the following services:

– Video production (writing/shooting/post-prod)

– graphic design (print ads, books, posters, T-shirts, other printed materials, etc.)

– copywriting/scriptwriting/PR (brochures, print and/or TV ads, AVPs, etc.)

– video production management

– Camera rental (Panasonic DVX100b)

– videography/photography

For questions/referrals/sponsorship, please send me a note at emailnirona@gmail.com. Thank you very much and I really hope to hear from you soon. 🙂