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Distressed, de-stress

23 Oct

Gawd, the past few weeks have been godawful! Swamped with too much work (which, I know, ako rin ang may kagagawan) and now I have to finish a major, major project due Monday. Sobrang nai-stress ako, work has literally been breaking my back.

I was initially thinking of getting a massage and buying a memory pillow at SM to help my back.  But look what I ended up buying.

It’s a Parisian Junior size 40. I bought it just because it fits kahit hindi pa tinutupad ng SM ang kahilingan ko.

I also bought Maru a plastic dinosaur toy.  Maru’s fixated on dinosaurs, I don’t know where he saw them aside from Barnie and the Toy Story.  I wanted to buy him Rex, but it’s P3,500!

So I got him this instead.

A plastic triceratops, which he carries with him all around the house.

Okay, I know. Our house is a mess. And creepy. And it’s being claimed by the Laperals, I heard. Hahaha!

Dear Santa

24 Dec

All I want for Christmas is…

…for SM to have the shoes pictured above in SIZE 11.

Because right now, shoe lovers with feet like mine are stuck with these.

Ang chaka chaka!

If SM will have better designs for Parisian Plus, I swear I’ll tell Francine Prieto.  She’s a size 10.

She’s back!

3 Sep

Hey sistahs! Our favorite New Yorker is back!


Of course that’s not Bette Midler!  That’s SJP reprising her role as Carrie as Sex and the City 2 begins filming in NY.

CLICK HERE to check out more SATC 2 photos from the New York Post.

And CLICK HERE to relive some of SATC’s finest moments.

Happy Birthday!

17 Aug

The original Lady Gaga turns 51 on August 16.


CLICK HERE to view’s gallery of Madonna’s wackiest outfits through the years.

They don’t have it all

13 Aug

I have huge feet and it’s always been a problem to find nice shoes for me.  That’s why whenever I find one I really like, most of the time I buy it na before size 10.5 runs out.

Last Saturday, before going to Embassy to cover an event, my rather new SM Parisians disintegrated.  With only an hour left to find new shoes, I decided to make a quick stop at SM and went straight to the Big Sizes section.


Are they referring to big people or big shoes?  Because honestly, I couldn’t find the “chic” in these shoes.


Because my idea of chic shoes are something like those in HER shoe cabinet.

sea of shoes

Unfortunately, they’re shoes I can never afford.  Because at my current state, buying one would be like Gloria spending P1M for a simple dinner.  Pero teka, baka Rep. Romualdez would give me a shoe treat?  Or baka puwedeng ipagaya?

In fairness to SM, I think they’re trying their very best to improve the shoe designs.  Because there’s this small corner that carries these.


Not exactly my type. But finally I found one that suits my liking.


Kaso they don’t have a 10.5.  So I got the one with the white nguso instead.


At may paltos pa raw talaga ang paa ko no!

Now a plea to SM: Please make nicer shoes for people like me.  I really love shoes and finding nice shoes that fit can get really frustrating.  Hot tip: I love heels.  Make them sturdy, please.

This is why I have long hair

29 Jul

Question: Paano malalaman kung ang babae ay isang kontrabida?

Answer: Ganito ang buhok niya.

lega wonderwoman


Exhibit A: Glaiza de Castro as Gladys in Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Lahat Sa Akin

glaiza de castro

Exhibit B: Katrina Halili as Fedra in Rosalinda


And lastly, Exhibit C: Iya Villania as Trixie, sporting a chaka wig in Only You

iya villania

This is how you do it

21 Jul

Cindy Kurleto in a sizzling cover for the latest ish of Uno Magazine.


Photo by Juan Caguicla

I think Cindy Kurleto is the most non-showbiz person in showbiz.  I met her five years ago in a photoshoot for a magazine that was never released named Goddess.  I did the interview for the cover story and found her very outspoken and real.  Long before Starstudio came out with a similar story, Cindy openly talked about Jericho Rosales, the alleged “cover up” of their relationship to protect the Echo-Kristine Hermosa loveteam, and her thoughts on love and dating.

Want to know why she has that banging body?  We served oh-so-tempting KFC chicken with lotsa gravy on the set and she didn’t even take a bite.  And that’s what you call self-control.

Jinkee is everybody’s favorite cover girl

8 Jul

Wow, Jinkee Pacquiao looks stunning on the cover of Good Housekeeping.

jinkee pacquiao

Could someone please send me a hi-res copy of this?

Sizzling hawt!

3 Jul

Ang ganda ni Ate!

Rogue-Marian Rivera July09

Rogue Magazine releases its July ish cover featuring Marian Rivera, out next week.

Shot by Mark Nicdao; Makeup by Solenn Heussaff; Hair by Bren Sales


24 Jun

Guess what Rufa Mae Quinto was wearing last Sunday in Showbiz Central?

rufa mae quinto


YSL cage heels prfot

A lovely pair of Yves Saint Laurent cage heels!  Yes, saw these babies in person and I couldn’t take my eyes off them.  I’ve been lusting over these sandals ever since I saw them at Sea of Shoes.



Sayang, I wasn’t able to take photos of Rufa Mae’s feet wearing the cage heels. Net-A-Porter has it ON SALE at 557.76 pounds or a little more than P44,000.  Gawd.

Nice PR

16 Jun

When you have world domination in mind, you’ve got to have photos like these.




michelle barrack2





…and human.



Di ba, hindi masyadong amoy PR?

Now, compare with Mar and Korina.


If I were Korina, I would take it as a hint when Mar was wearing his signature campaign color while announcing to the world his engagement to me in Wowowee.


Everything just screams PR.

Tiis Ganda

7 Jun

It’s official: I’ve reached the 200-pound mark.  Oh gawd, how did I let this happen?  Since Maru turned one last May, I don’t think I can still use the I’ve-just-given-birth excuse.  Look at Nicole Kidman or Angelina Jolie or Sheree (Gian Magdangal’s GF).  They look as though nothing happened, while I’m now way heavier than when I’ve just given birth.  Hindi na pregnancy weight ito!

So now, I’m thinking: Maybe I should go into Pilates.  Why Pilates?  See BB Gandanghari to know why.

Facebook photo

Facebook photo

She looks so lean and svelte, di ba?

So to start, I’ve been searching the Net for basic Pilates workouts I can do at home. has an extensive instructional guide on Pilates and I think I can start with that.  Then the other day, I dropped by SM and found a very good Pilates mattress for only P300+.  Since I don’t have the budget right now to enroll in a Pilates class, I think I should invest in a good Pilates book or instructional video.

Another workout I’m very interested in is cycling.  I used to bike around our neighborhood and around the Intramuros area way back in high school and I must say, it’s the perfect workout for me.

I wanna look as fierce as Britain’s Victoria Pendleton.

Victoria Pendleton Britain cycling

At gusto ko ganito ang outfit ko habang nagba-bike.

Victoria Pendleton Britain cycling2

Punta tayo

26 May

My brother, who’s quite a fan of Havaianas, sent me this info:


Havaianas makes a splash this summer with this year’s Make Your Own Havaianas (MYOH). With more straps, soles and pins to choose from, there are endless ways to personalize your flip-flops. The only limitation is your imagination.

This year’s MYOH goes POP ART with pin designs ranging from lomo cameras, vintage tellies, vibrant jeepneys and ice cream carts to other lifestyle frills. Let the colors and music of classic Pinoy culture and contemporary lifestyle fill your soul as your soles slip into your very own work of art.

May 28 – June 1, Rockwell Tent, Makati City

Hmm…I think I want to check it out.  Especially after some klepto stole my Cherry Havs while we were in a public pool.  I love it pa naman since it’s one of those hard to come by Havaianas.

Missing, size 41-42 (Yes, I have huge feet)

Missing, size 41-42 (Yes, I have huge feet)

Anyway, if you decided to go, read first the mechanics here.

Whose shoes are these?

22 Apr

I keep on forgetting about posting this, but last March 31, I attended a “very complicated” presscon and saw this fagulous shoes.


Can you guess whose shoes are these? Hint: They’re Christian Louboutin shoes!


Why they’re none other than Gretchen Barretto’s!


She’s looking very skeletal these days.  I think she looks better with the pounds on.

Check out the complete story by clicking on this link.

On A Happy Note

1 Apr

Marlon’s dream costume party finally happened last March 28 at the Ten 02 bar, a few minutes after Earth Hour.  It was a small gathering, attended by friends who are willing to give in to their deepest fantasies — okay, play dress up — for the night.


That’s Aya (Korean), AD (Moroccan), Bday Boy Marl (English King), Dieph (Spanish Matador), Rache (Danish Queen), and Bong (Scottish).

And as I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, I decided to come as an Egyptian Queen–Cleopatra in particular.


I looove the snake head dress!


With Rhods, the Indian princess


And Mike (the one with wings) as a Brazilian waxer. Kidding!


But among all the props/costumes I’ve seen that night, it was the wings that really grabbed everyone’s fascination.  Everyone just had to try it on.


And have a picture taken ala-Victoria’s Secret Angels.

Next year ulit?  Ano naman kayang magandang theme?