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Fun with pancakes

16 Jan

Because Maru’s such a picky eater, we try to get creative with food. Last night, he wanted to eat “crocodile bread”, something he saw on Facebook. But since we don’t have that here in Manila (wala nga ba?), I thought, “Why not make crocodile pancakes instead.”

So here’s the result.

Kaso pagkakita ni Maru, he said, “Hmmm…something’s still missing.” Wala daw kasing eyes yung crocodile pancake. Ang arte!

Meanwhile, Mike requested for a “mermaid pancake.” At si Mike din, humirit ng “something’s missing.” Don’t ask.

When making pancakes, we usually buy the Maya Think Heart whole wheat pancake mix.

It tastes good and the texture is perfect. Plus, it’s healthier too.

Thank you New York

1 Dec

Free pizza is ❤

Thank you 2010

31 Dec

Hot Air Balloon Fest

Valentine’s Day







Romulo Cafe

El Nido


Conquering fears

Why hello there India!

Indian food overload

Smoothest flight and landing (Indian Air)

Landing on Bhubaneswar

Khandagiri Caves

Bumpiest flight and landing (Indigo Air)

Back in Delhi, a sigh of relief

Taj Mahal with minamahal

Hello kids!

On the way to Sri Lanka (Jet Airways)

The Indian Ocean

Meeting heroes

Meeting Sri Lankan mothers

Eating Sri Lankan bread

Mating elephants (Pinnwala Elephant Orphanage, Sri Lanka)

My first ever train ride (Nagka-riot sa loob but the Sri Lankans protected us, thank you)


Global Towers

Back in Manila

The addiction

The enabler

“Uniting Filipinos Worldwide” right from this office

Mike’s tattoo

Lock-in meetings


Trick or treat!



More showbiz

Late night burgers

Think Tank

People I love

Star ng Pasko

2010 was a blast!

Happy New Year everyone!

Caved in

24 Nov

David’s Tea House’s hot prawn salad.

And once again, white chicken with lotsa ginger sauce. I’m such a binge eater, I hate.

Addicted to…

22 Nov

Wa Ying’s soy chicken.

Divine ang kanilang ginger sauce.  Best paired with…

Wa Ying has branches on Benavidez St., Binondo and Ongpin. The Benavidez branch is open daily until 12 m.n. while the one in Ongpin usually closes at a much later hour.

The week that was

2 Nov

Yellow Cab

Ice Scramble

KFC Chili Lime

Wa Ying, Ongpin

Inasal Chicken Bacolod

Grabe na.

Oh and by the way…

20 Oct

…did you know that Kopiko 3-in-1 tastes so much better than Nescafe?

Plus it has a variant that uses brown sugar. I like!



28 Apr

Three years ago, my bosses/officemates and I went on a road trip to Lucban, Quezon to join the very colorful Pahiyas Festival.

I’d never been to any of the big provincial festivals prior to going to Pahiyas ’07, so when we reached Lucban after about three hours of driving from Manila, I was overwhelmed with the colorful kipings adorning almost all of the community’s homes.

Me, about 50 lbs. ago.

Allen and the giants (with the creepy life-size kid poster).

And of course, there’s the glorious, glorious food. Such as the famous Longganisang Lucban.

And the famous Pancit Habhab, best eaten straight from the banana leaf.

It was one of the funnest events I’ve been to, and one of the most crowded, sobra.   So go to the Pahiyas 2010 this coming May 15.  If you don’t know how to go, is inviting everyone for “a day of culinary exploration as we take you to charming old houses and dining spots that serves delectable local cuisine.”

Early bird rate (full payment made on or before April 30th)

P2,980 per person
P1,500 for 12 years old and below

Regular Price (for payment made on May 1st onwards)

P3,500 per person
P1,800 for 12 years old and below


  • Air-conditioned transportation
  • Meals in Quezon town (breakfast, lunch and merienda)
  • English speaking tour guide

Tour Date: May 15 (Saturday)
Meeting Place: Starbucks 6750 Ayala Avenue Makati City
Departure Time: 5:00 am
Expected Time of Return in Manila: 8:00 pm

For bookings, please email or call 638-8374 / 09179335609.

So go na! Bring your family, friends, everyone. Wear comfy clothes and shoes.  Better yet, bring an extra shirt. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your camera and sunblock.

I love the rain

18 Jul

Yesterday’s weather was the perfect excuse to pig out,



and watch Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince at SM San Lazaro (Yes, we live a hop, skip, and a beat away from the hippest mall in Metro Manila! Anong sey nyo?).  Perfect, too, since all my nephews and nieces are at home.  So I asked my niece Jana to take care of Maru for a while.  She agreed, basta ba kapag pumupu si Maru eh Regine, their househelp, will do the cleaning and that I will bring home a tumbler of cheese popcorn for her.  O diba?

Besides, Maru watched the Transformers last week with Ninang Aya, Ninong AD, Tita Roja and their cousins.  It was his first time to be inside the cinema and hello, he’s just a year old no so I never thought SM Cinemas would let him in.  But they did.  Too bad they didn’t allow my camera inside the theater so I just took this really dark photo of Maru enjoying the Transformers using my cellphone.

maru watch sine

Take note, he was super behaved the entire film.  He fell asleep during the talkies, though, but was just watching and enjoying the violent part.  Kaya when we got home Mike was freaking out.

Going back to Harry Potter, as usual bitin.  I’m a big, big fan of the Harry Potter book series.  Reading them made me temporarily forget about my problems by transporting me to a different world (Hogwarts!).  I watch the movie version just to verify whether my imagination understood the books correctly or whether others – the directors – envisioned the story the same way I did.  The only time the movie versions exceeded my expectations is when they cast Robert Pattinson as Cedric Diggory in The Goblet of Fire.


Sabi na nga ba, he’d make it big.

Anyway, about the HP6, wala akong masabi kundi oks lang siya.  Not outstanding, not mediocre either.  And despite knowing that this would happen since I’ve read the book, Dumbledore’s death still pierced my heart.  Kaso parang kulang sa tribute.  Mas maganda pa ang tributes kay Michael Jackson.

What I find most irritating about the film, though, is Bonnie Wright’s (Ginny Weasley) acting.

ginny weasley

A little show of emotions won’t hurt, no!  She reminds me of Kim Chiu tuloy.  But hey, Kim Chiu can do better!


22 Apr

Guess who I saw shopping at Tutuban’s Prime Block earlier today? 


Why it’s none other than Imelda Marcos!


Grabe ha, a lot of people were following her and taking pictures (including me).  I bet hindi siya makapamili nang maayos with all the pesky people of Divisoria wanting to take photos of her or have their picture taken. 



Though I really wish I had a better camera with me (I used my Sony Ericsson’s Z610i 2MP camera kanina), hindi ko mapigilang maalala ‘yung joke namin ng mga kaibigan ko kapag nakarating kami sa bahay ni Imelda Marcos.  A few years ago, when a friend was about to interview her (or was it Imee Marcos and Borgy?), we kidded about stealing the mamahaling vases in their living room or any expensive looking ornament she has.  At kapag nahuli kami, we will say, “Binabawi ko lang ang taxes na binayad ng Tatay/Nanay ko!” 

So earlier, while watching her minions follow her every move, especially the high schoolers who kept on calling Imedla “Mommy! Mommy!”, I couldn’t help wondering whether the kids were just in for the thrill of having their pictures taken with a celebrity — okay, an icon — or they just didn’t know much about our history.  But hey, I have no right to judge davah?  Baka parang ako lang din sila, taking photos just for the heck of it, or for blogging’s sake. 




Anyway, I realized though that I have no patience to follow her every move.  Unless she’s Brangelina, stalking has never been my forte.  So I just went on to brighten my day with my guiltry pleasures. 



…and this.


Now I feel like I’m badder than Imelda.