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Once again, CD-R King

10 Jan

Went to CD-R King earlier to have my portable power supply replaced. Though it’s working fine, I realized that 1700 mAh has very limited charging capacity, as compared to the 4200 mAh I saw there (which is more expensive by only P110).  The Blackberry Curve’s batt power is only 1150 mAh and it gets drained easily. There will be days when I may need to charge my phone more than once, hence my want for a higher capacity battery charger.

*For those who may be wondering, the higher the mAh of the battery, the higher the capacity. 

But when I got to CD-R King, none of their 4200 mAh stocks worked. Buti I found out that they also have a 3000 mAh variant which sells for only P880, the same price as the 1700 mAh. So ito na lang.

It’s twice the size of the 1700 mAh and, as expected, heavier. I tested it as soon as I got home and so far, I think perfect lang ang 3000 mAh.

Once again, thank you CD-R King.