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Straight from El Nido

8 May

Wow, I feel cool blogging away from Manila. Especially when the place is as cool as — where else — El Nido.  I’m here for the Kalugtan Arts Fest as a Creative Writing facilitator.  Sadly, only one kid enrolled in my class (but there’s happy news about this, too. More on that later). 

Anyway, we landed at Puerto Princesa last Monday at around 9:30 a.m. and were told that it would take about six hours by van to get to El Nido.  Kaya lang, since it’s been raining days before we arrived, nagputik na ang rough road on the way to El Nido kaya the organizers advised us to take the bus instead.  The bus trip would probably take about eight hours.


But because the road was excessively muddy, the supposed 6-hour ride stretched into a 12-hour, back-breaking, ass-numbing trip — in a non-aircon bus packed with local and foreign tourists, regular Puerto-El Nido biyaheros, and chickens.  May few toploaders pa. 


Take away the fact that it was tiring, the trip was fun, though.  It was the first time I’ve experienced a trip like that and it reminded me of the Jamaican or Brazilian movies featuring cramped buses in humid weather.  Buti na lang medyo malamig-lamig during the trip due to the occassional rain.  Besides, the 12-hour bus ride was all worth the view. 


No, I wasn't referring to that guy.

No, I wasn't referring to that guy.

Hindi ba itong pix sa itaas ‘yung laging nasa El Nido posters?  At imagine, the El Nido locals have a great view of this massive limestone mountain every single day. 


And since Friday’s the last day of the Kalugtan Arts Fest workshops, we’re all excited to go to Ille Cave, some 22km from the town plaza, to check out the archeological diggings being done by foreign archeologists in conjunction with the University of the Philipines.  Very excited about this trip since when I was a child, I wanted to become an archeologist.  I just didn’t know that I can actually become one in the Philippines (kasi naman, Commerce ang course na bukambibig ng mga tao noong kabataan ko) and that Palawan is a very exciting archeological site. 

Saturday naman is Island Hopping Day!  Yipee!  Hope hindi umulan.  Will do the sun dance na nga…


21 Mar

I really suck at introductions and right now, I can hardly write anything that would merit a proper introduction. So let me just post this two-question Q&A:

I”m Rona Co, part-journalist/part-scriptwriter/part-whatever; a mother to Maru and Maya; and a partner to Mike.

To share insights, things I’ve seen/noticed/bought, places I’ve visited, foods I’ve tasted…Really, it’s whatevs.

And that’s about it.