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A revolution is in order

24 Nov

“Screams of anguish pierced the farming village of Saniag Tuesday as police pulled bodies from a mass grave, unearthing one of the most brutal political killings in Philippine history.

A woman identified by police as the widow of local freelance journalist Napoleon Salaysay stepped up, tears welling on her eyes and gasping, to claim a cadaver whose neck had been nearly severed by a hack wound.

The dead man’s face was shattered beyond recognition with bullet wounds, and the woman identified him by the contents of his wallet.



Grabe. Ang sama, sama, sama, sama, sama ng mga taong gumawa nito.  At ang lalong masama dito, tino-tolerate ang patuloy na paggamit ng guns, goons, and gold sa mga lugar na malayo sa Manila dahil napapakinabangan din ng Malacañang.  Remember Garci?


President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo welcomed by Shariff Kabunsuan Congressman Didagen Dilangalen and ARMM Governor Datu Zaldy Ampatuan upon her arrival at the MSU-Maguindanao, DOS, Shariff Kabunsuan Province on July 21, 2008. (RONALD NAVARRO/PCPO)

ARMM Governor Datu Zaldy Ampatuan, right foreground, attends the Lakas-Kampi-CMD national convention in Pasay City with Presidential legal adviser Raul Gonzalez, left, and House Speaker Prospero Nograles, center. AFP spokesman Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner has tagged "elements" of the powerful Ampatuan clan as the possible perpetrators of the Nov. 23 massacre that claimed the lives of at least 36 people in Maguindanao. Joe Galvez

Kailangan na talaga ng pagbabago sa pulitika.  Tangina. Pasensya, pero ngayon lang ako magmumura.

Dear Manny

17 Nov

Please take care of Jinkee.  I think she deserves to be loved and respected, not just as your wife but as a person who loved and respected you when you were still not the Manny Pacquiao you are now.

jinkee manny

She loved you way before you could afford to buy her Hermes.  And I believe that she will still love you long after you’ve lost every penny, unlike Ara Krista other women who’d leave you as soon as your popularity/stocks dip.

So stop acting like a douche and love her more.  Dahil ang swerte swerte mo sa kanya.

jinkee lumang pic



Where is the P10 billion allocated as the government’s “Calamity Assistance and Rehabilitation Effort” fund under the General Appropriations Act?

1 Oct

“A sterling example of the inutile workings of the administration virtually screams to be noted in the National Relief Operations Center that the President had earlier ordered set up in Malacañang. It was clearly intended as a dramatic gesture—a flinging open of the Palace gates to the suffering horde—and an attempt to offset the image of an administration sufficiently indifferent as to dine lavishly in New York while Maguindanao, or at least parts of it, burns. (What was it a Malacañang mouthpiece said then? That the President can’t be expected to chow down on a hotdog in Central Park, or something to that effect?)

By accounts, the President was instantly on annoyance mode on Tuesday when she saw a ragged mass of people waiting outside the Palace gates, and ordered that they be allowed to enter. Imagine what went on in the mind of the elderly man on a wheelchair when, at the end of the winding queue at the National Relief Operations Center, he was handed hamburger buns.”

– From today’s editorial of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Huwat?! I bet that hamburger bun’s the overpriced Ben’s Burjer.

bens burjer


But seriously, Malacanang should have served them Sabrett even though Cerge Remonde condescendingly asked if we expect the president to eat at a hotdog stand.

Pang-hot-looking people lang kasi ang Sabrett.

brad maddox


5 Sep

When I said I liked Teddy Casino’s ad, I said it in comparison to Mar Roxas’s trapo ads.  But honestly, even without seeing Mar’s ads, I would have felt the same for Teddy’s because it’s simple and non-pretentious.

But when I saw this, I got really scared.

Not because it’s dark and has good vs. evil elements.  I got scared because it means politics is already entering the illusory world of commercial advertising.

It’s one thing to make really bad political ads.  It’s another when one uses a highly-stylized approach to selling a candidate because the real message could get lost in all the swirling graphics.  Because for all we know, maybe the hooded guy is actually Marian Rivera promoting Talk and Text.  Or the big, bad wolf.

I liked the “Tutulungan ko kayong tulungan ang inyong mga sarili” line though.

Kayo, what do you think?

Gay rights = Human rights

21 Aug

After several days of werq, werq, werq and very little sleep, I find myself lying in bed beside Maru and still unable to sleep. Because, my gad, more werq needs to be done by tomorrow, erm, I mean later and my mind is racing to find great ideas for werq.  At wala, wala akong holiday.  Ihi lang talaga ang pahinga.

Anyway, came across Bryan Shane’s post on the new Glutamax billboard featuring DJ Mojo Jojo.

glutamax ad

For reals? I thought this ad was fake or something since it was the first openly gay ad I’ve seen.

Apparently, it’s real.  And according to a petition, it has been taken down after influential church groups pressured the site owner to remove the billboard.

But huway? It’s cute and it’s brave! Where was this put up, by the way?

So now the online petition is asking those who respect gay rights and do not think that the ad is immoral to sign their names on the petition so that the billboard could be restored to its rightful place.

The petition says:

The advocacies of gay and lesbian communities in the Philippines have always been about freedom from any form bigotry and discrimination. The fight has been taken to several arenas – media, legal, political, medical, and even religious.

Last week, a billboard that featured Mojo Jojo endorsing the GlutaMAX product lines, became a cause of celebration not only among the gay communities but to all those who value freedom and equality in this country. The tagline, “I Wake Up Whiter and Gay Each Day” is a proud declaration of DJ Mojo Jojo, the first openly gay DJ in the airwaves, not only about his skincare but about his lifestyle choices as well.

Last night, August 18, 2009, the billboard was taken down. We heard rumors that the site owner gave in to the pressure from influential church groups who said that the billboard promotes a sinful life and is against the cultural and moral sensibilities of the general public.

We beg to disagree. We take offense in the insinuation that a simple declaration of one’s chosen skincare and lifestyle destroys the moral fabric of our society. We strongly demand that the billboard be re-installed, if bigger and in a better location ASAP.

CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! Sign na if you believe that you’re not a bigot!

Buti na lang si Bro. Mike Velarde hindi bigot.  Look oh, he even built a gay-friendly church.

el shaddai church


Oh wait, so that’s not exactly a gay-friendly church? Because my co-worker Jon D. said that elsewhere, gay-friendly establishments are always shooting rainbows.

Like in Istanbul…

rainbow establ



gayborhood philadelphia


Inside the Massachusettes Institute of Technology

MIT rainbow lounge


The Beaudry Metro Station in Montreal, Quebec

gay montreal


And many, many more!

So would you like to see Mojo Jojo’s billboard up again and fight for gay rights? Sign na!

Why that P1M dinner wasn’t so simple

14 Aug

Yes, we get it.  Nothing is ever cheap in NY.  Or in Washington, or in any other US state or country.  Heck, nothing is ever cheap even in the Philippines.  A trip to your nearest carinderia would bill you at least P50, about P100 at McDonalds, and P300 – P600 at small restaurants found inside the mall.  The more expensive ones I don’t know because I’m scared to leave my comfort zone.  And my philosophy is, I’m not spending even 5% of my hard-earned income on a single meal.  That is just not practical.  I would rather save the money for my child’s education.

But what Malacanang seem to be not getting is that we are appalled that they spent P1M on a “simple dinner” not because we don’t get that NY is expensive or that the President deserves a decent meal.  Ok, I know it’s too much for us to ask the President to just eat at Sabrett, even though Brad Pitt and Maddox seem to love it.  What we as a nation are saying is that as the leader of a third world nation with many of her constituents living below poverty line, the President and our elected officials are expected TO BE THE FIRST to NOT OVERSPEND and consider that that amount spent on a “simple dinner” could be an amount well-spent saving people like HIM.

man found dead inside bus

CLICK HERE to view full story.

I know, he may well have been a creation of the media.  But having lived in Tondo for most of my life, I saw how the story of that man who died of hunger reflects the story of most of my neighbors.  I still see them, everyday.  Mothers who sold or gave away their kids so that they could feed the rest of the family.  Men who stole cellphones, laptops, motorbikes — and got killed — for cash.  Old people way past the age of retirement who still launder clothes or fix houses, drainage systems, electric wires for other people.  Young girls who sell their bodies to sex-starved jeepney drivers in exchange for a “simple meal,” just as in Avenida where anyone who has P200 can fuck away.

We are not saying that the President should not eat at all.  What we’re saying is that there are people like them whose lives that P1M spent on a simple dinner could’ve changed.

Demanding lang ba ako?

7 Aug

My friend Rhods and I were texting yest about how the media (except for bloggers, FB folks, and PEXters) may not find the courage to write about James Yap’s facial expression/lack of reaction to wife Kris Aquino’s unstoppable cryfest during Tita Cory’s funeral.  Not because they didn’t notice because my gad, it was so hard to miss, but probably out of…umm, courtesy to a grieving daughter. Kumbaga, wag na munang lagyan ng asin ang sugat.

Kris aquino crying

I was expecting kasi that he’d hold her hand, pat her on the back, or massage her arm while she was bawling.  Because even if you hated Kris, I bet you wanted to hug her during those moments.  I certainly did.  And I was expecting James would do that since he’s the hubby!

Gusto ko na tuloy i-nominate si James sa pagiging Tunay Na Lalake.  Dahil ang TNL, walang emosyon! oh-so bravely asked the top 10 questions that boggled our minds during Tita Cory’s funeral coverage.  And one of them was: As she bawled her eyes out in heart-wrenching sobs, how come you didn’t hug your wife or even hold her hand?

In fairness, I saw SNN last night and in an interview with a crying Kris while inside the family van during the funeral march, I saw James patting her.  I just couldn’t see whether he was patting her on the leg, hand or what.  Basta he was patting her.  Iniisip ko na lang, maybe he’s not showy at all and that maybe, in their private moments, he has a way of comforting her.  And besides, as long as Kris is okay with that, then walang issue.

On the other hand, na-touch talaga ako kay Baby James. I so love that kid na, next to my Maru of course.  Watch this very tender moment between Kris and Baby James.  Naiyak ako.

On a lighter note, the four honor guards who endured more than eight hours of rain, wind, and horrendous traffic are now the new “Apat na Sikat.” They are literally what you call outstanding!

Nag-aamok na ang mga artist

1 Aug

If you consider yourself an artist, then you should feel insulted that the highest award conferred to people of the arts has been touched by GMA’s “dagdag-bawas.”

natl artists awards mourning

I have nothing against the talents or whatever contributions of the Singit National Artists ni Gloria (or SNAGs) to the arts.  In fact, I just might defend them from people who are belittling their bodies of work just because they’re known for producing masa art.

In the case of Carlo J. Caparas, though I really find his massacre films chaka and an exploitation of the lives of individuals just to make money, it cannot be said that he is not a passionate artist in his own right.  The masses loved and supported the comic characters he created and may have found meaning in them.  Same goes for all the writers, directors, artists who come up with popular literature, TV shows, films, etc.  Say writers of Tagalog romance novels, for example.  Just because their works have become popular among the masses doesn’t mean they don’t deserve any meritorious award.  Art shouldn’t be hard to get, you know.  Nor should it have limits to its purpose and meaning.

What I find appalling in the recent conferring of awards is the rampant disregard of the choices of the committee tasked to nominate and review the nominees.  Para que pa, di ba?  And the most nakakasuka of all is awarding the Order of the National Artist to Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, who is as y’all know, the head of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, the agency jointly tasked with the Cultural Center of the Philippines to administer the awards.


Parang promo ‘yan ng SM para manalo ng brand new car.  It would be preposterous and highly suspicious if, all of a sudden, Henry Sy wins the Toyota car.  Kahit nga SM saleslady na nakatayo maghapon in heels eh disqualified to join dahil employee sila ng SM.

There is no question that Cecile Guidote-Alvarez may be qualified to receive such an award for all her efforts to promote the Philippine theater arts.  But she’s got to wait for the right time to receive it.  Because who wants a tainted award, right?  Ayan, naalala ko tuloy bigla si Viveka Babajee na model-model na ngayon.

viveka babajee2

If I were one of the SNAGs, specifically Cecile Guidote-Alvarez, I will NOT receive the award, no matter if I think I deserve it.  Delicadeza and my utter respect for other artists who have received or should have received the National Artists Awards call for it.

See what other artists are saying.

They were all yellow

29 Jul

We hate to say it but the whole country is on deathwatch.




Even I believe that miracles do happen.  But then again, as a nation, we should also start counting on ourselves to make real democracy happen.  True, Cory Aquino is a living reminder that tyranny can be overthrown by the will of the good.  But Cory is not the only icon of democracy.  Like Ninoy, hindi rin siya nag-iisa.

Every person, dead or alive, who fought against the oppressive governments today and those that went before us, who shed his or her blood to achieve the gains we have achieved today, who walked the streets in protest, who cried against greed and corruption is also a symbol of democracy.

Democracy seems to be dying along with Cory.  But it is not because of the former president’s deteriorating health.  It is because many of us have lost interest in getting our voices heard, in walking the streets in protest, in fighting against the oppressors, the corrupt, and the greedy.  We wait for leaders to emerge, yet believe that “‘pare-pareho lang naman ‘yan.”  We wait for the bishops to speak for us, but they remain in conflict with our need for reproductive health care.  We want to rid our country of corrupt officials, but we worm our way out of traffic violations or get business permits by feeding the greed of small fries.  We’re a country of contradictions, and each one of us a work in progress.

So as many hold vigils for Cory, let’s not forget to hold vigils for our own country.  Pray, not for serenity that lets us accept things we cannot change – we’ve had that far too long – but for courage, that we may change the things we badly need to change.

And pray for wisdom, to know the difference between Hacienda Luisita and the rest of the country’s agricultural land.

Nice PR

16 Jun

When you have world domination in mind, you’ve got to have photos like these.




michelle barrack2





…and human.



Di ba, hindi masyadong amoy PR?

Now, compare with Mar and Korina.


If I were Korina, I would take it as a hint when Mar was wearing his signature campaign color while announcing to the world his engagement to me in Wowowee.


Everything just screams PR.

Power hungry

4 Jun

While we were busy watching Hayden Kho’s videos, our HONORABLE Congressmen decided to sneak in with the ConAss.  With the passage of Resolution 1109 last June 2, the Congress can now convene itself into a constituent assembly and amend the 1987 Constitution.

Hay, bakit ba kating-kati ang ating mga Congressman na amyendahan ang ating Konstitusyon?  At bakit kung kelan busy lahat ng tao sa panonood ng videos ni Hayden?

Click here to see the full list of congressmen who voted for the passage of the ConAss.


21 May

No, I wasn’t the one who uploaded the Katrina-Hayden video or any other video scandal for that matter.  I do, however, feel guilty for watching it and sharing it with, ehem, my other half. and Yes! Magazine’s Jo-Ann Maglipon made a very valid point when she said that Katrina, and the other girls shown in the other videos, were violated thrice: First, by Hayden who, without their consent, filmed their private rendezvous; Second, by the person/s who uploaded the videos on the Net; and Third, by the general public who have become accessories to the crime committed by Hayden and the uploader/s. 


It is true that the women do not deserve to be looked down upon just because they were seen in a sex video.  I do think, however, that any sane person who have seen these videos would see Hayden Kho as a really sick pig who needs jailtime and therapy.  Really.


Thanks Ces for the link.