Last night at Cubao X

14 Aug

Went to Cubao X last night for the Cubao leg of the Manila Design Week.  I don’t know about the other events, but there they were promoting the fusion of art and music.  Hence, the bands and the simultaneous exhibits in the art spaces.


For a change, the place was brimming with life, since everytime I go there, it seems that the only place within Cubao X that gets filled is Mogwai.


Markus Highway was playing when we arrived.


And my college mate Wanggo Gallaga was hosting.


I noticed that a lot of guys there were sporting Tom Babauta hair.


Bookay Ukay was there selling, well, books.  Ang ganda ng collection nila ha.


Later, Mike and I went inside Heima to watch Dada Docot’s unfinished docu about Pinoy domestic helpers in Hong Kong.  It looks very promising.


Heima, by the way, sells Lomo cams.  And really cute furniture (sorry, I forgot to take pics).


Inside Pablo gallery was an exhibit of old LPs.



O di ba?  Kumusta na kaya si Lady Guy?


Wanggo announced that Sandwich would play Rockeoke style.  Kaso hindi na namin nahintay at umuwi na kami. Iba na talaga ang tumatanda.


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