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13 Jul

Meet Kwak-Kwak and Doggie, two of Maru’s toys that Mike and I initially planned to use to teach him songs and the English alphabet.

Kwak-Kwak is a battery-operated puppet that “kwaks”…err, sings “Old McDonald” when manipulated.  Mike is Kwak-Kwak’s puppeteer, hence KK speaks English in falsetto and with funny Chinese accent (because that’s how Mike speaks English, hehe).

Doggie, on the other hand, is a stuffed toy and Maru’s sleeping buddy (together with Mickey Mouse).  I am his master puppeteer and he speaks with Irish accent.  He likes smelling Kwak-Kwak’s “arse” while he hates it when KK calls him Catfish.

Obviously, the plan to use these toys as educational tools went awry.  Because KK and Doggie kept on bickering, Maru eventually lost interest and decided to play with his other toys instead.

Sample impromptu bikerings of Kwak-Kwak and Doggie:

KK:  I’m a Peking Duck. I’m from China.

Dog: You’re not a duck. You have that orange thingy on your head. You’re a chick!

KK: I am? But I’m from China! (sad) I must be a “pekeng” duck.

KK: Hey dog! They’re going to make you into a hotdog! Hahahahahahaha! (KK has the funniest, most annoying laugh)

Dog: Oh yeah? Hotdogs are not made of dogs silly bird! But I know I’m hot.


KK: You don’t look like a dog. You look like a catfish! Catfish! Catfish! Catfish! Hahahahahaha!

Dog: (growls)

Doggie attacks KK and engages her into a bloody puppet fight.  The fierceness of their battle, however, eventually led to intense lovemaking (between the Irish dog and the Chinese chick, not of their puppeteers).  Happy ending.

* Disclaimer: Maru did not witness the lovemaking between dog and chick because he thought his parents’ puppetry was too idiotic to pay attention to.  So don’t worry, no innocence was lost…except perhaps KK’s and Doggie’s.

Who wore it best?

1 Jul

Baby James wearing a yellow Wayfarer.

Photo from Chuvaness

Or my son Maru, in a blue Divisoria Rayban, hehehe!

Ganti ng Api

4 Dec

I know it’s probably impossible for ordinary folks like us to get past our beloved president’s numerous PSGs.  But there’s a site — Yay! Internet! — that allows us to vent our feelings of hatred towards her and finally release all the pent-up emotions we’ve been lugging around since 2001.

It is called, a fun and interactive site that allows us to hit GMA in the face.

The site promises to be a great stress reliever.  It even gives us the option to hit her either with our bare hands or with a stick.

CLICK HERE now to try it.  We promise you’ll feel a lot better afterwards.

Sizzling hawt!

17 Oct

IN my opinion, GMA should be on the top spot of the Hottest Heads of State lists.

gma hot

Yulia who? Anong panama ng braids ni Miss Ukraine?


Ukraine Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko

The jackass gets his moment

18 Sep

This is why Obama calls Kanye West a jackass.  Really.

And when you’re such a famous jackass, a website shall definitely be dedicated in your honor.




CLICK HERE for more.  Thanks Jam for the link.


30 Aug

I’m super excited to watch Kimmy Dora starring Eugene Domingo. As in!’s Ria Limjap has very good words about the film.

So, are you watching?

Puwedeng puwede!

7 Aug

Sumasakit na ang tiyan ko sa kakatawa (at kakapapak ng Milo). I love the Internets!

hayden natl artist

hayden natl artist2


Today, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Pinoy artists, cultural workers, and anti-SNAGs (Singit na National Artists ni Gloria) are convening at the CCP Ramp for the Luksang Bayan para sa National Artist Awards.

President Arroyo in a coffin

7 Aug

This is too funny to ignore.  Though I’ve already seen this on countless blogs, I just can’t help but repost.

As seen on TV (ABS-CBN)…

cory abscbn

Print (Manila Bulletin)…

cory mla bulletin

And on the web (a report published in Yahoo)…



I guess the multimedia giants are all wishing GMA dead. Ha! Should I put this under Obits?


29 Jul

Still from Old Philippines’ FB.

tony cruz OP

Aljur Abrenica? Lolo ni Aljur Abrenica? Aljur Abrenica posing as Tony Cruz?  Whatevs.

aljur abrenica

Now who’s interested in producing Tony S. Cruz’s life story.  May star na tayo!

By the way, Tony Cruz is still alive ha.  He is the director of many Rene Requiestas films (including Pido Dida).  His latest film as an actor is Soxie Topacio’s recently released laugh-fest Ded na si Lolo.  Check out this trailer and be prepared to laugh.

Mga Pilosopong Tasyo

28 Jul


Found this on Emilio Aguinaldo’s photo in Old Philippines’ FB account.

Emilio Aguinaldo and his son

Emilio Aguinaldo and his son

aguinaldo thread

Twitter revolution

15 Jul

It’s either the folks behind these have too much time on their hands or are just plain brilliant. But whatevs, they’re too hilarious to ignore.  And what if nga kaya?

“Paano kaya kung may FB na nung panahon ng Katipunan”




On second thought, maybe there wouldn’t have been a Katipunan at all if there was FB during their time.  Everyone would just be busy playing farm town.

And now there’s this:

tweets of science

@albert-e and @darwin1, you guys made my day.

Just posting…

13 Jul

I’m not saying anything except that Hay! Men! Ang blog ng tunay na lalake is crazy!

Piolo must be pissed at whoever leaked this vid on YouTube.  By the way, were they watching a Pacquiao fight?

Hindi ko ‘to keri

12 Jul

I know everyone my age’s been transported back to and got stuck in the 80’s with MJ’s passing, but this one takes the cake.

menudo the musical

Menudo, the musical?

This is gonna be a Venezuelan production daw which will debut in November.

So who do you think among those kids are Ricky Martin, Charlie, and Robby Rosa?


Speaking of Menudo, do you still remember when they performed in GMA Supershow and Kuya Germs was pairing Ricky Martin with Sheryl Cruz?

Cosmic battle

5 Jul

Because Nicanor Perlas is running for Philippine President, I guess it’s just fitting that we lead you to the ultimate battle of the pausong dances with cosmic labels.

Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk

vs. Sarah Geronimo’s Sun Dance


23 Jun

This definitely made my day.

Bruno in germany

Photo Source

That’s Bruno (Sasha Baron Cohen) and the gang in Berlin, Germany.

*ODK! is, according to Jeff Tabason, the jologs version of OMG!