2 Nov

Last November 1 at exactly 12 midnight, we went to Eternal Garden.

My Papa died in 1997 due to pneumonia that had complications due to diabetes.  If he were alive today, I’m very sure he’d be so fond of my son Maru and my brother’s daughter Casey.  He loved children.  Noong nasa high school ako at medyo na-late ako ng uwi, binibitbit ko ang pamangkin kong si Jana bago ako magpakita kay Papa para hindi siya magalit.  Dahil most of the time, nadi-distract agad siya ng mga bata.  Napapangiti siya.

Minsan, nagwo-wonder ako, na kung buhay kaya si Papa ngayon, kung magiging proud kaya siya sa akin.  Maybe. Maybe not. Because he wasn’t when he was alive.  Or if he were, he never really showed.

Aside from my Papa, we also visited my uncle, Tatay Juancho; his daughter, Ate Macy; Ate Macy’s baby boy Mark; and her brother-in-law Kuya Oscar.  In photo above is my nephew Johan, one of Ate Macy’s sons.

A few nights ago, I chanced upon old photos of Ate Macy’s family on Facebook. Grabe, nasa office ako pero hindi ko napigilang umiyak. She died in September 2008 due to liver cancer.  If she were alive today, she could have run as Barangay Chairperson in the last elections and won.  Everybody in our neighborhood knew her.

After several deaths in the family, I concluded that the number of times you’d get your heart crushed is in direct proportion to the number of people you love in your life.  Dahil kung hindi man sila mawala dahil sa kanilang mga pangarap, o maagaw ng ibang tao, death is inevitably inevitable.

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