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Your future First Lady

9 Sep

Inquirerdotnet Twitpics: Noy Aquino with girlfriend Valenzuela City Councilor Shalani Soledad at the Baclaran Church after the Club Filipino announcement early this morning.



Chiz’s ad part 2

8 Sep

So here’s the second part of Chiz’s scary ad.



5 Sep

When I said I liked Teddy Casino’s ad, I said it in comparison to Mar Roxas’s trapo ads.  But honestly, even without seeing Mar’s ads, I would have felt the same for Teddy’s because it’s simple and non-pretentious.

But when I saw this, I got really scared.

Not because it’s dark and has good vs. evil elements.  I got scared because it means politics is already entering the illusory world of commercial advertising.

It’s one thing to make really bad political ads.  It’s another when one uses a highly-stylized approach to selling a candidate because the real message could get lost in all the swirling graphics.  Because for all we know, maybe the hooded guy is actually Marian Rivera promoting Talk and Text.  Or the big, bad wolf.

I liked the “Tutulungan ko kayong tulungan ang inyong mga sarili” line though.

Kayo, what do you think?

I love Mareng Winnie!

1 Sep

Vera Files recently broke the news about the multi-million peso property acquisitions in the US of Arroyo sons, Mikey and Dato, after getting elected in Congress.  I’m sure uminit din ang ulo nyo sa balitang ito, lalo na’t fresh pa sa utak natin ang P1M dinner ng kanilang ina.

Now, if you want to see how Mikey made a fool of himself, watch this Arnold Clavio interview in Unang Hirit.  Panalo si Winnie Monsod.  Lovesher!

To know more about the issue, READ HERE.

This is how you do political ads

18 Aug

I cannot help thinking that whoever did Mar Roxas’s political ad wants him to lose in 2010.  Or rumaket lang.  It lacks passion and creativity.  Parang hindi naisip na masyadong magmumukhang trapo si Mar.

Now, without bias, this is how you do political ads.

Kewl di ba?

The price of a life lost

16 Aug

P250,000 shall be given to the family of each of the 23 soldiers who died in the Basilan encounter with Abu Sayyaf.


A life lost = P250,000

A “simple dinner” = P1,000,000

The look on the faces of those who lost their sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, friends, lovers = priceless

There are some things money can’t buy.  No, this time, you can’t use Mastercard.

Vicky-Hayden video surfaces?

15 Aug claims that a “secretary of a Manila parish priest and a nurse working in the same Catholic university” have informed them that they had already seen the alleged sex video of Dra. Vicky Belo with former (?) lover Dr. Hayden Kho. Jr.

Says the Stir report:

Dr. Vicki was described as “more aggressive” and “more versatile in bed” than “Katrina Halili and Maricar Reyes.”

Ano ba?  Bakit lumalabas ang mga sex video kapag may matitinding national issue tayong kinakaharap?

Isa pa, why are those supposedly conservative folks watching sex videos, telling people they’d seen it, and offering graphic descriptions of the act?

Why that P1M dinner wasn’t so simple

14 Aug

Yes, we get it.  Nothing is ever cheap in NY.  Or in Washington, or in any other US state or country.  Heck, nothing is ever cheap even in the Philippines.  A trip to your nearest carinderia would bill you at least P50, about P100 at McDonalds, and P300 – P600 at small restaurants found inside the mall.  The more expensive ones I don’t know because I’m scared to leave my comfort zone.  And my philosophy is, I’m not spending even 5% of my hard-earned income on a single meal.  That is just not practical.  I would rather save the money for my child’s education.

But what Malacanang seem to be not getting is that we are appalled that they spent P1M on a “simple dinner” not because we don’t get that NY is expensive or that the President deserves a decent meal.  Ok, I know it’s too much for us to ask the President to just eat at Sabrett, even though Brad Pitt and Maddox seem to love it.  What we as a nation are saying is that as the leader of a third world nation with many of her constituents living below poverty line, the President and our elected officials are expected TO BE THE FIRST to NOT OVERSPEND and consider that that amount spent on a “simple dinner” could be an amount well-spent saving people like HIM.

man found dead inside bus

CLICK HERE to view full story.

I know, he may well have been a creation of the media.  But having lived in Tondo for most of my life, I saw how the story of that man who died of hunger reflects the story of most of my neighbors.  I still see them, everyday.  Mothers who sold or gave away their kids so that they could feed the rest of the family.  Men who stole cellphones, laptops, motorbikes — and got killed — for cash.  Old people way past the age of retirement who still launder clothes or fix houses, drainage systems, electric wires for other people.  Young girls who sell their bodies to sex-starved jeepney drivers in exchange for a “simple meal,” just as in Avenida where anyone who has P200 can fuck away.

We are not saying that the President should not eat at all.  What we’re saying is that there are people like them whose lives that P1M spent on a simple dinner could’ve changed.

Who paid for this?

8 Aug

Well, we wanna know.

NY post gma



CLICK HERE to read Midfield’s full entry. Thanks Chrissie for the link.

UPDATE (From Manolo Quezon III’s Twitter): ALERT: This image is not a scan or in any way the actual Le Cirque bill. I’ts an extrapolation to suggest how the tab could have been…racked up.

By the way, $19,866 is about P952,177.39 according to Currency Converter, at 1 USD = P47.9300.

Naalala ko tuloy how, in 2005, a taxi driver who chatted me up told me that he used to be Gloria Arroyo’s driver, back in the days when FG and GMA were mere newly weds.  GMA liked to party, he said, and he would sit in the car for hours waiting for his party-loving boss.  He said he resigned even before GMA entered politics.

During the 2004 elections, in one of GMA’s campaign sorties, they met again. GMA recognized him and gave him P10,000.  He seemed grateful.

Puwedeng puwede!

7 Aug

Sumasakit na ang tiyan ko sa kakatawa (at kakapapak ng Milo). I love the Internets!

hayden natl artist

hayden natl artist2


Today, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Pinoy artists, cultural workers, and anti-SNAGs (Singit na National Artists ni Gloria) are convening at the CCP Ramp for the Luksang Bayan para sa National Artist Awards.

President Arroyo in a coffin

7 Aug

This is too funny to ignore.  Though I’ve already seen this on countless blogs, I just can’t help but repost.

As seen on TV (ABS-CBN)…

cory abscbn

Print (Manila Bulletin)…

cory mla bulletin

And on the web (a report published in Yahoo)…



I guess the multimedia giants are all wishing GMA dead. Ha! Should I put this under Obits?

Kris Aquino at the Manila Cathedral

5 Aug

In case you missed it, watch Kris Aquino delivering her speech at the Manila Cathedral Church this morning.

GMANews.TV – Kris delivers Aquino family response – Video – Official Website of GMA News and Public Affairs – Latest Philippine News

Shared via AddThis

For a second there, I thought she was going to announce that Noynoy is running for prez.

Why Carlo Caparas shouldn’t be a National Artist

2 Aug

I’m now a fan of Lourd de Veyra’s blog at  He’s super hilarious and witty, I think I love him na.

His latest is on why Carlo J. Caparas shouldn’t have been conferred the National Artist Award.  Alam mo, Lourd, thank you for writing this since I’m now reminded why I hated those massacre movies and why I think we should all sign this petition.

carloj_lourd-article SOURCE

Excerpts from Lourd’s blog:

In the ‘90s, his string of dramatizations of sensationally gruesome crime stories may have lowered the bar in terms of directorial incompetence. He was, it seems, employing the pito-pito method at a time when those young Mowelfund geniuses were still fantasizing about big-budgeted Mother Lily productions. It is a well-known industry fact that he shoots without a script, only his pen and yellow pad, as he thinks things up as he goes along. It is after all, his movie. He is, after all credited with story, screenplay, and direction. He is an auteur in the most disastrous sense of the word. The critic Isagani Cruz called his Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang “clearly one of the worst films of 1981.” In a review published in Parade magazine, Cruz writes what would become one of the consistent characteristics of a Carlo J. work hitherto: ‘Although Caparas is an extremely successful writer of komiks novels, his screenplay for this film lacks narrative interest, not to mention logical motivation and imaginative insight.”

But it’s not really the only problem. It’s the ineptness of direction and the seeming disregard for the fundamentals of moviemaking that marks a Caparas movie. Perfection and verisimilitude are not something he ambitions to. He concedes to production shortcuts, like thinking he can get away with a shot of theMakati skyline to substitute for Singapore, or the ashes of Pinatubo to simulate the Saudi Arabian desert. A movie set in the post WWII period shows people dressed like they came out of the SM Surplus Shop. Normally outstanding actors give truly embarrassing performances (If you want to see Sharon Cuneta, Joel Torre, Cesar Montano, and Gina Alajar utterly humiliated, I urge you to watch 1995’s The Lilian Velez Story: Till Death Do Us Part. Don’t you just love those subtitles? They complete the rhythmic flow, like 2001: A Space Odyssey or Gloria Macapagal Arroyo: Oh My God, Ang Anak ni Janice! (No such movie yet, but that’s what I’ll do in case I get a Cinemalaya grant).

My favorite Caparas film—and I say this without irony—is Pieta (1983), which starred Vivian Velez and the late, great Ace Vergel in his most intense, bad-to-the-bone performance. But I must reserve a special place in my heart for The Cory Quirino Kidnap (2003), which is so transcendentally bad it approaches the territory of genius. Ara Mina plays the famous socialite. Here the supposed North Forbes diction smokes like hell: “Yes, I wuz keeeednap!” Memorable scenes: slow motion shot of Ara a la shampoo commercial, and when she turns her head to face the camera she becomes…. the real Cory Quirino. Plus, the ending: the rescue sequence where the heavens part to the grandiose rhythms of Handel’s Messiah. With special effects that seemed to have been made with laundry chemicals and discount-store crayola.

Read Lourd’s full blog entry here.

Now, are you convinced?  So let’s all sign this petition. Now na!  Otherwise…

national artist tomb

Cory as Time’s Woman of the Year

1 Aug

Whatever else happens in her rule, Aquino has already given her country a bright, and inviolate, memory. More important, she has also resuscitated its sense of identity and pride. In the Philippines those luxuries are especially precious. Almost alone among the countries of Asia, it has never been steadied by an ancient culture; its sense of itself, and its potential, was further worn away by nearly four centuries of Spanish and American colonialism. The absence of a spirit of national unity has also made democracy elusive. Even Jose Rizal, a political reformer shot by the Spanish and a national hero, called the Filipinos “a people without a soul.” Yet in February, for a few extraordinary moments, the people of the Philippines proved their bravery to the world, and to themselves.

– January 5, 1987, Time Magazine’s Woman of the Year story on President Corazon C. Aquino

Nag-aamok na ang mga artist

1 Aug

If you consider yourself an artist, then you should feel insulted that the highest award conferred to people of the arts has been touched by GMA’s “dagdag-bawas.”

natl artists awards mourning

I have nothing against the talents or whatever contributions of the Singit National Artists ni Gloria (or SNAGs) to the arts.  In fact, I just might defend them from people who are belittling their bodies of work just because they’re known for producing masa art.

In the case of Carlo J. Caparas, though I really find his massacre films chaka and an exploitation of the lives of individuals just to make money, it cannot be said that he is not a passionate artist in his own right.  The masses loved and supported the comic characters he created and may have found meaning in them.  Same goes for all the writers, directors, artists who come up with popular literature, TV shows, films, etc.  Say writers of Tagalog romance novels, for example.  Just because their works have become popular among the masses doesn’t mean they don’t deserve any meritorious award.  Art shouldn’t be hard to get, you know.  Nor should it have limits to its purpose and meaning.

What I find appalling in the recent conferring of awards is the rampant disregard of the choices of the committee tasked to nominate and review the nominees.  Para que pa, di ba?  And the most nakakasuka of all is awarding the Order of the National Artist to Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, who is as y’all know, the head of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the agency jointly tasked with the Cultural Center of the Philippines to administer the awards.


Parang promo ‘yan ng SM para manalo ng brand new car.  It would be preposterous and highly suspicious if, all of a sudden, Henry Sy wins the Toyota car.  Kahit nga SM saleslady na nakatayo maghapon in heels eh disqualified to join dahil employee sila ng SM.

There is no question that Cecile Guidote-Alvarez may be qualified to receive such an award for all her efforts to promote the Philippine theater arts.  But she’s got to wait for the right time to receive it.  Because who wants a tainted award, right?  Ayan, naalala ko tuloy bigla si Viveka Babajee na model-model na ngayon.

viveka babajee2

If I were one of the SNAGs, specifically Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, I will NOT receive the award, no matter if I think I deserve it.  Delicadeza and my utter respect for other artists who have received or should have received the National Artists Awards call for it.

See what other artists are saying.