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28 Oct

Kung magagawa nga lang ni Manny Villar magpakasal din ano?


Playboy’s November cover girl is…

11 Oct

marge simpson

I know this is the least of our concerns right now but will Playboy Philippines have this on their cover too?

A fun interview with Cory

1 Aug

Ten months into the Cory presidency, Time magazine did an interview with the woman formerly known only as Ninoy’s wife.  This interview revealed so much about Cory that if you hadn’t read the article then, you’d still get a bit surprised reading this today at how much Cory had matured after her husband’s death.

CLICK HERE to read Time Magazine’s interview published on January 5, 1987.

cory president

Being sold at with the description: A large campaign photo of Corazon Aquino shaking the hands of rondalla musicians during the 1986 Snap Presidential Elections against strongman Ferdinand Marcos.

Meanwhile, Bulatlat made an honest-to-goodness tribute to the memory of the first woman president. Brutal, but still written with respect.  Excerpts:

However, owing to her background, she fell short of implementing substantial reforms. She signed the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Law, but the law had to be extended for more than two decades without being completed. The mill and farm workers of the Cojuangco-owned Hacienda Luisita had to fight for the land they have tilled for generations for two decades, paying for it with their blood before being able to gain it. She refused to renegotiate even the onerous foreign debts of the Marcos dictatorship, passing the Automatic Appropriation Law instead. And the Aquino government pursued the same economic policies that have wreaked havoc on the lives of the Filipino masses.

Cory as Time’s Woman of the Year

1 Aug

Whatever else happens in her rule, Aquino has already given her country a bright, and inviolate, memory. More important, she has also resuscitated its sense of identity and pride. In the Philippines those luxuries are especially precious. Almost alone among the countries of Asia, it has never been steadied by an ancient culture; its sense of itself, and its potential, was further worn away by nearly four centuries of Spanish and American colonialism. The absence of a spirit of national unity has also made democracy elusive. Even Jose Rizal, a political reformer shot by the Spanish and a national hero, called the Filipinos “a people without a soul.” Yet in February, for a few extraordinary moments, the people of the Philippines proved their bravery to the world, and to themselves.

– January 5, 1987, Time Magazine’s Woman of the Year story on President Corazon C. Aquino

This is how you do it

21 Jul

Cindy Kurleto in a sizzling cover for the latest ish of Uno Magazine.


Photo by Juan Caguicla

I think Cindy Kurleto is the most non-showbiz person in showbiz.  I met her five years ago in a photoshoot for a magazine that was never released named Goddess.  I did the interview for the cover story and found her very outspoken and real.  Long before Starstudio came out with a similar story, Cindy openly talked about Jericho Rosales, the alleged “cover up” of their relationship to protect the Echo-Kristine Hermosa loveteam, and her thoughts on love and dating.

Want to know why she has that banging body?  We served oh-so-tempting KFC chicken with lotsa gravy on the set and she didn’t even take a bite.  And that’s what you call self-control.

Sizzling hawt!

3 Jul

Ang ganda ni Ate!

Rogue-Marian Rivera July09

Rogue Magazine releases its July ish cover featuring Marian Rivera, out next week.

Shot by Mark Nicdao; Makeup by Solenn Heussaff; Hair by Bren Sales