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Goals for 2012

5 Jan

I don’t believe in making New Year resolutions for the simple reason that I always fail to follow them.

But I have really simple goals for 2012 and I think they’re all doable.

1. Get an oven

This is the most complicated of all my goals since it involves finally fixing everything in our new (old na) home and moving into it.  When we’ve done that, that’s the only time I can get an oven.

2. Learn how to bake French Macaroons

Oops! I think this is even more complicated than the first since perfecting the French Macaroon takes a lot of practice.

3. Learn how to drive

This is probably the easiest to accomplish since I can do this by a) getting a student driver’s license, and b) enrolling in a basic driving course.

But now, while writing this, I realized that this isn’t the easiest but the hardest to achieve of all.

Because I don’t want to just drive —  I want to look like Angelina Jolie while driving.

Have a goal-filled 2012 y’all!

Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

1 Jan

I view 2011 as a not so great year for me. Just a few minutes ago, I declared it as not-so-great on FB.  There. These days everything can be declared, as a Twitter tweet or Facebook status message.

But after posting it, I realized that I still have so many things to be thankful for.  Yes, 2011 is the year we lost Nanay. But there are good things that happened in that year, too. It hit me that I shouldn’t let all the bad things overshadow the good. In other words, I should view 2011 as a glass half full.

And so I am thankful.

For the gift of travel with my bestest friends.

For the glorious, glorious food we get to eat.

The random nice things we get to experience.

For unexpected free accommodations, such as this.

For Maru’s first musical theater experience, “Seussical”.

For Guns and Roses, where I had my first stint as a TV writer

The Guns and Roses team.

For new projects.

Family barbeques

Blurred family photos

And never-ending eating sprees

For Maru’s first plane ride

Conquering fear of enclosed spaces

For P45 beef stew chao long that is just so addicting

Witnessing happy unions

For birthdays

And I thank the French for coming up with French Macaroons

High school again



Most importantly, a healthy, happy family

Now I’m looking forward to what 2012 will be.

Because despite everything, 2011 had still been kind to me.

Happy New Year!

Maru’s vocabulary

8 Aug

My son Maru is still bulol. But from the time he turned three last May, his vocabulary has grown tremendously. Alright, I’m guilty of letting him watch too much Playhouse Disney (which is now known as Disney Junior).  But I’m really amazed at how he uses most of the words/phrases he’s learned from watching TV.  Plus his antics never fail to crack me up.

1. Because he likes watching “Little Einstein,” he can sing a bulol version of “Annie’s rescue song” to the tune of George Bizet’s L’Arsienne Suite No. 2.

2. Everytime he refuses to eat, I tell him that if he eats, he’ll grow as strong as a dinosaur or a bear. “Like a dinosaur?” he’d ask. Then he’d thump his feet like a T-rex and growl loudly.

3. Every afternoon, he’s programmed to visit my cousin’s house which is just a few houses away from where we currently live.  After taking a bath, he always rushes to get his slippers and tells me, “I’m going to mommy house.”

4. “I’m back!” he announces as soon as he’s back.

5. “Where have you been?” he’d ask, in a demanding tone, everytime I come home from work.

6. Just last Saturday, I came home with a box of milk. He looked at the box of Nido and asked, “For me?” “Yes, that’s for you,” I said. “Oh, thanks Nanay. Thanks!”

7. My 10-year old nephew Isla had some friends over and were playing with their Transformers toys. Maru wanted to play with them but they wouldn’t let him touch the toys. He got so sad that he went to our room with his shoulders hunched.  I asked, “O, what happened to you?” He said, in his saddest voice, “Abujujuju friends!” No, don’t ask me what he meant, I still don’t know.

8. “Oh no! I’m stuck!” Maru said one time when Mike locked our door.

9. “It’s a fun! Weeee!” he exclaimed while we were going up the spiral driveway of Robinson’s Place’s parking lot.

10. “Tickle the toytoy!” he said while pointing at his penis, meaning he needs to go to the bathroom. We did not teach him that, ha!

11. When he doesn’t like the food and we ask him to eat, he says, “No way!”

12. “Nanay, please get dede in the kitchen? Please, please, please!” he says everytime he wants to drink milk.

13. “One dede, coming up!” he’d say as soon as I say ‘Yes.’

14. I think he has memorized Steve’s line in “Blue’s Clues” that everytime he’s looking for something, whether it’s a toy or a person, he’ll say, “Nanay, have you seen Woody (or name of person or toy) anywhere? You do? Where?” and adds, “There you are!” as soon as he finds whatever it is he’s looking for.

15. “Nanay, it’s gone!” with matching sad face when he doesn’t find what he’s looking for.

16. “I did it!” everytime he feels that he’s accomplished something.

17. “Oh no, it’s broken! Waaaaa!” when he breaks a toy.

18. “There! That’s better!” when he’s fixed something.

19. “Fix it!” when he wants us to fix something he can’t fix.

20. “Lemme try,” when we’re doing something (like writing on paper or typing on the computer) and he wants to try his hand on it, too.

21. He calls people he doesn’t know, “Anyone.”

22. He calls certain older people “Dad” (like my brother) or “Mom” (like my cousin’s wife).

23. We’ve raised him to call us “Nanay” and “Tatay”  but sometimes he forgets and calls us “Mom” and “Dad.”

I’m a delinquent blogger

27 Apr

Sporadic entries. Geez. We’ll, I’ve been busy.

And I’m thankful because I’ve got plenty to look forward to.


16 Jan

So many things went wrong yesterday. Had only an hour of sleep, lost my eyeglasses, stepped on dog poop, had an allergy attack, the taxi I was riding on’s aircon stopped working at the peak of the afternoon heat and its windows just won’t open, arrived late for a meeting…

But as soon as I got home, everything magically fell into its rightful place.  My nephew found my eyeglasses, I got a warm hug from Mike and Maru, and for the first time in 2011, slept peacefully for six hours straight.

I still didn’t get my 8-hour sleep wish, but still…



11 Nov

Because Julia Ormond a.k.a. Yaya Lucy is still on vacation and Mike is super duper swamped with work, heto ang buhay ko:

At tagahabol sa makulit na bata.

Maru said, “Pichur! Pichur!”

And turned his back on me when I was about to press the shutter. Malokong bata.





2 Nov

Last November 1 at exactly 12 midnight, we went to Eternal Garden.

My Papa died in 1997 due to pneumonia that had complications due to diabetes.  If he were alive today, I’m very sure he’d be so fond of my son Maru and my brother’s daughter Casey.  He loved children.  Noong nasa high school ako at medyo na-late ako ng uwi, binibitbit ko ang pamangkin kong si Jana bago ako magpakita kay Papa para hindi siya magalit.  Dahil most of the time, nadi-distract agad siya ng mga bata.  Napapangiti siya.

Minsan, nagwo-wonder ako, na kung buhay kaya si Papa ngayon, kung magiging proud kaya siya sa akin.  Maybe. Maybe not. Because he wasn’t when he was alive.  Or if he were, he never really showed.

Aside from my Papa, we also visited my uncle, Tatay Juancho; his daughter, Ate Macy; Ate Macy’s baby boy Mark; and her brother-in-law Kuya Oscar.  In photo above is my nephew Johan, one of Ate Macy’s sons.

A few nights ago, I chanced upon old photos of Ate Macy’s family on Facebook. Grabe, nasa office ako pero hindi ko napigilang umiyak. She died in September 2008 due to liver cancer.  If she were alive today, she could have run as Barangay Chairperson in the last elections and won.  Everybody in our neighborhood knew her.

After several deaths in the family, I concluded that the number of times you’d get your heart crushed is in direct proportion to the number of people you love in your life.  Dahil kung hindi man sila mawala dahil sa kanilang mga pangarap, o maagaw ng ibang tao, death is inevitably inevitable.

Distressed, de-stress

23 Oct

Gawd, the past few weeks have been godawful! Swamped with too much work (which, I know, ako rin ang may kagagawan) and now I have to finish a major, major project due Monday. Sobrang nai-stress ako, work has literally been breaking my back.

I was initially thinking of getting a massage and buying a memory pillow at SM to help my back.  But look what I ended up buying.

It’s a Parisian Junior size 40. I bought it just because it fits kahit hindi pa tinutupad ng SM ang kahilingan ko.

I also bought Maru a plastic dinosaur toy.  Maru’s fixated on dinosaurs, I don’t know where he saw them aside from Barnie and the Toy Story.  I wanted to buy him Rex, but it’s P3,500!

So I got him this instead.

A plastic triceratops, which he carries with him all around the house.

Okay, I know. Our house is a mess. And creepy. And it’s being claimed by the Laperals, I heard. Hahaha!

House update

20 Oct


May tubig na sa lilipatan naming bahay. That means na-overcome na namin ang one major hurdle kung bakit hindi kami makalipat.  Ngayon, tiles na lang. At screen sa bintana. At finishing ng hagdan. At cabinets. At marami pang ibang bagay. Hay. Ang dami pa pala.

But I really, really want to transfer to our new house asap.  Dahil dito sa old house, may nakita kaming ganito.


Kating kati na akong lumipat!


13 Jul

Meet Kwak-Kwak and Doggie, two of Maru’s toys that Mike and I initially planned to use to teach him songs and the English alphabet.

Kwak-Kwak is a battery-operated puppet that “kwaks”…err, sings “Old McDonald” when manipulated.  Mike is Kwak-Kwak’s puppeteer, hence KK speaks English in falsetto and with funny Chinese accent (because that’s how Mike speaks English, hehe).

Doggie, on the other hand, is a stuffed toy and Maru’s sleeping buddy (together with Mickey Mouse).  I am his master puppeteer and he speaks with Irish accent.  He likes smelling Kwak-Kwak’s “arse” while he hates it when KK calls him Catfish.

Obviously, the plan to use these toys as educational tools went awry.  Because KK and Doggie kept on bickering, Maru eventually lost interest and decided to play with his other toys instead.

Sample impromptu bikerings of Kwak-Kwak and Doggie:

KK:  I’m a Peking Duck. I’m from China.

Dog: You’re not a duck. You have that orange thingy on your head. You’re a chick!

KK: I am? But I’m from China! (sad) I must be a “pekeng” duck.

KK: Hey dog! They’re going to make you into a hotdog! Hahahahahahaha! (KK has the funniest, most annoying laugh)

Dog: Oh yeah? Hotdogs are not made of dogs silly bird! But I know I’m hot.


KK: You don’t look like a dog. You look like a catfish! Catfish! Catfish! Catfish! Hahahahahaha!

Dog: (growls)

Doggie attacks KK and engages her into a bloody puppet fight.  The fierceness of their battle, however, eventually led to intense lovemaking (between the Irish dog and the Chinese chick, not of their puppeteers).  Happy ending.

* Disclaimer: Maru did not witness the lovemaking between dog and chick because he thought his parents’ puppetry was too idiotic to pay attention to.  So don’t worry, no innocence was lost…except perhaps KK’s and Doggie’s.


18 Apr

The other night, Mike and I went to Tutuban Center in Divisoria to check out its night market, which usually opens as soon as the mall closes (around 7 or 8 p.m.).  The stalls sell mostly clothing items from Thailand and Korea, and assorted junk from China.

Mike was supposed to buy maong pants or shorts.  But we got busy with all the trinkets being sold, we found ourselves buying cheap earphones, a notebook cooler, an alarm clock, ice cream scoopers, a thermal baon bag, and several other items we’ll probably end up not using anyway.

There were many selling “fancy” jewelries as well, and when we passed by a stall selling stainless and silver rings, Mike said, in a voice that sounded like he had just come up with the most brilliant of ideas, “Bili tayo ng parehas na singsing!”

So we rummaged through the rows of stainless steel rings and finally found a pair that fits our fingers.


“P100 isa.”

“Magkano kapag dalawa?”

“P200 po.”

“Siyempre P200 kapag dalawa,” pilosopo.  “Discount?”

“Sige P180 na lang ang dalawa.”

Mike paid and turned to me, took my hand, and right in front of the sign that says Tutuban Centermall, cheesily said, “Wear this ring as a sign of my love and loyalty.”  He put the ring on my left ring finger and I almost died laughing.  We went HHWW for a while after that.

Then we passed by another stall selling a pile of rings that at first glance looked a lot like our rings (but of poorer quality, I bet).

“Naku ‘wag mo na tanungin kung magkano sasama lang loob mo,” I told Mike.

“P35 isa. Three for P100,” the seller offered.


And that’s Divisoria for you, honey.

Well, the price does not matter anyway.  The rings may cost P5 or P10 or P1,000,000 and I couldn’t care less.  A platinum ring with a diamond stone (ehermmm!) would really up the ante, raise the bar, or make me ____ Mike every single minute (which I bet he’d like).

But this ring I’m wearing now defines us – ruggedly beautiful.

What now?

17 Apr

(Photo: Bgy. Pucio, at the border of Antique and Aklan, 2008)

My blog just turned one last March and I think I’ve run out of things to write even though I feel like I have so many things to say but I can’t because now a lot of people know about my blog and I kinda want to edit myself but at the same time don’t want to because what’s the use of owning a blog when you can’t be totally honest and weird and weak and flirty and mean and funny and afraid and romantic and lustful and so many other things that people want you/don’t want you to be so I’m really thinking of opening a private blog just so I can vent everything there, my frustrations, fears, beliefs, doubts, anything and everything I just can’t write down here.

By the way, Susan Miller is freaky.

What she said about my April (Virgo):

1.  “The month will end on an upbeat note. You will need a change of scene, and a lovely opportunity to travel will come up on the full moon April 28. If you travel with someone you love, that’s better yet, for you will grow closer.”

I’m flying to Puerto Princesa/El Nido, Palawan with Mike on the 26th and we’ll be there for about a week.

2. “This month you seem to be on a mission to settle debts, raise capital, and reorganize your savings and investments.”

Yes, yes, yes! True that!  I’ve been trying to settle all the debts I incurred during the many times that Maru and I were hospitalized. So there…

3.  “Saturn will be back to Virgo from April 7 to July 21, adding responsibilities to your shoulders. Before you stand up on your desk and shout, “Oh no! Saturn is back! I am doomed!” – relax. Saturn gets a bad reputation among those who don’t fully understand how he works. While it is true that Saturn will make you work hard and teach you many maturing life lessons, the gains you make during these rare Saturn cycles will be yours to keep forever. You’ll also be quite proud of your accomplishments, for those will be hard won, but worth the effort. Saturn brings stability and structure – we all need both on which to build our dreams.”

Totoo. Enough said.

Bye, please come back

19 Mar

I’m so bad with goodbyes.

This morning, Maru’s yaya, Lucy, left a day earlier for her scheduled two week vacation in Samar.  There was a family emergency, she said.  Her mom got sick so she needs to be there asap.

A single mom with four kids, Lucy was supposed to leave tomorrow for her eldest son’s graduation.  Though she told me she’d be back by April 5, I still have my doubts.  We had several yayas before Lucy, and everyone left after a month or two.  Plus you know how some people are, they’d sometimes tell you they’d come back just to appease you even when they’re not planning to.

Somehow, I’m hoping that it would be different with Lucy.  She had been with us for more than six months and I saw how much she cared for my son.

Before she left, she asked me to check her bags.  I told her, no, I won’t do that.  For one, that’s demeaning.  And two, everytime I go to work I leave with her the most precious thing I could ever entrust anyone.  Magduda pa ba ako kung magnanakaw siya?

I gave Lucy her salary and some money for her return trip.  Then, weird, I wanted to hug her and beg her to please come back for Maru.  But of course I didn’t.  Naiiyak ako eh.  So I just said, “Ate, balik ka ha,” and curled up in bed.

Then the whole day whizzed by, though in chaos.  The six-month old aircon conked out, my DVD player refused to play DVDs (VCD player na lang siya), Maru cried non-stop due to stomach ache, napanis ang sinaing, I failed to attend a meeting and didn’t get to finish work that needed some time and attention.

And the next two weeks will probably be as chaotic (though Mike’s sis-in-law promised to help us out with Maru while we work).

Waaa, miss ko na si Yaya Lucy.

P.S. By the way, have I told you that Yaya Lucy looks a tad like Julia Ormond?

Julia Ormond in "Legends of the Fall"

Goodbye 2009

31 Dec

Oh, time flies so fast.  In a few hours, we’re saying goodbye to 2009.  Can’t help but look back at the stash of digital evidence I’ve amassed from the whole year.  Looking back, knowing that my family is well and healthy, I realized that my 2009 wasn’t so bad after all.

Click to enlarge (dahil baka extra ka sa pictures ko).

My photo collage was done using Shape Collage, a free software that instantly creates a collage of your photos.  If you want one, download it here.

Have fun, stay safe for the rest of 2009.  And remember:


Help us build our humble abode

29 Dec

Dear friends, relatives, lovers (?), and strangers,

As you may have known, we’re in the middle of turning an old house into our new home.  Exciting and fun, I know.  We were initially targeting the first week of January for our move in.  Unfortunately, we’ve already run out of funds, but the house is only halfway done.  We don’t even have a stairway yet, proper ventilation for the ground floor and bathroom/CR, and so many other things.

Now, I don’t know how this will go but I’m asking you guys for a little help.  I’m listing here some of the things we need ASAP and their corresponding value in Philippine Peso/US dollar.  I’m saying we need these items ASAP because we’re trying not to stall on the construction/repair (because if it gets stalled, we won’t be able to move in or the cost of repairing would be much higher if done at a later time).  I’m also listing some of the services/deeds Mike and I are willing to do in exchange for your sponsorship of the items listed below. Here goes:

1. Ceramic sink/farm sink  – P1,800/$37.50

2. 10 pcs of 2″x10″x3ft wooden planks for the stairs – P3,500/$73

3. HCG or American Standard toilet bowl – P4,500/$93

4. Yale keyed lock + deadbolt for our front door – P1,500/$31.25

5. Apo Vinyl tiles for the second floor (P17 x 200) – P3,400/$71

6. La Germania Range Hood (the cheapest) – P4,092/$85.25

7. Labor (carpenters/tubero/electrician) – P15,000

8. Miscellaneous expenses – P10,000

Meanwhile, these are the deeds/work/services we’re offering in exchange for your sponsorship:

– Lend our Panasonic DVX100b + shotgun mic for 1 day (within Metro Manila)

– Write a story/PR for you

– Help you with your research (kung anuman ‘yon)

– Design your print ad/brochure

– Write your print/TV ad’s copy/script

– Edit your print/TV ad’s copy/script

– Edit your stories/articles

– Edit up to 3-minutes of video

– print layout

– Promote your company/work/business

– Others (as long as its legal)

You may also help us by referring us to people/companies that may be in need of the following services:

– Video production (writing/shooting/post-prod)

– graphic design (print ads, books, posters, T-shirts, other printed materials, etc.)

– copywriting/scriptwriting/PR (brochures, print and/or TV ads, AVPs, etc.)

– video production management

– Camera rental (Panasonic DVX100b)

– videography/photography

For questions/referrals/sponsorship, please send me a note at Thank you very much and I really hope to hear from you soon. 🙂