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They grow up so fast

3 Dec

Kids grow up so fast.

Parang kahapon lang, baby pa ang anak ko. Clueless mom pa ako.

Ngayon ang laki na ni Maru. Marunong nang magpalusot. Mag-joke. Mag-drama. Pati ang tuba at triceratops alam na rin niya. Marunong na rin siyang mag-operate ng DVD player, at mambola gaya ng tatay niya.

These days, fixated siya sa dinosaurs at sa Little Einsteins. Na-outgrow na yata nya si Mickey Mouse na dati sobrang favorite nya.

Kanina pa nya ko kinukulit kung pwede ba syang manood ng Land Before Time the series. Pumayag na rin ako, since di ko ma-gets yung pinapanood kong French film na Jules et Jim. And during the opening credits, Maru looked at me and said, “I love you Nanay”.

Hay ang anak ko talaga.

I love you more, Maru. ‘Wag ka muna magbinata ha.

Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata

1 Dec

One of my writing mentors, Ricky Lee, launched his latest novel Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata last November 27 at the SM North Edsa Sky Dome.


Though he’s been known more as the writer of the films Himala, Moral, Brutal, Baby Tsina and so many other critically acclaimed films, Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata is Ricky Lee’s second foray into writing a novel, after Para Kay B.

At the launch, friends, students and, well, fans gathered at the SM Sky Dome to support Sir Ricky, who happens to be one of the most generous people I know. 


I did the interviews for the video presentation shown at the launch and his friends and colleagues all had the same thing to say about him — he has a very generous heart.  When I met him two years ago (it was in a writing workshop sponsored by ABS-CBN for wannabe/budding scriptwriters), he shared with us everything that can be found in his home, from his vast DVD collection, to books and food. But what he’s most generous with is his talent. He never tires with sharing what he knows and is always open to ideas, which is very encouraging for us. At kahit “institusyon” na sya, he never imposed himself or his beliefs on anyone dahil “Ricky Lee na siya.”  

Also present at the launch were Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo, Mart Escudero, Paulo Avelino, Joem Bascon, director Joel Lamangan, Cherry Pie Picache and ABS-CBN President Charo Santos-Concio who all read excerpts from the book. At may very special guest din sa launch na nagbasa ng “Alamat ng Bakla”:Image

Jon Santos a.k.a. Oprah. 

Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata is now available in National Bookstore outlets for P300. Bili na! 

I’m a delinquent blogger

27 Apr

Sporadic entries. Geez. We’ll, I’ve been busy.

And I’m thankful because I’ve got plenty to look forward to.

Puwede pang humabol

25 Dec

Because I’m very easy to please, a monkey or a hedgehog will do…

Or any of these super kikay Barbie Basics.

All available at Toy Kingdom.

Back from the rubble

15 Sep

Because I’m putting off work that needs to be done asap, I momentarily turn to my blog that badly needs updating.  I’m such a bad blogger, my last post was like what, eons ago.  So much has happened and I’ve been swamped with work and more work.  But I’m happy that the last two months have been reeeeeally good.

First, I landed a writing gig for an AVP that required travel to India and Sri Lanka.

Hurrah for free travel! But aside from traveling with Mike, the best part of this experience is meeting heroes from several parts of Asia that champion access to quality education in their countries.  More on that in another post (especially since I’m not yet done with the script!).

Second, since late January this year, I’ve been busy with projects that will hopefully fulfill my dream of writing for TV. Though I still can’t tell what the show is about, I promise that it’s gonna be a TV event that will make emotional wrecks out of people.  Chos lang, hahaha!  Seriously, I’m just too happy na umusad na kami.  And I’m lucky to be in the company of great and talented people (Riz, Gen, Reign, En, JC) who are willing to share opportunities to newbies like me.  I still have a lot to learn — as in a loooot — but the past few months have taught me immensely, it literally felt like going to school.

Another thing I’m really happy about is when last August, I was able to overcome my fear of, umm, pitching. If you had met me or knew me personally, you’d know that public speaking isn’t one of my strengths.  As in my mind always goes blank, I babble, shoot myself in the mouth and say really stupid or atrocious things most of the time.  Buti na lang I have great mentors (Thank you Sir Ricky, Sir Hen at the beautiful Riz) who served as inspiration and guiding light (wow lang).  Besides, I was really confident with the material we were pitching (Yay Ceres and Miyo!) to Ate Charo.

*Photo by Sonny Calvento

At tama si Ceres, music to our ears talaga ang salitang “approved.”

Another thing, I turned 31 last September 4.  Syet 31.  I’m officially a 30-something woman.  Taun-taon na lang gumagawa ako ng retrospective chuva about the year that was.  Pero so far, happy.  And that’s all, I thank you.

And as some sort of a birthday gift, Mike had an ambigram of our names tattooed on his left arm.

What can I say? Sweet. Flattered. Sign daw na wala nang atrasan. I love you Ga.

But what I’m really happy about is Maru.  He’s grown so much, he’s turning out to be a funny kid.  He always, always cracks me up, at kahit pagod na pagod na ako mula sa trabaho, pag-uwi ko ng madaling araw gising pa siya as though waiting for me to come home kaya we always end up playing.  He always welcomes me with his sweetest smile, the warmest hug, and the loudest, “Hi Nanay!”

Last Sunday, we took him to SM San Lazaro, which is the nearest mall to our place, just so he could walk around and play.  Mike took him to ride a motorized bike at tawa ako nang tawa nang makita kong kinikilig siya kapag nabubunggo ‘yung bike niya.

Na-amaze pa rin ako kung gaano siya ka-curious sa mga nakikita niya sa paligid.  Singkit ang mata niya, pero kapag may nakita siyang kinatutuwaan niya, nanlalaki ang mata niya at natutulala siya.  Gaya nang makita niya itong books.

Or while watching ‘Horton Hears a Who!’ which he’d already seen a gazillion times.

On my 31st year on earth, I can say I’m on the right track and I’m happy.  A little extra cash won’t hurt, pang-Full HD TV at SLR digital camera.  But really, I’m happy.

Teka, masyadong masaya itong post na ito. Parang ang perfect ng buhay, parang may…


Kidding. Now back to work.

Who wore it best?

1 Jul

Baby James wearing a yellow Wayfarer.

Photo from Chuvaness

Or my son Maru, in a blue Divisoria Rayban, hehehe!

This chismis is brought to you by Twitter

9 Dec

I was browsing through my Twitter timeline when I came across Bianca King’s tweets.

Curious, I visited the link Bianca posted on her Tweet.  The first story I came across in is this:

Apparently, Jun Lalin had already interviewed Bianca about the “incident” and here’s what he wrote:

Bianca, masama pa rin ang loob
Jun Lalin

KINAUSAP ko si Bianca King kahapon kaugnay sa ‘pagpapalayas’ sa kanya sa tent ni Krista Ranillo noong Linggo sa shooting ng pelikulang Wapakman na pinagbibida han ni Manny Pacquiao.

Masama pa rin ang loob si Bianca dahil sa walang paalam na pagla labas ng mga gamit niya.

Nagulat siya nang madatnan niya ang mamaha ling make-up kit, upuan at iba pang mga gamit niya sa labas ng tent ni Krista.

“Kung ipakukuha ko kasi ang mga gamit ko, mismong ang yaya ko ang kukuha ng mga ‘yon at hindi basta itatambak sa labas ng tent,” paha yag ng young actress.
Galit ba siya kay Krista dahil sa ginawa ng Tita Suzette Ranillo nito na paglalabas ng gamit niya?

“Wala akong galit kay Krista, pero honestly, kahit nag-sorry siya sa akin for what happened at sinabi niyang nag-deny ang Tita Suzette niya.

“Sabi ng lady security, ‘yung Tita Suzette niya ang naglabas no’n at sinabi mismo sa akin ni Krista na wala talaga siyang alam, nag-iisip pa rin ako.

“Yes, tinanggap ko ‘yung sorry niya nang mag-usap kami sa harap ng manager namin (Arnold Vegafria), pero alam mo ‘yung tinanggap ko man ‘yung sorry niya, nag-iisip pa rin ako kung hindi nga ba talaga niya alam ‘yung tungkol sa ginawang ‘yon ng Tita Suzette niya sa mga gamit ko.

“Kilala mo naman ako, Jun, ako ‘yung ti pong ayokong may kaaway. Saka iisa ang ma nager namin ni Krista, huwag sana nila akong ituring na kaaway sa ginawang ‘yon ng Tita Suzette niya na paglalabas ng mga gamit ko sa tent niya.

“Kaya naman ako naki-share sa tent na ‘yon dahil alam ng manager namin. Inisip ko na magkaibigan kami, kaya okay lang na mag-share kami sa iisang tent. Pero nangyari na nga ‘yon,” paha yag ni Bianca.

Nabanggit ko kay Bianca na marami ang humanga sa kanya na hanggang iyak lang siya sa ginawang ‘yon sa mga gamit niya.

Ni hindi siya nagwala sa set at ipinagpatuloy niya ang kanyang mga eksena.
“May iba nga akong friends na nagsasabing dapat nag-react ako, pero ‘yon nga, ipinagpatuloy ko pa rin ‘yung mga eksena ko.

“Ang sa akin lang naman, ang gumana sa akin that time eh ‘yung professionalism.

“Kung magpapaa pek to akong sobra ng ginawang ‘yon sa mga gamit ko, makakasira lang sa shooting namin.

Makakaapekto ‘yon sa magandang flow ng shooting namin. Eh,
ayo ko namang magkagulo sa set.

“Pinalipas ko lang ‘yon hanggang magharap kami ni Krista nang dumating si Arnold,” paliwanag pa ni Bianca.

Paano kung mag-sorry sa kanya si Suzette?

“It’s okay kung gusto niyang mag-sorry, pero sabi nga ni Krista, nagde-deny ang Tita Suzette niya, kaya hindi na ako nag-e-expect na mangyayari ‘yon.

“Saka bakit pa? Hindi na rin kami magkikita. Tapos na ang trabaho namin sa Wapakman, kaya balewala na rin.

“Nangyari na ‘yon, wala na akong magagawa pa. Basta ‘yung lady security ang nagsabing ang Tita Suzette ni Krista ang naglabas ng mga gamit ko sa tent,” paha yag ni Bianca.

Sa pananalita ni Bianca ay halata na may sama siya ng loob, pero dahil sabi nga niya ay ayaw niya ng kaaway, pinipi lit niyang magpaka-okay pa rin.

Bukas ang mga pahina ng Abante TONITE sakaling gustong ibigay ni Suzette ang kanyang panig kaugnay ng pangyayaring ito.


Nafi-feel ko tuloy na maggu-guest sa The Buzz or Showbiz Central (or SNN ngayon weekday) si Tita Suzette Ranillo III.

With that, I agree with Bianca King when she wrote:



29 Nov

*Oh my f*cking lord! Buwahahahahahaha! You’ve got to watch this. Pramis.

Source: Mo Twister’s blog

This is a non-post

23 Nov

Swamped.  That’s what I’ve been lately. And my legs/thighs feel numb — a sign that I should definitely lose weight. Fast.

‘Rent’ on V-day!

25 Oct

My friend Onay Sales is selling tickets for the V-day showing of Rent.  I wanna watch.


Hi everyone!

It’s time to “measure your life in love” once again! 9 Works Theatrical is bringing Jonathan Larson’s Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award-winning Broadway musical RENT to Manila on February 2010.

RENT tells the story of a group of friends struggling with life, love and death. Aside from the burden of paying their rent, these starving artists also strive for individual success and acceptance amidst trials, poverty, illness and the AIDS epidemic. At the end of their journey, every bruised and wounded character stands tall and proud as they stay true to the show’s tagline–they lived like there is absolutely “no day but today”.

Tickets for the February 14, 2010 8pm schedule are now available! Reserve now!

Ticket prices are : P1700 (orchestra center), P1600 (orchestra side), P1400 (loge center), P1100 (loge side) and P800 (balcony). For seat plan, kindly see the attached file.

The SBD can wait another day

11 Oct


krispykreme promo ondoy


8 Oct

Not feeling so well these past few days.  Not in the mood to write.  And I’ve been having nightmares about supertyphoons. Weird.

Same, same

8 Sep

pdi philstar

Wala lang.

Testing lang

25 Aug

This is so great!

I can post from my phone! But I guess posting photos is out of the question pa.

Old Manila

24 Jul

The best thing about living in Manila is that you’re about one song away from many historical sites. I went to CCP last night to watch Jerome’s Karera and from where I live in Tondo, the taxi drove past Binondo, Jones Bridge, and the Intramuros area on my way there.  I was just looking at photos from Old Philippines’ Facebook the other day and while inside the cab, wished we had preserved the beautiful structures that once stood in these areas.

This was Binondo during the 1900s.

The Binondo Church during the early 1900s

The Binondo Church during the early 1900s

The luxurious Hotel de Oriente, where Jose Rizal once stayed in (Room 22) and La Insular Cigar and Cigarette Factory in the early 1900s

The luxurious Hotel de Oriente, where Jose Rizal once stayed in (Room 22), and La Insular Cigar and Cigarette Factory in the early 1900s

A closer view of the intricate architecture of Hotel de Oriente

A closer view of the intricate architecture of Hotel de Oriente

Another Hotel de Oriente shot

Another Hotel de Oriente shot

But the Battle for Manila destroyed many of the city’s great architecture.  This is the site of the once grand Hotel de Oriente and La Insular Cigar Factory.

Site of Hotel de Oriente and La Insular Cigar Now

On the Hotel de Oriente site now stands the Tytana Plaza, also known as the Metrobank Building.  On the right, where the La Insular Cigar Factory once stood, are the offices of PSBank and First Metro Investment.  I used to frequent First Metro since my Tito works there.

Hotel de Oriente now

Is this a replica of the old fountain in front of Hotel de Oriente?  When I passed by Binondo last night, I checked the fountain and I think it is now painted white.

On my way home, the cab driver gave me an instant tour of Intramuros just so we could cross Jones Bridge.  So we passed by Ayuntamiento.  This was the glorious Ayuntamiento during the early 1900s, when it was still the headquarters of the Civil Government at that time.

Ayuntamiento 1900s HQ of Civil Govt

This is how Ayuntamiento (right) and Aduana (center) looked like after the Battle for Manila.

Aduana center Ayuntamiento right

And this is Ayuntamiento now.  Sad to see it rotting and unrestored.

Ayuntamiento today

We also passed by Pasig River going to Binondo, with the view of the El Holgar Filipino and the First National City Bank buildings.

El Holgar Filipino Bldg

On Facebook, the Old Philippines owner says, “Looking across the Pasig River to Binondo from the south end of the Jones Bridge. Left to right along Muelle de la Industria Street is the El Hogar Building. Built in 1914, the five story building housed the first Filipino financing institution. The next was the First National City Bank building, it was built in 1915.”

These are the El Holgar Filipino and First National City Bank buildings today.

EL Holgar Filipino Bldg- now

Upon crossing the Jones Bridge, I once again saw the restored Insular Life building, which is said to be the oldest building to have survived in that area.

This is a shot of the old Insular Life (the one with the small dome tower) and Uy-Chaco buildings in 1945 after the Battle of Manila.

Insular Life & Uy-Chaco Building Plaza Moraga 1945

The Binondo Church is now surrounded by buildings, tindahan ng hopias (Eng Bee Tin), and other establishments.  But in 1945, everything around it seemed to have been pulverized.

Binond Church 1945

Buti na lang the church still stands there.  It is now airconditioned.

How I wish we could recreate the great architecture found in old Manila.  After all, it is once considered the Queen of the Pacific.  With that I’m leaving you with a 1938 video of Manila. Notice the intricate design on the foot of Jones Bridge.  Divine!