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Angel Locsin wants you to buy her Hermes Kelly in this time of need

16 Oct

Oh, bless her Angelina Joliesque heart.

Angel Locsin is auctioning off her Hermes Kelly and a few other luxury handbags to benefit Ondoy and Pepeng survivors.


Aside from Angel Locsin, stars like Anne Curtis, Kris Aquino, Maxene Magalona, Pokwang, and many more also donated some of their precious handbags and accessories for the benefit auction.

Visit if you’d like to own an item previously owned by your favorite stars.  Or you may also send your donations through their Paypal account.

*The site is still under development.

** IMPORTANT NOTE: Because I’ve been receiving inquiries about the price, etc., I’d like to clarify that I am not related to this auction and it would be best to visit for more info.  Thank you.


11 Oct

I don’t know why it was such a big news that Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter account.  She even had to do this video just to explain.

In fairness, valid naman di ba?

I heart Gerard Anderson

28 Sep

Nakakatuwa lang na makita ito kasi hindi ko pa ito nababalitaan sa TV or dyaryo.  I think Gerard Anderson’s efforts to help his neighbors during the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy were very sincere.

These photos were taken by Dra. Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao, a resident of Vista Real Classica I in Quezon City.  This was the scene in front of her house.

dra divines house

And that guy wading in neck-deep floodwater?  Gerard Anderson a.k.a. JR Garcia.  The other guy on the right is his brother daw.

gerard1 by Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao

gerard2 by Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao

gerard3 by Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao

gerard4 by Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao

gerard5 by Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao

CLICK HERE to see more of Gerard in action.  It is said that they were asking the neighbors for plans.  Tapang, di ba?  Ano kayang masasabi ni Kim Chiu?

Now about the other “hero,” found this comment on Bryan Shane’s post.

crisitine reyes

From a witness:

“My mom, brother and my sister were right there at the Provident Village entrance waiting for my relatives to be rescued as well as helping out and giving food to the rescue volunteers at the time the Gutierrezes where there. Annabelle Rama was screaming her head off because Richard stupidly tried to rescue Cristine while the Navy rescuers were waiting for the current to subside. The water was really deep with a fast flowing current, cars were zigzagging all over making rescue really dangerous, that even the seasoned Navy men didn’t want to risk it. With Richard blindly going off, he had to be rescued and was chastised by the Navymen and his mother for doing such an idiotic act.”

Though I do not agree with Bryan Shane’s condescending tone on artistas, I think it’s just appropriate that stars do not milk this disastrous event for publicity.

The jackass gets his moment

18 Sep

This is why Obama calls Kanye West a jackass.  Really.

And when you’re such a famous jackass, a website shall definitely be dedicated in your honor.




CLICK HERE for more.  Thanks Jam for the link.

Madonna and Janet on Michael Jackson

14 Sep

“When he died, all I can think about is that I abandoned him. We all abandoned him.”

Mandamay ba?

Anyway, check out the VMA’s Michael Jackson tribute.  The highlight? Janet Jackson!

You guys…

6 Sep

This is what I got last September 4.  To be greeted by celebs and people from all over the world? Oh, I’m so flattered!!!

Wait, you mean this is for the other September 4 birthday celebrant? Hmp!

Check out the Pinoy reps at at 2:52.

Alam n’yo ba…

3 Sep

…kung sinong babaeng malaki ang balakang ang magse-celebrate ng birthday bukas?

ME. MYSELF. AND I.  I’ll be three decades old tomorrow, September 4.

And this woman.


B turns 28 tomorrow, September 4.  Send her my greetings please!

Deja Vu?

2 Sep

OMG! Lourdes looks just like her Mum!

The Ravelos speak

18 Aug

Ang taray ng mga anak ni Mars Ravelo!

Sinong umaapi sa aking tagapaglikha? Sabihin nyo! Sino?

Sinong umaapi sa aking tagapaglikha? Sabihin nyo! Sino?

In response to Manoling Morato’s pagbubuhat ng bangko ni Carlo J. Caparas, the children of Mars Ravelo released a very straightforward statement.


Mr. Caparas, try to find the exit door from that pseudo world of yours. It’s the only way you can free yourself of all your misery and pain right now. Don’t allow the Christofs in your life to tell you what to think and say. It’s a matter of being able to come to terms with yourself. Truman Burbank found his exit door just in time.

To our father, you can stop turning in your grave now. Tell your friends Tony, Larry and Francisco, it went pffft.

Read full statement at

Happy Birthday!

17 Aug

The original Lady Gaga turns 51 on August 16.


CLICK HERE to view’s gallery of Madonna’s wackiest outfits through the years.

My ex is coming to Manila

15 Aug

Diego Luna is coming to Manila to grace the 11th Cinemanila this October. Blush.

diego luna

Yes, he’s one of the two boys in that film.  And yes, I’m into young boys with “tendencies.”

Two years ago, I almost died when I had my pic taken with Quentin Tarantino at Malacanang. Mababaw lang ako eh, parang Lito Lapid lang. This year, if I ever get to have my picture taken with Diego, it would be…

…just like old times. Ha!

Vicky-Hayden video surfaces?

15 Aug claims that a “secretary of a Manila parish priest and a nurse working in the same Catholic university” have informed them that they had already seen the alleged sex video of Dra. Vicky Belo with former (?) lover Dr. Hayden Kho. Jr.

Says the Stir report:

Dr. Vicki was described as “more aggressive” and “more versatile in bed” than “Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes.”

Ano ba?  Bakit lumalabas ang mga sex video kapag may matitinding national issue tayong kinakaharap?

Isa pa, why are those supposedly conservative folks watching sex videos, telling people they’d seen it, and offering graphic descriptions of the act?

Demanding lang ba ako?

7 Aug

My friend Rhods and I were texting yest about how the media (except for bloggers, FB folks, and PEXters) may not find the courage to write about James Yap’s facial expression/lack of reaction to wife Kris Aquino’s unstoppable cryfest during Tita Cory’s funeral.  Not because they didn’t notice because my gad, it was so hard to miss, but probably out of…umm, courtesy to a grieving daughter. Kumbaga, wag na munang lagyan ng asin ang sugat.

Kris aquino crying

I was expecting kasi that he’d hold her hand, pat her on the back, or massage her arm while she was bawling.  Because even if you hated Kris, I bet you wanted to hug her during those moments.  I certainly did.  And I was expecting James would do that since he’s the hubby!

Gusto ko na tuloy i-nominate si James sa pagiging Tunay Na Lalake.  Dahil ang TNL, walang emosyon! oh-so bravely asked the top 10 questions that boggled our minds during Tita Cory’s funeral coverage.  And one of them was: As she bawled her eyes out in heart-wrenching sobs, how come you didn’t hug your wife or even hold her hand?

In fairness, I saw SNN last night and in an interview with a crying Kris while inside the family van during the funeral march, I saw James patting her.  I just couldn’t see whether he was patting her on the leg, hand or what.  Basta he was patting her.  Iniisip ko na lang, maybe he’s not showy at all and that maybe, in their private moments, he has a way of comforting her.  And besides, as long as Kris is okay with that, then walang issue.

On the other hand, na-touch talaga ako kay Baby James. I so love that kid na, next to my Maru of course.  Watch this very tender moment between Kris and Baby James.  Naiyak ako.

On a lighter note, the four honor guards who endured more than eight hours of rain, wind, and horrendous traffic are now the new “Apat na Sikat.” They are literally what you call outstanding!

Darna says hello!

4 Aug

Attended the Darna presscon at GMA 7’s Studio 5 last night and became very sure that on August 10, all tricycle and jeepney drivers will be at your neighborhood carinderias with TV to watch its pilot episode.


darna front

Dingdong – not Ding – is one lucky guy.

As Darna, Marian sure moves well.

At sexy lumipad.

But of course, Darna wouldn’t be complete without Valentina (Iwa Moto)

and other monstrous creatures.

Ehra Madrigal as Babaeng Lawin

Maggie Wilson as Babaeng Linta

Nadine Samonte at Babaeng Impakta

Francine Prieto as Babaeng Tuod

But most of all, Darna will never be Darna without this woman.

No, that’s not Anna Wintour.  Not Jessica Alfaro, either.

Amazing din ang transformation ni Marian.  At the presscon, she first appeared onstage as the sweet and tame Narda.

Then a few minutes later…

Ferosh to the max!  And she’s ready to kick GMA’s (Arroyo, not her network) butt for not making her master Mars Ravelo a National Artist.

So, are you watching the nth remake of Darna on August 10?

Off topic post: Sam and Anne spotted

1 Aug

SPOTTED: Anne Curtis and Sam Milby having breakfast at North Park in Makati Avenue.

Details from a friend/spy:

Between 5-6am today

Seated together: Anne Curtis, Raymond Gutierrez, Bubbles Paraiso
Seated across: Sam Milby, Liz Uy, guy model ng Bench (i think)

“S & A left. Guard walked them to Sam’s orange car. Sam opened the car door for anne before he went to the driver’s seat. (YES, sweet lang! they still looked good together)”

Does having breakfast mean they’re back together? NO.  Pero cute lang ikuwento. Teehee!