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Tiis Ganda

7 Jun

It’s official: I’ve reached the 200-pound mark.  Oh gawd, how did I let this happen?  Since Maru turned one last May, I don’t think I can still use the I’ve-just-given-birth excuse.  Look at Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie or Sheree (Gian Magdangal’s GF).  They look as though nothing happened, while I’m now way heavier than when I’ve just given birth.  Hindi na pregnancy weight ito!

So now, I’m thinking: Maybe I should go into Pilates.  Why Pilates?  See BB Gandanghari to know why.

Facebook photo

Facebook photo

She looks so lean and svelte, di ba?

So to start, I’ve been searching the Net for basic Pilates workouts I can do at home.  About.com has an extensive instructional guide on Pilates and I think I can start with that.  Then the other day, I dropped by SM and found a very good Pilates mattress for only P300+.  Since I don’t have the budget right now to enroll in a Pilates class, I think I should invest in a good Pilates book or instructional video.

Another workout I’m very interested in is cycling.  I used to bike around our neighborhood and around the Intramuros area way back in high school and I must say, it’s the perfect workout for me.

I wanna look as fierce as Britain’s Victoria Pendleton.

Victoria Pendleton Britain cycling

At gusto ko ganito ang outfit ko habang nagba-bike.

Victoria Pendleton Britain cycling2