Where is the P10 billion allocated as the government’s “Calamity Assistance and Rehabilitation Effort” fund under the General Appropriations Act?

1 Oct

“A sterling example of the inutile workings of the administration virtually screams to be noted in the National Relief Operations Center that the President had earlier ordered set up in Malacañang. It was clearly intended as a dramatic gesture—a flinging open of the Palace gates to the suffering horde—and an attempt to offset the image of an administration sufficiently indifferent as to dine lavishly in New York while Maguindanao, or at least parts of it, burns. (What was it a Malacañang mouthpiece said then? That the President can’t be expected to chow down on a hotdog in Central Park, or something to that effect?)

By accounts, the President was instantly on annoyance mode on Tuesday when she saw a ragged mass of people waiting outside the Palace gates, and ordered that they be allowed to enter. Imagine what went on in the mind of the elderly man on a wheelchair when, at the end of the winding queue at the National Relief Operations Center, he was handed hamburger buns.”

– From today’s editorial of the Philippine Daily Inquirer

Huwat?! I bet that hamburger bun’s the overpriced Ben’s Burjer.

bens burjer


But seriously, Malacanang should have served them Sabrett even though Cerge Remonde condescendingly asked if we expect the president to eat at a hotdog stand.

Pang-hot-looking people lang kasi ang Sabrett.

brad maddox

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