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In case you missed it

3 Jul

Here’s the full episode of Probe Profiles‘s feature on Hayden Kho, Jr.

Now, what do you think?

Milk it

2 Jul

Another Maricar Reyes starrer is about to start on ABS-CBN this Sunday.


Your Song Presents Gaano Kita Kamahal puts Maricar Reyes as one of the leads together with Sid Lucero and Jodi Sta. Maria.  Maricar will be playing Sid’s other woman.

Based on the trailer, mukhang Maricar can act ha.  I hope she gets really, really good at acting so that people will stop remembering her from the sex videos and know her as the next “Star for All Seasons.”  Because look at Ate Vi, who else still remembers that once upon a time she was involved in a scandal as well?  Oops!

Did you watch?

2 Jul

Probe Profiles featured Hayden Kho last night and he revealed to Miz Che Che Lazaro that he was molested when he was seven years old.

By a man?  A relative?  Hayden didn’t elaborate, though he said he didn’t know who the person was.  If it were true, I have a feeling it was a guy who molested him because I’ve heard too many stories like that.  It seemed to me, though, that he’s trying to sell his past too hard so that he, as well as other people, would have something to blame for his naughty, naughty acts.

While watching, a friend texted me: “Magkano kaya binayad ni Belo kay Che Che Lazaro para i-feature nang ganyan si Hayden? Hindi ba si Belo rin nung nakaraan?”

Hmm…I don’t know.  But I don’t think Che Che would do Belo and Hayden for money.  They’re hot at the moment and their lives make interesting subjects.  I think their stories drew a lot of viewers for Profiles.

Meanwhile, the Hayden brouhaha isn’t over yet, not with the filing of cases and everything.  Because up to this moment, screencaps of Hayden having sex with other women are still leaking.

Good move

25 Jun

It’s great to know that Maricar Reyes is now trying to move on from the Hayden-the-pervert-Kho scandal.  And I must say, joining May Bukas Pa as the api-apihang taong-grasa is such a crafty move.

Kuha niya agad ang sympathy ng viewers, di ba?

Besides, this is Maricar’s biggest break, so far!  I have a feeling this will rake in the ratings.

Pagmulat ng mata…

26 May

There’s a new children’s show coming this June that would hopefully be the “Batibot” for today’s generation of pre-schoolers.  It’s called Happy Land!, an educational program produced by GMA 7’s News and Public Affairs that aims to shape the viewpoints of children through inventive storytelling and inspire young viewers to discover happiness despite life’s difficulties.

Young stars Patricia Gayod and Jermaine Ulgasan topbill Happy Land together with Love Añover as the neighborhood’s Ms. Fix-it and Joy Viado as the children’s aunt.

Happy land2

Ang kaso, I think both Love Añover and Joy Viado are too loud to be the  “Ate” and “Tita” of the kids.  I have a feeling I’m going to miss Kuya Bodjie and Ate Sienna.


Anyway, Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point discussed how the Sesame Street, the concept of which was “adapted” by Batibot, became sticky enough for kids to remember and understand.


The most important thing that (Sesame Street pioneer Edward) Palmer ever found out with the Distracter (a machine used to test whether children were paying attention to what they were seeing), though, came at the very beginning, before Sesame Street was even on the air. “It was the summer of 1969 and we were month and a half from air date,” Gerald Lesser, a psychologist at Harvard University who was one of the show’s founders, remembers. “We decided, let’s go for broke. Let’s produce five full shows-one hour each-before we go to air and we’ll see what we got.” To test the shows, Palmer took them to Philadelphia, and over the third week of July showed them to groups of preschoolers in sixty different homes throughout the city. It was a difficult period. Philadelphia was in the midst of a heat wave, which made the children who were supposed to watch the show restless and inattentive. In the same week, as well, Apollo 11 landed on the moon, and some children–understandably–seemed to prefer that historic moment to Sesame Street . Worst of all were the conclusions from Palmer’s distracter. “What we found,” Lesser says, “almost destroyed us.”

The problem was that when the show was originally conceived the decision was made that all fantasy elements of the show be separated from the real elements. This was done at the insistence of many child psychologists, who felt that to mix fantasy and reality would be misleading to children. The Muppets, then, were only seen with other Muppets, and the scenes filmed on Sesame Street itself involved only real adults and children. What Palmer found out in Philadelphia, though, was that as soon as they switched to the street scenes, the kids lost all interest. “The street was supposed to be the glue,” Lesser said. “We would always come back to the street. It pulled the show together. But it was just adults doing things and talking about stuff and the kids weren’t interested. We were getting incredibly low attention levels. The kids were leaving the show. Levels would pop back up if the Muppets came back, but we couldn’t afford to keep losing them like that.” Lesser calls Palmer’s results a “turning point in the history of Sesame Street. We knew that if we kept the street that way, the show was going to die. Everything was happening so fast. We had the testing in the summer, and we were going on the air in the fall. We had to figure out what to do.”


Lesser decided to defy the opinion of his scientific advisers. “We decided to write a letter to all the other developmental psychologists and say, we know how you guys think about mixing fantasy and reality. But we’re going to do it anyway. If we don’t, we’ll be dead in the water.” So the producers went back and re-shot all of the street scenes. Jim Henson and his coworkers created puppets who could walk and talk with the adults of the show and could live along side them on the street. “That’s when Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch and Snuffalupagos were born,” said Palmer. What we now think of as the essence of Sesame Street –the artful blend of fluffy monsters and earnest adults–grew out of a desperate desire to be sticky.

Belated post on my disappointment with the AI outcome

23 May

I didn’t follow American Idol religiously but for some reason, I like Adam Lambert and felt quite disappointed that he lost.  It’s because from among all the other contestants, he seemed to be the one with the strongest personality.  Malakas ang arrive, ika nga.  I don’t even remember who Kris Allen is.


And because I like him, I didn’t really care when I saw these photos.  Actually, even if I hated him, I wouldn’t really care.  He has the right to be what he wants to be, just like BB Gandanghari. 



(Photos from

Apparently, to American voters, it’s an issue.

If the Philippine or Pinoy Idol would have an Adam Lambert contestant, ano kaya ang mangyayari?

Bagay ba?

22 May

Erich Gonzales has been chosen to reprise Dina Bonnevie’s role in the ABS-CBN remake of Katorse.  Bagay ba?

How old is Erich anyway? And how does she compare? 

Dina Bonnevie in the 1980 film Katorse

Dina Bonnevie in the 1980 film Katorse