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1 Mar

Okay, I just found out that the film Comrades is available on YouTube.  I couldn’t find a torrent file so I’m saving you the trouble of searching for the whole film.

Here it is.  Watch na. Now na!

This is not a film review

28 Feb

Went to see Miss You Like Crazy with my bestest friends in Megamall last night.  Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much since 1) may mga friends akong hindi siya nagustuhan, and 2) medyo OA ang acting ni Bea sa trailer.

True enough, nairita kami sa acting ni Bea during the first part of the film.  I get the point: She’s supposed to play the role of a manic pixie dream girl.  I fell in love with Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise and more so in Before Sunset. On the other hand, I was cringing the whole time at Bea’s “Mia” in MYLC.

But the film gets better as it progresses.  Bukod sa ang galing, galing, galing ni John Lloyd grabe na siya, the film toys with the concept of destiny.  Don’t we all love the idea of destiny?  The idea that despite having the free will to choose there’s still someone destined for us?  That no matter how hard we resist falling for a person, fate and destiny would take charge?

Haha, OA na rin ako, I know.  I just think that MYLC was written for me because I love Kopi Roti…

JT’s Manukan,

…and Pasig River cruises.

But most of all, I think that the film was written for me because I believe in destiny.  At kung naniniwala ka rin, maybe it was also written for you, too.


I’m a bit conflicted, though, on the idea that MYLC is a mashed-up Pinoy version of my most favorite films Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and the Chinese movie Comrades: Almost a Love Story.

I love Comrades, as in.  It’s one of the cutest, most romantic films I’ve seen.  I kind of hate to admit that MYLC is a watered-down version of Comrades. Siyempre, sino ba namang gusto ng parang Comrades, pero mas maganda pa rin ang Comrades.

Some of the best parts of Comrades.

Back to MYLC.  On second thought, I like it that the film exudes a certain maturity.  Hindi dahil sa passionate kissing scene or love scene nina JLC-Bea ha.  The theme itself is very relatable para sa urban Pinoys who are in their 20s-30s.

At the same time, para rin siyang continuation of Before Sunset.  Para bang, “What if Jesse (Ethan Hawk) actually chose to stay with Celine (Julie Delpy)?”

Natatawa lang ako kapag naaalala ko ‘yung aleng nakaupo sa likuran namin sa sinehan.  Super judgemental, as in react nang react kung bakit pumayag si Bea na makipag-sex kay JLC kahit na nalaman na niyang may GF ito.  Sinusumpa ko, kapag nangyari rin sa kanya ‘yon papayag din siya, lalo na kung si JLC ang guy!

Laugh trip

24 Nov

So my friends and I watched the comedy that is New Moon this weekend.  Over, over, over sa cheese ang movie na ito, no wonder sinabihan ako ni Stephen King na ‘wag nang basahin ang libro.

At saka ganun ba talaga ang movie na ito, puro ganito ang makikita?

And this…

…though I was used to seeing this — minus the sparkles — since we used to be an item, you know.

What I don’t get is why these guys are so into this woman. Huway? She’s got no personality, mumbles when she speaks, always nakatungo, and a pathological flirt.  Who talks to best friends like that?


While watching, it dawned on me why Mike (my Mike) sometimes gets rabid like Jacob.

They both share the same tattoo. Look oh!

Soon, I’ll be uttering phrases like, “Ooh, you’re buff!” Right, Ga?  But trust that I won’t be mumbling when I say that.

So I leave you now with a beautiful, beautiful photo of my favorite, Jane.

Must. Get. Contacts. Like. That.

‘It’s all for L.O.V.E.’

1 Nov

Blah…Spent the whole of October 31 in bed due to chills and high fever.  I’d been planning to take Maru and the kids to MOA for the Halloween trick or treat but since there’s Santi and the fever, I opted to stay home and curl up in bed.

But Mike dragged me out of bed to watch Michael Jackson’s This Is It. Kating kati na siyang manood so we caught the last full show at SM San Lazaro.

What can I say?  It was a beautiful documentary and it showed how meticulous Michael was when it came to his craft.  He wanted everything to be done perfectly.  And he had a way of talking to people.  He’d tell them, “It’s all for love. — L.O.V.E.” right after giving them orders.  Pine-pep talk sila ni Michael, haha!

The Michael I saw in this documentary wasn’t the sluggish, propofol-induced Michael I had pictured.  Of course his body movements were slower than when he first debuted the moonwalk in the early 80’s.  But This Is It painted a really healthy, happy, and passionate Michael Jackson.

I felt sad after watching though.  He could have delivered a really great show in London, I’m so sure of that.

May kulang lang sa documentary — it didn’t show him doing the moonwalk! Que horror, that’s what I’d been wanting to see pa naman.  Buti na lang, watching This Is It was also like watching a fashion show.  I love the jackets, especially the interesting shoulder pads.

Anyway, I had a good 30 minutes of “Human Nature” and “Wanna Be Starting Someting” LSS before I decided to put on the DVD of the Katherine Heigl-starrer Knocked Up. It was a cute, predictable film. I think I slept halfway through and when I woke up it felt like I didn’t miss a thing.

Afterwards, was suddenly reminded of my favorite twins next to Charlene and Aga’s — the Jolie-Pitt twins!

So here I am in front of the computer at this ungodly hour, Googling the latest photos of the fabulous Jolie-Pitt twins, Knox and Vivienne.  And — voila! — finally found a recent photo taken in Amman, Jordan.


WTF were they doing in Jordan?

This photo was said to have been uploaded by a fan on Twitter/Twitpic and was taken last October 2 at the Licky Licious ice cream shop in Amman.  My gad! I would have fainted if I were that lucky fan.  And look at the kiddos — so adorable!

And that’s it pancit.  Off to bed I go.


9 Sep

In honor of a well-respected Pinoy film critic.


Read Gang Badoy’s eulogy for Alexis Tioseco.

She’s back!

3 Sep

Hey sistahs! Our favorite New Yorker is back!


Of course that’s not Bette Midler!  That’s SJP reprising her role as Carrie as Sex and the City 2 begins filming in NY.

CLICK HERE to check out more SATC 2 photos from the New York Post.

And CLICK HERE to relive some of SATC’s finest moments.


30 Aug

I’m super excited to watch Kimmy Dora starring Eugene Domingo. As in!’s Ria Limjap has very good words about the film.

So, are you watching?

My ex is coming to Manila

15 Aug

Diego Luna is coming to Manila to grace the 11th Cinemanila this October. Blush.

diego luna

Yes, he’s one of the two boys in that film.  And yes, I’m into young boys with “tendencies.”

Two years ago, I almost died when I had my pic taken with Quentin Tarantino at Malacanang. Mababaw lang ako eh, parang Lito Lapid lang. This year, if I ever get to have my picture taken with Diego, it would be…

…just like old times. Ha!

Jessica Zafra on Kinatay

2 Aug

Jessica Zafra, one of the invited few to the by-invitation only Kinatay premiere, has very nice things to say about the film.  It’s good since, as y’all know, Miz Zafra is not known for mincing words.

Coco Martin in Kinatay

Here’s an excerpt:

I don’t know what the enraged critics saw. Kinatay is not as horrendously violent, gruesome, or sexually explicit as their reviews have led us to believe. What the hell were they watching? This cannot be the same movie. Are they so delicate that they can’t watch this, or are we so jaded that nothing shocks us anymore? Kinatay is rigorous, disciplined, and yes, subdued.

The censors didn’t even bother to X it: Brillante Mendoza’s movie received an R-18 rating (Granted, there was pressure from the film and academic communities). You can barely see what’s going on, you only hear it and your brain fills in the horror. The rape scene is not titillating, the murder is not thrilling, the butchery not exciting at all. This is not entertainment, nor is it supposed to be; this is a challenge to your complacency. There are long stretches in which nothing seems to be happening and you don’t know what’s going on—just like life!

CLICK HERE to read Jessica Zafra’s full entry.

Kinatay is not open to the public

29 Jul

Why, oh why?

kinatay stills

UP Film Institute holds exclusive invitational premiere for Kinatay

The UP Film Institute formally announces the holding of the much awaited Philippine premiere for Brillante Mendoza’s Cannes-winning film, Kinatay, this Thursday, 30 July 2009, at 7:30 p.m. The 35mm print with English subtitles of the film that won for Brillante Mendoza the Best Director prize in the world’s most prestigious film festival screens in an exclusive invitational affair at UP Film Institute’s Cine Adarna in UP Diliman, Quezon City.

An open forum immediately follows the screening with film director Mendoza.

Invited guests have until July 29 Wednesday to confirm their attendance.  Please call 9263640 and 9262722 (UP Film Institute); 7476742 and 5319831 (CenterStage Productions).


29 Jul

Still from Old Philippines’ FB.

tony cruz OP

Aljur Abrenica? Lolo ni Aljur Abrenica? Aljur Abrenica posing as Tony Cruz?  Whatevs.

aljur abrenica

Now who’s interested in producing Tony S. Cruz’s life story.  May star na tayo!

By the way, Tony Cruz is still alive ha.  He is the director of many Rene Requiestas films (including Pido Dida).  His latest film as an actor is Soxie Topacio’s recently released laugh-fest Ded na si Lolo.  Check out this trailer and be prepared to laugh.


28 Jul

Finally, Cannes Film Festival Best Director Brillante Mendoza’s Kinatay will have its Philippine premiere on July 30, Thursday, 7:30 p.m., at the U.P. Film Institute.


For those of you who do not know yet, the film stars Coco Martin, a.k.a. Ramon.

Tickets will sell for P150 at the venue.

Will you be watching?  Ako medyo scared.  I think I need a gang of five to watch it with me.

Kinatay is written by acclaimed scriptwriter Armando “Bing” Lao.  WARNING:  If you’re into escapist films with happy endings, this movie is NOT for you.

But if you wanna see what Quentin Tarantino saw,

QT letter to mendoza

then you better watch this film.

It is Wonderland!

23 Jul

Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland trailer is finally out!

Ano ba nae-excite na ko!

New dark and twisty Wonderland photos

22 Jul

It seems that my blog stats’ telling me that I really need to post these new Alice in Wonderland publicity photos from the Tim Burton retelling of Lewis Caroll’s rather dark novel.  So here they are. Enjoy!

johnny depp


anne hathaway

mia w

See more photos here.

Burton’s Alice in Wonderland will have its theatrical run on March 5, 2010.

Karera trailer

20 Jul

Because Jerome and I are laboring over “something” tonight, I’m taking a break and posting the trailer of Karera, directed by Adolf Alix, Jr.

Jerome wrote Karera’s screenplay and in this film, Laurice Guillen goes back to acting.

Nood tayo: July 23, 6:15 p.m. at the CCP Little Theater.  Karera is part of the Cinemalaya’s NETPAC section.