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Happy reunions

21 Jan

Pang-tsismosa lang ‘tong post na ‘to na nasagap namin sa kakabasa sa Twitter. Happy news ito, though. Apparently, Gabby Concepcion’s daughters have finally met.

KC Concepcion tweets: “I can’t believe how much we cried seeing each other! Hugging you after SO long was the best feeling in the world. @CloieSyquiaS”

KC with sister Cloie Syquia, Gabby’s daughter with ex-wife Jenny Syquia.

Naguluhan ako for a few seconds while looking at them.

Cloie’s vacationing here in the Philippines with her mom, younger sister and stepdad. And I think this is the first time they’ve met based on their tweets about the reunion.

Here’s another pic from Garie Concepcion (Gabby’s daughter with Grace Ibuna):

Happy no?

Their facial features are mixtures of their mothers’ and Gabby’s. Like when I look at KC, I see a bit of Sharon and (a lot of) Gabby. Cloie also looks a lot like her mother but at the same time takes after Gabby. Garie’s cheekbones are obviously Gabong-Gabo.

By the way, Jenny still looks so beautiful. Hindi tumatanda!

Nice to see that she’s exchanging niceties with The Sharon Cuneta on Twitter.

Yon lang.

Krista’s new man?

15 Jul

Ito ba siya?

Jeff Lim with ex-GF Janelle So

Kamukha ni Manny.   :p

In case you missed it…

17 Jan

…because you were probably watching Showbiz Central.

Quotable Quotes:

“I’ve tried. God knows I’ve tried. And in all fairness to James he has also tried.  But maybe, in my opinion, not hard enough.”

“Ako, I never gave him any reason to doubt my fidelity. I just want the same thing in return.”

“Ako po ang biktima.”

“Kumbaga sa basketball, the ball is now in his hands.”

I’m now a fan of Maricar Reyes

9 Dec

I don’t always watch Lovers in Paris since I’m not exactly a big fan of Kristina Cassandra’s acting.  But I like Zanjoe Marudo (kahit ano pang sabihin ninyo) and because I’m addicted to Dahil May Isang Ikaw, I watch LIP on a semi-regular basis while waiting for DMII.

Last December 7, I tuned in and caught the scene where Maricar Reyes (Karen) wakes up to find herself in a hospital and paralyzed from the waist down.   Oh my gad, she’s a very good actress ha, promise!  Watch this clip and see for yourself.

Oh, I’m sure naka-relate!

In other news, I think everyone saw Pinoy Big Brother’s Melason loveteam yesterday.  My teenage niece was jumping and screaming while watching.  I kept getting calls and text messages from friends who were so kilig/natatawa at the very cute love story of Melissa and Jason.

San bang galing probinsiya si Jason? Batangas ba? I think plus pogi points ‘yung malambing niyang punto.

I also admire Jason for his honesty, especially when he said that though he likes Melai/Isay/Melissa (ano ba talaga ang nickname niya?), he wants to make sure that he’d still feel the same way once they’re outside the PBB house.  I say that’s very wise and very honest, di ba?

Ang kaso lang, once they’re out of the house and he finds out that his feelings for Melissa aren’t very true, mukhang mawawalan ng career itong si Jason.

In other news ulit, MARTIAL LAW PA RIN NGA PALA SA MAGUINDANAO.  Ano’ng masasabi ninyo?

Uy, sila rin parallel lives

4 Dec

Well, it seems like it’s not only Manny P. and Tiger W. who are living parallel lives.  Their wives are, too!

Like Jinkee Pacquiao who has a twin sister named Janet, Elin also has her very own “carbon copy” named Josefin.

If you get confused, Jinkee and Elin are both on the right of their respective photos.  I think the two (or the four) of them should meet up and compare notes.


This blind item has nothing to do with the people pictured above.

Source tells us that Sexy Actress is pregnant with Married Man’s child.  But because it’ll be too scandalous for Sexy Actress to consult doc in his/her own clinic, doc is flown abroad to check Sexy Actress.

I say, dang, why not just get a new doc in that country?  More convenient. Less chismis.


25 Nov

‘Madami pa siyang makikilalang iba na single ‘di ba?’

25 Nov

“Magiging masaya ba siya kung makasira siya ng isang pamilya? So, madami pa siyang makikilalang iba na single ‘di ba? Bakit kailangan pa sa isang may asawa? Si Manny may mga anak, masaya ang family namin, mahirap yung masisira yung family… dapat tulungan na lang na buo ang family magiging masaya sila para sa amin.”

– Mareng Jinkee Pacquiao’s message to Pacbet Krista Ranillo

It was amazing to hear Jinkee speak ha, she was sooo calm.  Plus her advice to Krista makes a lot of sense.  I salute!

Watch the full interview here. Now na!

And CLICK HERE to join Team Jinkee!

Laugh trip

24 Nov

So my friends and I watched the comedy that is New Moon this weekend.  Over, over, over sa cheese ang movie na ito, no wonder sinabihan ako ni Stephen King na ‘wag nang basahin ang libro.

At saka ganun ba talaga ang movie na ito, puro ganito ang makikita?

And this…

…though I was used to seeing this — minus the sparkles — since we used to be an item, you know.

What I don’t get is why these guys are so into this woman. Huway? She’s got no personality, mumbles when she speaks, always nakatungo, and a pathological flirt.  Who talks to best friends like that?


While watching, it dawned on me why Mike (my Mike) sometimes gets rabid like Jacob.

They both share the same tattoo. Look oh!

Soon, I’ll be uttering phrases like, “Ooh, you’re buff!” Right, Ga?  But trust that I won’t be mumbling when I say that.

So I leave you now with a beautiful, beautiful photo of my favorite, Jane.

Must. Get. Contacts. Like. That.

Do you think it’s fair?

23 Nov

The Professional Regulation Commission has revoked Dr. Hayden Kho’s medical license due to the sex video scandal.

Fair? Not fair?  What do you think?

In other news, anong masasabi niyo?

1. Kadiri ang tenga ni Manny!

2. Sinong tinitignan ni Jinky?

3. Saan kaya nakatingin si Manny?

4. Ano kayang masasabi ni Krista?

Dear Manny

17 Nov

Please take care of Jinkee.  I think she deserves to be loved and respected, not just as your wife but as a person who loved and respected you when you were still not the Manny Pacquiao you are now.

jinkee manny

She loved you way before you could afford to buy her Hermes.  And I believe that she will still love you long after you’ve lost every penny, unlike Ara Krista other women who’d leave you as soon as your popularity/stocks dip.

So stop acting like a douche and love her more.  Dahil ang swerte swerte mo sa kanya.

jinkee lumang pic



Kilig to da bones

2 Nov

Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes are said to be in Singapore for the launch of the Dyesebel DVD collection.

And whaddayaknow, a lucky fan snapped some photos of “DongYan” while celebrating Halloween in Sg.

marian dingdong sg2

marian dingdong sg

Cute. Sweet. Kilig. Bitter.

‘It’s all for L.O.V.E.’

1 Nov

Blah…Spent the whole of October 31 in bed due to chills and high fever.  I’d been planning to take Maru and the kids to MOA for the Halloween trick or treat but since there’s Santi and the fever, I opted to stay home and curl up in bed.

But Mike dragged me out of bed to watch Michael Jackson’s This Is It. Kating kati na siyang manood so we caught the last full show at SM San Lazaro.

What can I say?  It was a beautiful documentary and it showed how meticulous Michael was when it came to his craft.  He wanted everything to be done perfectly.  And he had a way of talking to people.  He’d tell them, “It’s all for love. — L.O.V.E.” right after giving them orders.  Pine-pep talk sila ni Michael, haha!

The Michael I saw in this documentary wasn’t the sluggish, propofol-induced Michael I had pictured.  Of course his body movements were slower than when he first debuted the moonwalk in the early 80’s.  But This Is It painted a really healthy, happy, and passionate Michael Jackson.

I felt sad after watching though.  He could have delivered a really great show in London, I’m so sure of that.

May kulang lang sa documentary — it didn’t show him doing the moonwalk! Que horror, that’s what I’d been wanting to see pa naman.  Buti na lang, watching This Is It was also like watching a fashion show.  I love the jackets, especially the interesting shoulder pads.

Anyway, I had a good 30 minutes of “Human Nature” and “Wanna Be Starting Someting” LSS before I decided to put on the DVD of the Katherine Heigl-starrer Knocked Up. It was a cute, predictable film. I think I slept halfway through and when I woke up it felt like I didn’t miss a thing.

Afterwards, was suddenly reminded of my favorite twins next to Charlene and Aga’s — the Jolie-Pitt twins!

So here I am in front of the computer at this ungodly hour, Googling the latest photos of the fabulous Jolie-Pitt twins, Knox and Vivienne.  And — voila! — finally found a recent photo taken in Amman, Jordan.


WTF were they doing in Jordan?

This photo was said to have been uploaded by a fan on Twitter/Twitpic and was taken last October 2 at the Licky Licious ice cream shop in Amman.  My gad! I would have fainted if I were that lucky fan.  And look at the kiddos — so adorable!

And that’s it pancit.  Off to bed I go.

Have you seen it?

30 Oct

ABS-CBN’s new station ID Noynoy Aquino’s infomercial premiered this evening after TV Patrol.

Yeah we know, most of his supporters were supporters of his mum and dad (and lil’ sis).  But I think Noynoy’s next infomercials should get out of the shadows of his parents and tell more about him and his ability to lead the country.


P.S. I like the first part of the song.


By the way, base sa videong ito, sa tingin ninyo sinong kandidato ang susuportahan ni Karylle?


29 Oct

This is even more wowowee than their Wowowee! engagement stint!

Click on the photo and see what happens.


CLICK HERE to see more.


28 Oct

Kung magagawa nga lang ni Manny Villar magpakasal din ano?