I heart Gerard Anderson

28 Sep

Nakakatuwa lang na makita ito kasi hindi ko pa ito nababalitaan sa TV or dyaryo.  I think Gerard Anderson’s efforts to help his neighbors during the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy were very sincere.

These photos were taken by Dra. Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao, a resident of Vista Real Classica I in Quezon City.  This was the scene in front of her house.

dra divines house

And that guy wading in neck-deep floodwater?  Gerard Anderson a.k.a. JR Garcia.  The other guy on the right is his brother daw.

gerard1 by Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao

gerard2 by Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao

gerard3 by Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao

gerard4 by Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao

gerard5 by Divina Gracia Rosales-Murao

CLICK HERE to see more of Gerard in action.  It is said that they were asking the neighbors for plans.  Tapang, di ba?  Ano kayang masasabi ni Kim Chiu?

Now about the other “hero,” found this comment on Bryan Shane’s post.

crisitine reyes

From a witness:

“My mom, brother and my sister were right there at the Provident Village entrance waiting for my relatives to be rescued as well as helping out and giving food to the rescue volunteers at the time the Gutierrezes where there. Annabelle Rama was screaming her head off because Richard stupidly tried to rescue Cristine while the Navy rescuers were waiting for the current to subside. The water was really deep with a fast flowing current, cars were zigzagging all over making rescue really dangerous, that even the seasoned Navy men didn’t want to risk it. With Richard blindly going off, he had to be rescued and was chastised by the Navymen and his mother for doing such an idiotic act.”

Though I do not agree with Bryan Shane’s condescending tone on artistas, I think it’s just appropriate that stars do not milk this disastrous event for publicity.

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