Turning 30

8 Sep

As you probably know, I just turned 30 last September 4.


Thirty.  My gad.  Big number.  When I was a kid and a cousin turned 30, I immediately thought, “She’s now so old, she’d never get married.”

I was right with the “she’d never get married” part.  But having turned 30 myself, I don’t feel a year older than when I was, what, 22.  Okay, okay, I’m lying.  I DO feel older.  Aside from referring to my high school days as “noong araw,” the feeling of being “old” must have stemmed from the thought that when someone reaches the age of 30, she officially becomes an adult.

No more excuses for the lame career or bad relationship choices.  No more blaming the traumatic childhood experiences for one’s really bad behavior.  No more time for indecisiveness, dilly dallying, procastination, and delaying tactics.  It’s as though when someone reaches 30, the currents of time will flow so fast there’s no other choice but to sink or swim real hard.

When I was 25 I used to dream that I’d be able to visit Paris before I turn 30.  It never happened.  Now that I’m 30, all I can think about is how to get financial security for my family, how to have extra cash to pay for health and life insurance, how to get/maintain a stable career path, and a little extra so that I could at least bring Maru to Hong Kong Disneyland by the time he turns three or four.

But enough of the drama.

Last September 4, I had a taste of what it was like to be at the River Seinne, except that it wasn’t exactly River Seinne. Mike and I went on a cruise by the Pasig River.


It was raining the whole day but what the heck, I decided I wanted to do something I haven’t done before or haven’t done in a looong time.  The last time I was in a Metro Ferry was when I was a kid, with my dad.  The Metro Ferry was just revamped at that time and he wanted me to experience riding it.  It wasn’t airconditioned then.  And I remember seeing a floating cat carcass.






It was a real treat. Kaso mali ang nasakyan naming station.  We boarded at Escolta, the second to the last station from Manila.  We should’ve boarded at the Plaza Mexico station for the Intramuros side of Pasig River.

Anyway, we got off at Guadalupe Station.  We had no idea where to go after we got off so we decided to just take a cab to Boni High Street.

We had a field day roaming Fully Booked BHS.  Grabe, nakaka-overwhelm talaga ang dami ng books doon.  Everytime I go there, I always get stumped.  Especially when you see books such as these.



Or find cute notepads like these.


My fave.


We ended up having coffee and cake/donut at Krispy Kreme.  This Oreo chocolate cake is too sweet even for my sweet tooth.


We also dropped by R.O.X.  Mike was especially interested in this backpack/baby carrier.  Hello?


After BHS, we decided to go to another place I’ve never been to: Tiendesitas.  My gad, I should go back there.  There were too many Kenneth Cobonpuenish furniture.  Closed na nga lang when we got there so all we did was drink, eat, and make fun of the scantily clad showband singers.  No, I don’t have photos.

But what made the day really special was when Mike surprised me with these.


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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