18 Apr

The other night, Mike and I went to Tutuban Center in Divisoria to check out its night market, which usually opens as soon as the mall closes (around 7 or 8 p.m.).  The stalls sell mostly clothing items from Thailand and Korea, and assorted junk from China.

Mike was supposed to buy maong pants or shorts.  But we got busy with all the trinkets being sold, we found ourselves buying cheap earphones, a notebook cooler, an alarm clock, ice cream scoopers, a thermal baon bag, and several other items we’ll probably end up not using anyway.

There were many selling “fancy” jewelries as well, and when we passed by a stall selling stainless and silver rings, Mike said, in a voice that sounded like he had just come up with the most brilliant of ideas, “Bili tayo ng parehas na singsing!”

So we rummaged through the rows of stainless steel rings and finally found a pair that fits our fingers.


“P100 isa.”

“Magkano kapag dalawa?”

“P200 po.”

“Siyempre P200 kapag dalawa,” pilosopo.  “Discount?”

“Sige P180 na lang ang dalawa.”

Mike paid and turned to me, took my hand, and right in front of the sign that says Tutuban Centermall, cheesily said, “Wear this ring as a sign of my love and loyalty.”  He put the ring on my left ring finger and I almost died laughing.  We went HHWW for a while after that.

Then we passed by another stall selling a pile of rings that at first glance looked a lot like our rings (but of poorer quality, I bet).

“Naku ‘wag mo na tanungin kung magkano sasama lang loob mo,” I told Mike.

“P35 isa. Three for P100,” the seller offered.


And that’s Divisoria for you, honey.

Well, the price does not matter anyway.  The rings may cost P5 or P10 or P1,000,000 and I couldn’t care less.  A platinum ring with a diamond stone (ehermmm!) would really up the ante, raise the bar, or make me ____ Mike every single minute (which I bet he’d like).

But this ring I’m wearing now defines us – ruggedly beautiful.


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