This is not a film review

28 Feb

Went to see Miss You Like Crazy with my bestest friends in Megamall last night.  Honestly, I wasn’t expecting much since 1) may mga friends akong hindi siya nagustuhan, and 2) medyo OA ang acting ni Bea sa trailer.

True enough, nairita kami sa acting ni Bea during the first part of the film.  I get the point: She’s supposed to play the role of a manic pixie dream girl.  I fell in love with Julie Delpy in Before Sunrise and more so in Before Sunset. On the other hand, I was cringing the whole time at Bea’s “Mia” in MYLC.

But the film gets better as it progresses.  Bukod sa ang galing, galing, galing ni John Lloyd grabe na siya, the film toys with the concept of destiny.  Don’t we all love the idea of destiny?  The idea that despite having the free will to choose there’s still someone destined for us?  That no matter how hard we resist falling for a person, fate and destiny would take charge?

Haha, OA na rin ako, I know.  I just think that MYLC was written for me because I love Kopi Roti…

JT’s Manukan,

…and Pasig River cruises.

But most of all, I think that the film was written for me because I believe in destiny.  At kung naniniwala ka rin, maybe it was also written for you, too.


I’m a bit conflicted, though, on the idea that MYLC is a mashed-up Pinoy version of my most favorite films Before Sunrise, Before Sunset, and the Chinese movie Comrades: Almost a Love Story.

I love Comrades, as in.  It’s one of the cutest, most romantic films I’ve seen.  I kind of hate to admit that MYLC is a watered-down version of Comrades. Siyempre, sino ba namang gusto ng parang Comrades, pero mas maganda pa rin ang Comrades.

Some of the best parts of Comrades.

Back to MYLC.  On second thought, I like it that the film exudes a certain maturity.  Hindi dahil sa passionate kissing scene or love scene nina JLC-Bea ha.  The theme itself is very relatable para sa urban Pinoys who are in their 20s-30s.

At the same time, para rin siyang continuation of Before Sunset.  Para bang, “What if Jesse (Ethan Hawk) actually chose to stay with Celine (Julie Delpy)?”

Natatawa lang ako kapag naaalala ko ‘yung aleng nakaupo sa likuran namin sa sinehan.  Super judgemental, as in react nang react kung bakit pumayag si Bea na makipag-sex kay JLC kahit na nalaman na niyang may GF ito.  Sinusumpa ko, kapag nangyari rin sa kanya ‘yon papayag din siya, lalo na kung si JLC ang guy!


2 Responses to “This is not a film review”

  1. mark March 3, 2010 at 12:10 pm #

    Really, I do believe that people loves the idea of destiny.Ahaha.I better go watch that movie!

  2. Joy Soriano March 8, 2010 at 9:18 am #

    Just watched this movie! It came up better than I expected nga, nice din ang acting nung Malaysian na naging boyfriend ni Bea sa story 😉

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