Maru’s vocabulary

8 Aug

My son Maru is still bulol. But from the time he turned three last May, his vocabulary has grown tremendously. Alright, I’m guilty of letting him watch too much Playhouse Disney (which is now known as Disney Junior).  But I’m really amazed at how he uses most of the words/phrases he’s learned from watching TV.  Plus his antics never fail to crack me up.

1. Because he likes watching “Little Einstein,” he can sing a bulol version of “Annie’s rescue song” to the tune of George Bizet’s L’Arsienne Suite No. 2.

2. Everytime he refuses to eat, I tell him that if he eats, he’ll grow as strong as a dinosaur or a bear. “Like a dinosaur?” he’d ask. Then he’d thump his feet like a T-rex and growl loudly.

3. Every afternoon, he’s programmed to visit my cousin’s house which is just a few houses away from where we currently live.  After taking a bath, he always rushes to get his slippers and tells me, “I’m going to mommy house.”

4. “I’m back!” he announces as soon as he’s back.

5. “Where have you been?” he’d ask, in a demanding tone, everytime I come home from work.

6. Just last Saturday, I came home with a box of milk. He looked at the box of Nido and asked, “For me?” “Yes, that’s for you,” I said. “Oh, thanks Nanay. Thanks!”

7. My 10-year old nephew Isla had some friends over and were playing with their Transformers toys. Maru wanted to play with them but they wouldn’t let him touch the toys. He got so sad that he went to our room with his shoulders hunched.  I asked, “O, what happened to you?” He said, in his saddest voice, “Abujujuju friends!” No, don’t ask me what he meant, I still don’t know.

8. “Oh no! I’m stuck!” Maru said one time when Mike locked our door.

9. “It’s a fun! Weeee!” he exclaimed while we were going up the spiral driveway of Robinson’s Place’s parking lot.

10. “Tickle the toytoy!” he said while pointing at his penis, meaning he needs to go to the bathroom. We did not teach him that, ha!

11. When he doesn’t like the food and we ask him to eat, he says, “No way!”

12. “Nanay, please get dede in the kitchen? Please, please, please!” he says everytime he wants to drink milk.

13. “One dede, coming up!” he’d say as soon as I say ‘Yes.’

14. I think he has memorized Steve’s line in “Blue’s Clues” that everytime he’s looking for something, whether it’s a toy or a person, he’ll say, “Nanay, have you seen Woody (or name of person or toy) anywhere? You do? Where?” and adds, “There you are!” as soon as he finds whatever it is he’s looking for.

15. “Nanay, it’s gone!” with matching sad face when he doesn’t find what he’s looking for.

16. “I did it!” everytime he feels that he’s accomplished something.

17. “Oh no, it’s broken! Waaaaa!” when he breaks a toy.

18. “There! That’s better!” when he’s fixed something.

19. “Fix it!” when he wants us to fix something he can’t fix.

20. “Lemme try,” when we’re doing something (like writing on paper or typing on the computer) and he wants to try his hand on it, too.

21. He calls people he doesn’t know, “Anyone.”

22. He calls certain older people “Dad” (like my brother) or “Mom” (like my cousin’s wife).

23. We’ve raised him to call us “Nanay” and “Tatay”  but sometimes he forgets and calls us “Mom” and “Dad.”

2 Responses to “Maru’s vocabulary”

  1. Ned December 9, 2011 at 1:30 pm #

    It won’t be long he will have a Disney Channel accent… believe me… I’ve seen that happen more than once 🙂

    • rona December 15, 2011 at 9:58 am #

      Just read your comment. Actually he has Disney Junior accent.

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