I will be ranting in this post so don’t bother reading if you don’t want to read stuff about healthcards, crappy Duo/Superduo services, and being broke

25 Oct

After getting confined in the hospital for almost five days due to dengue, Maru’s home and well now.

maru hospital ward

Gad, it was his third time to get dengue.  Possible? Yes, according to the doc.  Buti na lang lagi namin naaagapan.  Everytime he gets fever for two straight days, I take him to his pedia, Dra. Elen, asap. And because I’m praning, I always couple it with a blood test.  Now I’m thinking of demolishing our old house and rebuilding a new and improved mosquito-proof home.

Anyway, I’m planning to get a health card. As in seriously planning, parang feeling ko there’s no more time to think — ‘Just do it.’  I’m choosing between Fortune Care and Medicard, although most of my friends are recommending the latter.

I realized now that Mike and I have already spent more than a hundred thousand pesos for hospital and medical fees due to Maru’s frequent hospitalization (intestinal flu once, dengue thrice).  If you knew how little we earn or how hard we work our ass off just to earn extra, you’d probably sympathize with us and give us donations that could rival those in DSWD’s warehouse.

But really, if I had a health card, say Philhealth for example, our medical expenses could have been cut in half.  Better siyempre kung may Medicard, Fortunecare, or Maxicare para covered almost all expenses — room, medicines, doctor’s fee, labs, etc. But because nag-procastinate ako sa pagkuha ng card (because hindi naman siya madali, imagine it would take more than 10 percent of my monthly salary to cover me and Maru), baon na tuloy ako ngayon sa utang sa mga pinsan ko.

So now, I will stand firm na kelangan na talaga ng health card — for me, Maru, and Mike. Dahil we’re not getting any younger and with our stressful lifestyle, hindi malayong magkakaroon kami ng sakit at ayoko na ulit mamroblema kung saan kukuha ng pera pampa-ospital, kung makikipagsapalaran ba kami sa public hospital, kung i-skip na lang namin ang pagpapatingin sa doc dahil baka may kung ano pang lumabas na sakit na hindi naman namin kayang maipagamot.  Really, I’m so fed up of having to put our health at the back seat.  Now is the time to get a health card.  And I’m not taking any more excuses — from myself or from Mike — not to get one.



During Maru’s daily checkup prior to getting hospitalized and while he was confined in the hospital, I decided to use my Globe sim to subscribe to the new Super Duo service of Globe in the hopes that I can easily call home or Mike (who’s still faithfully using a Globe number).  I subscribed to their P35/day service just to try it at first.

It worked well on my first and second call.  But the succeeding calls, ayaw na.  Still, I gave Globe the benefit of the doubt and subscribed to Super Duo again when my initial registration of P35/day expired.

But whaddayaknow, the second time I registered, I wasn’t able to use the landline feature at all.  As in ayaw pumasok ng calls na ginawa ko sa lahat ng landline na tinawagan ko.  So I just gave my cousins/Mike my Super Duo number so they could call me.  Ayaw pa rin. Wala. Zilch. Nada.  Hindi raw matawagan, sabi nila.

Kaso, may problema talaga ako sa pagkatuto because when Globe failed me the first and second time, I still gave them another benefit of the doubt.  So for the third time, nag-subscribe ulit ako.  At ganun pa rin, hindi ko pa rin nagamit ang landline except for one time when we asked someone to call us at 2 a.m.?  Isa pa, I even had a hard time calling other Globe numbers.  As in I had to repeat the call process several times bago ako makatawag.

So siyempre, nadala na ako. Kaya hindi na ako nag-subscribe sa Super Duo. SA DUO NA LANG!

Ang kaso, ganun pa rin. Hindi pa rin ako makatawag sa landlines at hindi rin ako matawagan sa Duo number.  Ano ba???  Sobrang hassle!

I actually called Globe after the second time I registered.  Ire-report daw nila ang problem ko. But the service failed to improve and I feel like I wasted more than a hundred pesos on a service that didn’t even work.  So now, I will try to get a refund from Globe dahil super nakakainis.  I know it’s just a hundred pesos. But hey, sobrang hassle kaya ang ginawa nila sa akin while I was trying to make a call from the hospital. At bukod dun, as a customer, feeling ko na-trick nila ako to part with my hard-earned P100++ just to get crappy service.

Globe, will I get THIS as well?

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