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Distressed, de-stress

23 Oct

Gawd, the past few weeks have been godawful! Swamped with too much work (which, I know, ako rin ang may kagagawan) and now I have to finish a major, major project due Monday. Sobrang nai-stress ako, work has literally been breaking my back.

I was initially thinking of getting a massage and buying a memory pillow at SM to help my back.  But look what I ended up buying.

It’s a Parisian Junior size 40. I bought it just because it fits kahit hindi pa tinutupad ng SM ang kahilingan ko.

I also bought Maru a plastic dinosaur toy.  Maru’s fixated on dinosaurs, I don’t know where he saw them aside from Barnie and the Toy Story.  I wanted to buy him Rex, but it’s P3,500!

So I got him this instead.

A plastic triceratops, which he carries with him all around the house.

Okay, I know. Our house is a mess. And creepy. And it’s being claimed by the Laperals, I heard. Hahaha!

Cheap thrills

20 Oct

Guess where I’ve been getting my high lately.

Cheap accessories bought in 168 for only P60 each.

Go natural

25 May

A friend once told me about a cousin who worked as a chemist in one of the multinational companies manufacturing hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners.  She said that her cousin refrains from using her company’s own shampoo line because they contain chemicals that can be harmful to our bodies.  It got me so praning, I wanted to go organic right away.   Unfortunately, the organic products available at that time were way too expensive.

But more than a year ago, my friend Sonia introduced me to Human Nature, a super affordable line of hair, face, body, and even baby care products that are made of natural ingredients and none of the harmful chemicals found in commercial ones.

Made by Gandang Kalikasan Inc., headed by Ana Meloto-Wilk, daughter of Gawad Kalinga’s Tony Meloto, Human Nature products are 100% made in the Philippines, with the ingredients mostly produced by Filipino farmers and Gawad Kalinga communities.

What’s good about Human Nature is that they do not just add a few natural ingredients on top of chemical ones and proclaim that their product’s natural.  They took pains to make sure that all ingredients are as organic as possible and not harmful to human health.

GOOD (Natural, Organic) BAD (Harmful, Synthentic)
SURFACTANT: Used to bring dirt to the surface, foaming agent
Cocoamidopropyl betaine (coconut cleanser)
Decyl glucoside (from corn oil)
SLS/SLES (Sodium lauryl sulphate /
Sodium laureth sulphate) – irritant
ALS/ALES (ammonium lauryl sulphate /
ammonium laureth sulphate) – skin & eye irritant
PRESERVATIVE: Prolongs shelf life of products
Rosemary essential oil
Potassium sorbate (food grade preservative)
Gluconolactone (from milk)
Parabens – allergenic / premature aging
BHA/BHT – may cause cancer & tumors
DMDM Hydantoin – weakens immune system
Phenoxyethanol – causes allergy; irritant
TEA (triethanolamine) – may cause cancer
EMULSIFIER: Helps combine 2 liquids especially water-based liquid and oil
Vegetable glycerine DEA (Diethanolamine) – affects the hormones
MOISTURIZER / EMOLLIENT: Softens, relaxes and soothes skin
Cocoa Butter
Virgin Coconut Oil
Sunflower Oil
Mineral oil – clogs pores; speeds up aging
Dimethicone – clogs pores; irritant
Isopropyl palmitate – clogs pores; worsens acne
Petrolatum / paraffin – clogs pores; worsens acne
Urea – may cause cancer; toxic by inhalation
FRAGRANCE: Substance that improves scent/odor
Essential oils
Natural fragrance oils
Parfum – causes allergy; irritant
Phthalates – damages the liver & reproductive organs
SOLVENT: Substance that dissolves another to form a solution
Vegetable glycerine Propylene glycol – damages liver & kidney
ANTI-BACTERIAL: Prevents the growth of bacteria
Acapulco extract
Sugarcane alcohol
Triclosan – Endocrinal & reproductive malfunctions

John Hopkins University (top medical university in the USA) has named mineral oil in cosmetics and moisturizers as the number two cause of aging (#1 is the sun).

“Petroleum-based ingredients [e.g. propylene glycol, PEGs, isopropyl alcohol] pose risks of cancer, genetic damage and reproductive toxicity including infertility, to unsuspecting consumers and their infants and children” – Professor Emeritus Samuel Epstein, University of Illinois School of Public Health

This is why as a mother, I am more confident to let Maru use their Aloe Vera and Chamomile Baby Shampoo and Baby Wash.

And finally, a feminine wash without SLS/ALS.  Will be available starting June 10.

To order, visit

I want a Dahon bike

5 May

Dahil ang “voluptuous” ko na, mahal na ng taxi ko araw-araw, at kawawa naman si Mother Nature, gusto kong bumili nito.

Because it folds like this.

It’s an Eco 3 Dahon bike, an entry-level folding bike which I could take anywhere I go. Gusto ko ‘to! Gustung-gusto ko ‘to!

Kaso, ang budget ko is only max of P3,500 para sa isang Japanese surplus folding bike.  The Eco 3 is being sold for about P15,000 here in the Philippines.

Dear Santa

24 Dec

All I want for Christmas is…

…for SM to have the shoes pictured above in SIZE 11.

Because right now, shoe lovers with feet like mine are stuck with these.

Ang chaka chaka!

If SM will have better designs for Parisian Plus, I swear I’ll tell Francine Prieto.  She’s a size 10.

Go BPA-free

29 Aug

There’s an ongoing debate on whether BPA or Bisphenol-A, a chemical used to make hard, clear plastics, is dangerous to human health.  Since baby bottles are usually made of hard clear plastics, I decided that I don’t want to risk Maru’s health and invested on BPA-free bottles when he was just a few months old.

But a year ago, BPA-free bottles were hard to come by in the Philippines.  Buti na lang there are many enterprising Pinoys selling imported stuff on and Multiply.  I went gaga over bottle-shopping online and bought Avent, Sassy Mam, and Gerber Gentle Flows. (At that time, BPA-free Avents were not yet available here; I haven’t seen any store selling those Sassy Mams and Gerbers though.)

BPA-free Avents are now available at department stores.  But it’s still cheaper to buy online since a single 9-0z bottle sells at about P1,000 at the mall. OA di ba?  Parang hindi 3rd world country ang Pinas.  Ang advantage lang, mas matibay siya from all the other BPA-free bottles.  Inaapakan kasi siya ni Maru lagi at inihahagis and so far, his Avents show no signs of breaking.


The Gerber Gentle Flow bottles, on the other hand, are clear copycats of Avent, except that they come in cute colors and are way cheaper.  I replaced the Gerber teats with Avent teats since the Gerber teats leak.  If you’re buying Avent teats in bulk, go to Way cheaper (only P260) as compared to the P375 per pack of two at the mall.


I like the Sassy Mam bottle because it’s so cute, except that it’s harder to clean.  Its bottom can be unscrewed and has an anti-colic valve for less bubbles.  Honestly, I don’t know if all the anti-colic features of these bottles work.


Then there’s really good news.  Maru and I dropped by SM San Lazaro earlier and saw these.


Sesame Street BPA-free bottles for only P130!  At cute pa.

I checked the entire baby bottle section of SM San Lazaro and noticed that Apruva and Barney have also come out with BPA-free bottles. Hurrah!  Apruva sells a pack of three for only about P130. Now nobody has to starve to buy BPA-free.  Apruva also came out with BPA-free training cups.


I’ll probably get my 6-month old niece some Apruva to start her with BPA-free bottles.  I think everyone should go BPA-free.  Our children’s health is way too important to take risks.

Now on to Maru, we saw this humongous Mickey Mouse stuffed toy at the toy section.  I thought he’d get scared but when he saw Mickey, his eyes lit up and hugged Mickey.


He really likes Mickey Mouse, as in he always recognizes him on wall posters, clothes, etc.  He has a small Mickey Mouse puppet at home which he loves very much.  So when I took the stuffed toy away (because it costs P1,999!), he cried.  Sorry Maru.

At nagbalik, at nagbalik…

17 Aug

…sa dating tagpuan.


Sa grocery.

My gad, ito ang toothpaste ng aking kabataan.  Lasang bebelgum.  So I bought one.

They don’t have it all

13 Aug

I have huge feet and it’s always been a problem to find nice shoes for me.  That’s why whenever I find one I really like, most of the time I buy it na before size 10.5 runs out.

Last Saturday, before going to Embassy to cover an event, my rather new SM Parisians disintegrated.  With only an hour left to find new shoes, I decided to make a quick stop at SM and went straight to the Big Sizes section.


Are they referring to big people or big shoes?  Because honestly, I couldn’t find the “chic” in these shoes.


Because my idea of chic shoes are something like those in HER shoe cabinet.

sea of shoes

Unfortunately, they’re shoes I can never afford.  Because at my current state, buying one would be like Gloria spending P1M for a simple dinner.  Pero teka, baka Rep. Romualdez would give me a shoe treat?  Or baka puwedeng ipagaya?

In fairness to SM, I think they’re trying their very best to improve the shoe designs.  Because there’s this small corner that carries these.


Not exactly my type. But finally I found one that suits my liking.


Kaso they don’t have a 10.5.  So I got the one with the white nguso instead.


At may paltos pa raw talaga ang paa ko no!

Now a plea to SM: Please make nicer shoes for people like me.  I really love shoes and finding nice shoes that fit can get really frustrating.  Hot tip: I love heels.  Make them sturdy, please.

Divi I love

13 Aug

Mike and I went to Tutuban Center in Divisoria the other day to pay Meralco and buy stuff he’ll bring on his trip to Lake Sebu.  Hay naku, Divisoria never fails to amaze me.

As seen inside Tutuban Centermall.  I think they’re looking for YOU.


At 168 Shopping Mall.  Do you know what those are?


They’re tissue holders!  Each has a hole at the back where you insert a roll of tissue.  Then you pull the tissue out the hole on the ear.  O di ba, how creative?  Mahal lang ha by Divisoria standards. P750 each.  I wonder what Pacquaio or Obama or Erap will think of it.  Mike thought of buying one but then again, would you like to see Pacquiao watching you as you poop?

And finally…



faux pearls CU

That ‘s a t-back with faux pearls for you. Ginutom tuloy kami.


Freshly made sushi for only P110 at the 168 food court.  With that price, puwede na rin. Besides, we had fun snorting its Wasabi.

wasabi effect wasabi effect2

Not the most flattering pics of us, I know.  But that should give you an idea how we like our Wasabi.


24 Jun

Guess what Rufa Mae Quinto was wearing last Sunday in Showbiz Central?

rufa mae quinto


YSL cage heels prfot

A lovely pair of Yves Saint Laurent cage heels!  Yes, saw these babies in person and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.  I’ve been lusting over these sandals ever since I saw them at Sea of Shoes.



Sayang, I wasn’t able to take photos of Rufa Mae’s feet wearing the cage heels. Net-A-Porter has it ON SALE at 557.76 pounds or a little more than P44,000.  Gawd.

Tiis Ganda

7 Jun

It’s official: I’ve reached the 200-pound mark.  Oh gawd, how did I let this happen?  Since Maru turned one last May, I don’t think I can still use the I’ve-just-given-birth excuse.  Look at Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie or Sheree (Gian Magdangal’s GF).  They look as though nothing happened, while I’m now way heavier than when I’ve just given birth.  Hindi na pregnancy weight ito!

So now, I’m thinking: Maybe I should go into Pilates.  Why Pilates?  See BB Gandanghari to know why.

Facebook photo

Facebook photo

She looks so lean and svelte, di ba?

So to start, I’ve been searching the Net for basic Pilates workouts I can do at home. has an extensive instructional guide on Pilates and I think I can start with that.  Then the other day, I dropped by SM and found a very good Pilates mattress for only P300+.  Since I don’t have the budget right now to enroll in a Pilates class, I think I should invest in a good Pilates book or instructional video.

Another workout I’m very interested in is cycling.  I used to bike around our neighborhood and around the Intramuros area way back in high school and I must say, it’s the perfect workout for me.

I wanna look as fierce as Britain’s Victoria Pendleton.

Victoria Pendleton Britain cycling

At gusto ko ganito ang outfit ko habang nagba-bike.

Victoria Pendleton Britain cycling2

Punta tayo

26 May

My brother, who’s quite a fan of Havaianas, sent me this info:


Havaianas makes a splash this summer with this year’s Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH). With more straps, soles and pins to choose from, there are endless ways to personalize your flip-flops. The only limitation is your imagination.

This year’s MYOH goes POP ART with pin designs ranging from lomo cameras, vintage tellies, vibrant jeepneys and ice cream carts to other lifestyle frills. Let the colors and music of classic Pinoy culture and contemporary lifestyle fill your soul as your soles slip into your very own work of art.

May 28 – June 1, Rockwell Tent, Makati City

Hmm…I think I want to check it out.  Especially after some klepto stole my Cherry Havs while we were in a public pool.  I love it pa naman since it’s one of those hard to come by Havaianas.

Missing, size 41-42 (Yes, I have huge feet)

Missing, size 41-42 (Yes, I have huge feet)

Anyway, if you decided to go, read first the mechanics here.

I want, I want, I want!

27 Apr

I’ve been dreaming unrealistically lately.  I’ve been wanting so many things all at the same time, some are way beyond my budget right at this minute.  

When Maru turned 11 months last April 20, it suddenly hit me that I only have one month to prepare for his 1st birthday party (and dedication).  I want the best party I can afford for my son so I asked my friend Olive, who’s managing Let’s Party, to help me arrange Maru’s birthday.  She specializes in organizing great children’s parties and helps create really wonderful balloon decorations and backdrops, perfect for the Mickey-themed party I’m eyeing for Maru.  Maru loves watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and is always all-smiles whenever he sees Mickey.

The thing is, I want all kids to wear Mickey Mouse ears instead of party hats at the event.  So I scoured the whole of Divisoria — as in the WHOLE of Divisoria — to look for those ears.  After almost four hours of searching, just when I was about to give up, my niece, who tagged along at my Mickey-ear-hunt, finally saw the elusive Mickey ears — right inside Tutuban Centermall.  Hay, buti na lang!  Ngayon, venue na lang ang kulang!
Next, I’ve been wanting a new cellphone.  And it’s not just any cellphone, it’s a Samsung Innov8!
It has an 8-megapixel camera and is wifi ready!  That’s all I needed to hear to love this phone. 
Yugatech posted its features as follows: 

Display: 2.8 inches (16.7 million color QVGA TFT, 320×240 pixels)
WiFi 802.11 b/g
Symbian 9.3 S60 3rd Edition, Feature Pack 2
Camera: 8 MP (autofocus, image stabilization, face, smile & blink detection, geotagging)
Storage: 16GB internal, 16GB via microSD card
FM radio
Bluetooth 2.0 w/ A2DP
A-GPS receiver
Optical Mouse
Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)
Size: 106.5mm x 53.9mm x 17.2mm

Ang kaso, it is priced at around P35,000.  My gawd!  Mukhang mangangarap na lang talaga ako.

And lastly, I cannot seem to quench my thirst for a netbook/mini computer.  Even though I’m using a relatively new 12.1″ laptop, I can’t get my mind off getting a netbook sometime in the near future (was thinking kapag naka-raket ng malaki-laki).  Maybe it’s because I’m always out so I feel like I need to have a mini-computer inside my bag.

But I’m also picky ha when choosing a netbook.  If I were to buy one, I’d choose between an HP Mini Note (which HP doesn’t want to call a netbook) and an Acer Aspire One.  It should run on a 6-cell battery, 1 GB RAM, at least 80GB HD, and Windows XP (not Vista, nor Linux).  I didn’t choose the Sony Vaio P since it’s way more expensive, I could buy a really nice laptop for Mike with its price.  The HP Mini 1100 (Vivienne Tam edition, hopefully) is still on top of my list.


HP Mini 1100

HP Mini 1100


Kaso, I’m not sure whether it has a 6-cell batt.  Kung wala, I’d go for the Acer Aspire One D150.  In Red ha!

Acer Aspire One D150

Acer Aspire One D150


MSI Wind 100 Plus, though, is my third choice.  But I’d probably get the light pink one. Kikay eh!

MSI Wind U100 Plus

MSI Wind U100 Plus

Anyhow, that’s too much daydreaming for today.  For now, I’d just focus on Maru’s first birthday party since I still haven’t found a nice venue for it.


22 Apr

Guess who I saw shopping at Tutuban’s Prime Block earlier today? 


Why it’s none other than Imelda Marcos!


Grabe ha, a lot of people were following her and taking pictures (including me).  I bet hindi siya makapamili nang maayos with all the pesky people of Divisoria wanting to take photos of her or have their picture taken. 



Though I really wish I had a better camera with me (I used my Sony Ericsson’s Z610i 2MP camera kanina), hindi ko mapigilang maalala ‘yung joke namin ng mga kaibigan ko kapag nakarating kami sa bahay ni Imelda Marcos.  A few years ago, when a friend was about to interview her (or was it Imee Marcos and Borgy?), we kidded about stealing the mamahaling vases in their living room or any expensive looking ornament she has.  At kapag nahuli kami, we will say, “Binabawi ko lang ang taxes na binayad ng Tatay/Nanay ko!” 

So earlier, while watching her minions follow her every move, especially the high schoolers who kept on calling Imedla “Mommy! Mommy!”, I couldn’t help wondering whether the kids were just in for the thrill of having their pictures taken with a celebrity — okay, an icon — or they just didn’t know much about our history.  But hey, I have no right to judge davah?  Baka parang ako lang din sila, taking photos just for the heck of it, or for blogging’s sake. 




Anyway, I realized though that I have no patience to follow her every move.  Unless she’s Brangelina, stalking has never been my forte.  So I just went on to brighten my day with my guiltry pleasures. 



…and this.


Now I feel like I’m badder than Imelda.

It’s Earth Day you folks!

22 Apr

I’ve been meaning to Go Green since watching The Inconvenient Truth ages ago but I haven’t really done anything until recently.  Thanks to the intensive campaign of our beloved environmentalists, we’ve been getting more tips on how to reduce waste and save the environment.

So to start with, I bought Maru Yuyun washable lampins at Ssango2008, an online store selling baby items.  Nakukunsensiya kasi ako with the amount of waste we contribute by using disposable diapers, especially with all the chemicals they have.  Images of landfills reeking with soiled diaper scent kept popping in my head.

I only bought three to test whether it’s as leak proof as the site had claimed and yes, I’m loving it very much.


Though it’s a bit pricey (P320 each) as compared to the good ol’ lampin our mothers used on us in the olden days, I’m loving the idea that Maru and I are helping save Mother Earth in our own little way.

Pero siyempre hindi enough ang tatlong lampin lang no.  So when I came across Tushy Wushy washable cloth diapers at IndigoManila, me wanna try (for Maru, of course!).



I’ve already placed my order for a box of three (P1k per box) since it claims that its fleece material is better than cotton diapers (Yuyun’s made of cotton) in wicking away wetness from our baby’s butts.

I searched the net for imported washable diapers and they were all expensive, as in.  But what’s good about Tushy Wushy is that it’s proudly Pinoy made.

Another Pinoy wonder I’m supporting is Human Nature, an online site selling Philippine-made organic products at super affordable prices.  I cannot believe my eyes when I checked out their site.  Kapresyo lang ang products nila ng chemical-laden commercial products we usually buy at the grocery.


Fave ko ngayon ang Cucumber Shampoo and Mango Butter Conditioner.  Feeling ko ang fresh ng hair ko after every wash and I’m loving the idea that I’m not putting harmful chemicals on my hair.  Besides, pramis nabawasan ang dandruff ko, hahaha!

I also bought Maya a Kid’s Nature Shampoo and she loved its sweet Banana Scent, while I bought Maru a Kid’s Nature Baby Wash.  Plus, I also like their Citronella Bug Spray — perfect sa malamok naming bahay. hhnbabyshampoo


Because I so fell in love with Human Nature’s products, I’m actually considering becoming a dealer, not so much to sell, but to avail of the discount dealers get.  Yeah, I know, I’m “wais” like that.