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23 Jul

Due to my really slow SmartBro connection this morning, I lost in the Chuvaness 4Mth reader promo.

Chuvaness owner Cecile van Straten explains the selection of winners:

As you can see in the chart below, there are obviously two winners—EverywhereWeShoot! and Xxernan Orticio—who clocked in at 9:07 and 9:08 respectively.

chuvaness screencap

As for the 3rd winner, I cannot choose among the three who clocked in at 9:11 am, so I will have to conduct a lottery on who wins amongst Shelby™, Renee Sombillo and Mikki Tan.

The winner of this lottery will join the first two winners in a lottery to find out which one gets which prize package.

Beaten due to technical difficulties.  Everything that could go wrong this morning went wrong.  My Gmail won’t open, my screencap won’t attach, and the partial solar eclipse happened.  Di ba they say that a solar eclipse brings bad luck? So there.

Buti na lang, I just came back from the grocery and got this.

keebler soft batch

chewy choco

And to make me feel better, MIKE PROMISED (tuparin mo ito ha!) that he’d buy me a new CP with wifi. Ha!


Not too charming anymore

23 Jun

I used to crush on Prince William when I was 17, especially after the time Princess Diana died.


Fast forward to now, this is how his head looks like.  And he just turned 27 last June 21!

Prince William

Photo Source

prince william balding

I guess he either inherited his mom’s recessive balding gene, or he took after his father.  Because Uncle Spencer still has a full head on.

Mom's bro, Charles Spencer

Mom's bro, Charles Spencer

O well, snap out of it.  This is real life.

Napkin fiction

15 Jun

I love Esquire.  The actual magazine I have yet to read since it’s worth gazillions here in the Philippines, but the Net version is definitely fun and interesting.

Right now, I’m addicted to their Napkin Project, stories written on cocktail napkins sent to writers all over the US.  About a hundred writers responded with stories written on the napkins.  Ang galing!


This one’s Deb Olin Unferth’s “Joke.”

Meanwhile, Charles Blackstone’s “Before” is somewhat similar to something I wrote way back in 2003 or 2004, except mine’s too cheesy.


CLICK, CLICK, CLICK HERE to enjoy the stories!


4 Jun

There are already 29 confirmed cases of A/H1N1 infections in the Phils and two are students from De La Salle University.


I studied at De La Salle University and I have friends working at DLSU.

Meanwhile, another is from the Asian Development Bank.


One of my best friends is working at ADB.

Umm…guys, you know how much I love and miss y’all.  But, sa July na lang tayo magkita-kita?